Rebirth of the Strongest Female Emperor

Chapter 1655 - Drawing Lots (2)

Chapter 1655: Drawing Lots (2)

“Do you think I’m not aware of that? As long as I’m one of the top ten in this championship, I can challenge anyone from the last championship. Who says I have to fight Baili Xuanyun first?” Jiang Yisheng grumbled.

“Oh, but first you must have the ability to crawl into the top ten,” Jiang Yiran said coldly.

Jiang Yiran’s words pierced Jiang Yisheng’s heart. But he could not help but shrink back when he looked at Baili Xuanyun.

Baili Xuanyun had come in tenth in the last championship. His moves were unusually brutal and he was an opponent who did not fail to send a chill up one’s spine.

Noting the terrified expression on Jiang Yisheng’s face, Jiang Yiran chuckled darkly. Then his gaze fell on the lot in Ye Qingtang’s hand.

“Oh, what a pity.” Jiang Yiran compared the motifs on their lots. When he discovered they were different, he shook his head with some regret.

“…” What are you so petty?! Ye Qingtang was speechless.

After Jiang Shaobai had drawn her lot, she draped herself over Ye Qingtang like a sleepy cat. When she saw Jiang Yiran’s expression of regret, she lazily glanced at the lot in Jiang Yiran’s hand and suddenly said, “Oh, I’m fighting you.”

Jiang Yiran had been looking smug, but his expression darkened the moment he heard Jiang Shaobai’s words.


Damn it, surely not?

Could he be so unlucky? Was he fighting Jiang Shaobai in the first round?

Though Jiang Yiran had been full of confidence, he was instantly terrified by Jiang Shaobai’s words. He grabbed his lot and ran over to Jiang Yanyun for some last minute advice.

Jiang Yisheng laughed gleefully when he saw Jiang Yiran’s pathetic figure.

“Shaobai, you must teach that fellow a lesson later. Beat him until he can’t find his teeth,” Jiang Yisheng said with a chuckle.

In response, Jiang Shaobai merely glanced at him, then waved her lot in front of Jiang Yisheng.

Her lot’s motif was clearly different from that of Jiang Yiran’s lot.

Jiang Yisheng, “…”

He had been rejoicing for nothing!

Ye Qingtang could not help but laugh at Jiang Shaobai’s vicious and petty move. She suddenly looked forward to seeing Jiang Yiran’s reaction when he entered the arena only to find that his opponent was not Jiang Shaobai.

More and more people drew theirs lots, and soon all the contestants had drawn their lots and the matches were finalized. They began searching for their opponents.

Ye Qingtang’s opponent was a youth from the Ancient Lin Lan Clan and there was no reaction when she saw his opponent. But Jiang Yisheng and the others looked mournful.

“Qingtang, you know that winning or losing is not important. The important thing is that we participated,” Jiang Yisheng said earnestly as he patted Ye Qingtang’s shoulder.

That youth from the Ancient Lin Lan Clan was one of the lower ranking youths in his clan, but he was truly skillful. How could someone like Ye Qingtang beat him?

Jiang Yisheng and the others felt that Ye Qingtang would probably be defeated in the first round. They were worried that she would be affected, so they kindly tried to encourage her.

Elder Qian and the others recorded the opponents that their family’s youths would be facing. Jiang Shaobai and Jiang Yanyun’s opponents were not the best, so they were not too worried. When Elder Qian saw Ye Qingtang’s opponent, he sighed inwardly. No one felt very hopeful about the outcome of this match.

“I only hope Ye Qingtang won’t lose too badly, or the Qiu Family will take the opportunity to mock us,” Elder Kun said with a frown. It was hard for him not to worry about Ye Qingtang. He knew it was highly unlikely that Ye Qingtang would win at all in this championship, but if she lost too badly, it would embarrass the Jiang Family.

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