Rebirth of a Supermodel

Chapter 38

Chapter 38

Putting aside his identity as a major shareholder in Muse, the name ‘Xi Ze’ alone had a great influence in the fashion and entertainment industries. Therefore, all the crew members showed him a very polite respect.

Once Xi Ze and Ming Yu returned to the studio, even Wang Yao came forward to greet Xi Ze.

Xi Ze mentioned that he wanted to have an opportunity to regularly come and explore the filming set, and Wang Yao agreed without noticing Ming Yu’s expression.

Ming Yu, “…”

It meant this night visit was just the first time.

Such a person moved to a chair across from the set and calmly looked at him.

—Forget about Xiaoyu, even Director Wang felt some scalp numbness.

Of course, after the first shot was taken, Xi Ze seemed to be aware of the crowd’s attention on him and lowered his momentum. He simply sat there on the sidelines, as if he really was just watching the work of a good friend.

Xi Ze might think he had no existence of existence, but how could the living completely disapear?

A ‘1000-watt bulb’ was sitting on the side and letting out a blinding light, causing the staff who had no contact with Xi Ze, and even Yang Lala, to feel a little uncomfortable.

As they all knew, Yang Lala’s character might be a bit careless but she really could act! There wasn’t much acting required for the advertisement, so even if Xi Ze was sitting there, she didn’t need to worry about NGs.

But Ming Yu was different.

When the third mistake was made, Director Wang came to Ming Yu’s side with some embarrassment. He hesitated for a moment before finally saying, “Ming Yu, your performance should be a little more nature. Smile from your heart and don’t be too rigid. Just think that we aren’t filming… right! We aren’t filming, we are shooting a photo. What type of emotions do you want to show?”

Ming Yu pondered for a moment and replied, “Noble and glamourous?”

Director Wang, “@#$@#$#$!!!”

This was connecting the wrong strings together!!!

As Wang Yao made an expression of despair, Ming Yu reluctantly looked at the man in the distance.

Xi Ze saw the young man looking at him and slightly nodding, smiling politely. Ming Yu immediately looked back at Wang Yao and solemnly said, “Director Wang, I really can’t adapt to that person sitting there. If it is okay, can you talk to him and tell him not to disturb our filming?”

Wang Yao’s body jerked. Then he smiled and said, “Ming Yu, this suggestion is good. Why don’t you go talk to him about it?”

Ming Xiaoyu, “…? _?”

He didn’t say anything! What was this answer? That man always gave an infuriating answer!

After two more NGs, Ming Yu finally got used to that man’s strong presence and the filming progressed in an orderly fashion.

The ads ranged from ‘lemonade selling teenager’s first encounter with lemonade drinking girl’ to ‘tender teenager selling lemonade to lost girl drinking lemonade’…

Anyway, it was a variety of ‘you sold me the drink’ and ‘you gave it to me for free, I will still drink it!’ A play.

The meaningless story had no significance. Xi Ze gaze at the youth’s body and never moved.

To the side, Luo Ru hesitated for a moment and planned to give Xi Ze some water. However, as soon as she got up, his assistant Xiaolin asked if she wanted to pour some water. After getting Luo Ru’s positive reply, Xiaolin quickly grabbed three cups of water and handed them to Xi Ze, Luo Ru and himself.

Luo Ru, “…”

It took another 30 minutes and then tonight’s overtime was over. Ming Yu suddenly relaxed. He rubbed his sore muscles while walking to his seat. He didn’t even look at the man to his side as he took Luo Ru’s medicinal drink and started to drink it.

Xi Ze wasn’t angry at being neglected. Instead, his lips curved up and he casually stood up and asked, “What are you drinking, Ming Yu?”

Ming Yu didn’t think too much and subconsciously replied, “A special drink Sister Luo made for me. It helps me grow…”

His voice stopped.

He choked it back at the crucial point!

Ming Yu slowly looked up to see the other man standing in front of him, looking down. He wasn’t smiling, but Ming Yu thought this guy must be laughing in his heart!

He must know what it was! Maybe Luo Ru told him!!

He gnashed his teeth before revealing a gentle smile. Ming Yu looked up at the man standing there and softly replied, “This is a very good drink. The taste is particularly good. Do you want to have some? I can have Sister Luo make you some.”

The sadly tragic Luo Ru to the side, “…”

When Xi Ze had asked her the question just now, she didn’t expect the other person to have such a bad heart!!

The above content was just a small episode. For these three days of filming, whether it was raining or sunny, Xi Ze was persistently present! Sometimes it would be in the morning, sometimes in the afternoon. Even if it was just an hour, he would inevitably be present to see Ming Yu filming.

Chewing on the expensive snacks brought by Xi Ze, many staff members cried out emotionally, “God Xi is really good to Ming Yu…”


If this was really good, then a monkey was really good!

Since Ming Yu said that ‘I hope we treat each other naturally,’ Xi Ze revealed his tenacious character, poisonous tongue and critical self, overwhelming Ming Yu!

For example, Ming Yu had just finished a scene and sat down to rest. He was drinking the medicinal drink when Xi Ze suddenly sighed gently. Then he exclaimed, “You model really well. Ming Yu, you are really suitable for modelling.”

Ming Yu who didn’t know anything, “…?”

A soft smile appeared on the handsome face while there was a gently light in the sharp eyes. Xi Ze gazed solemnly at the youth and only again exclaimed, “Compared to acting, you are really too suitable to be a model!”

Ming Xiaoyu, #%$$%@#$!!”

What is your displeasure with my acting?

You say it!

I promise not to kill you!

Of course, if Ming Yu was oppressed by this black-bellied and bad man, he wouldn’t be Ming Yu. Sometimes, Xi Ze also taste his poisonous tongue. After adjusting, Ming Yu could counterattack, digging traps for Xi Ze to jumo into. For example…

Time: Evening of the second day.

Location: Studio

People: Ming Yu, Xi Ze.

Ming Yu raised his hand, pointed to the distance and said earnestly, “Xi Ze, we are friends. Can you do me a favour? Help me see where Luo Ru has gone. She went to the opposite side of the street to buy things for me and hasn’t returned in a long time.”

Xi Ze looked at Ming Yu with surprise. After checking, he replied, “She seems to have gone into a restaurant. She should be back soon.”

After listening to this, Ming Yu sighed with relief. He revealed his white teeth, showing an innocent smile, “Oh, I really want to thank you. You are tall, so you can see really far away! It is amazing how you can have this role!”

Xi Ze who was used, “…”

These three days passed in the blink of an eye.

Three days ago, Ming Yu never thought that he would get along with this man in such a way.

Xi Ze was very busy and never stayed at the studio for longer than three hours. However, he insisted on being present every day and he always watched Ming Yu’s acting.

At 3 p.m. on the third day, the last shot was done and this filming had officially ended. Xi Ze had come once this morning, so no one thought that he would appear again at the studio.

This time, Xi Ze didn’t bring his assistant. He entered the studio alone at a steady pace, looking calm as always. He was wearing a long black coat that was slightly open, revealing a slender pair of long legs.

Once the man stepped into the studio, he was destined to attract the eyes of everyone present.

Handsome, noble, elegant, dignified.

He seemed to be walking on the catwalk, with every casual step trampling on the hearts of the people, making them unable to take their eyes of him.

Xi Ze entered the studio and didn’t find the person he was looking for. Therefore, he headed straight to Wang Yao and indifferently asked, “Director Yang, do you know where Ming Yu is?”

Wang Yao was shaken at hearing this man suddenly use an honorific. He shook and then hurriedly replied, “Ming Yu, he just told me that he was going to the greenhouse to pick some flowers. The flowers are because… well, it is Yang Lala. After the shot with Yang Lala was taken, Ming Yu asked her if she could bring some flowers back, Yang Lala promised, so he went to pick flowers.”

Xi Ze gave a polite thank you and turned to go to the greenhouse to find the youth. But as Xi Ze walked to the door of the studio, he suddenly remembered something. He stopped and turned to look at the staff staring blankly.

Xi Ze slightly nodded and said with a smile, “Thank you for taking care of Ming Yu for these three days….” Xi Ze paused before continuing, “You have taken care of Ming Yu, my friend and a Muse model. He is just starting in this area, making you work hard in these three days. Tonight, you can go to Ruoshang Hall. If you give them my name, you will be escorted to my private table and my assistant will pay the bill.”

After that, Xi Ze turned and walked away, ignoring the reactions of the people behind him.

There were three seconds of silence before the studio exploded.

“Isn’t God Xi too handsome? He also invited us to dinner? This is great! I always wanted to go to Ruoshang. I heard that the dishes are great!”

“What is the relationship between God Xi and Ming Yu? He is going this far for Ming Yu?”

“Didn’t you hear God Xi? He is good friends with Ming Yu. Ah, if only I had a friend like God Xi!”

“I still feel strange. God Xi helping out Ming Yu like this…”

“Then you aren’t going?”

“I’m going!!!”


In this way, a man pledged his sovereignty over the people without Ming Yu knowing. Even if Ming Xiaoyu advocated that ‘Ming Yu will never be Xi Ze’s Ming Yu’, in the eyes of this overbearing and powerful man, this nonsense couldn’t be compared to reality.

You see, now everyone behind him was thinking ‘there is such a good relationship between God Xi and Ming Yu! Eh?’

Xi Ze didn’t know why, but he was unexpectedly happy when he thought this. He couldn’t help but speed up his pace towards the greenhouse not far from the studio.  He gently pushed open the glass door and saw the tall and upright youth.

The moment he saw the teenager, the ‘Ming Yu’ that he was originally planning to say became stuck in his throat.

Xi Ze looked at the youth standing not far away. He stared for a long time and involuntarily smiled. For the first time, he exposed a calm and gentle smile that came completely from the heart.

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