Rebirth of a Supermodel

Chapter 37

Chapter 37

The studio was very large, with a total of four sets being built by the crew members. Ming Yu had just been filming in the innermost shed, so when he was dragged to the entrance by Chen Yongzhi, there was a circle of people but it was pretty quiet.

The man with a reported height of 191cm on Muse’s official website was at the door. Ming Yu arrived and could see someone ‘standing out’ in the crowd, looking calm.

Xi Ze’s assistant Xiaolin distribute the cake and coffee that he brought and the crowd at the door gradually dispersed. But even when they left, their eyes kept fixing on the man’s body and wouldn’t move!

“So handsome, really handsome… He is much better in real life than in reality!”

“His height is really good. He is so tall, certainly more than 191cm right?”

“God Xi just looked at me!  I feel like I just got pregnant…”

“A’Mei, you are only 160cm, God Xi had to bow down to see you!”


Ming Yu always had good hearing, not to mention the staff members didn’t lower their voices at all when he spoke. He couldn’t describe his feelings the moment he heard these words.

As mentioned before, the boundaries between the fashion industry and the entertainment industry had always been unclear. There were many exchanges between the two worlds, with models becoming a movie actor or actors becoming supermodels. Xi Ze was obviously one of the best.

The staff present might not belong to the fashion industry in the strictest sense, but they weren’t unfamiliar with the name ‘Xi Ze.’ Many of them could even state that his ‘height was 191cm.’

Only a person standing at the top of the fashion industry could have such prestige.

Luo Ru’s face was complicated as he looked at Xi Ze, who wasn’t far away, and whispered in Ming Yu’s ear. “Ming Yu, since when is your relationship with Xi Ze so good? He even came to visit your work set? I remember that Xi Ze has never looked at anyone’s job. He has a good relationship with He Chaoman and Luo Cheng, but he never explored their job sites…”

After saying this, Luo Ru didn’t speak any further. She just waited for Ming Yu to answer. She was just Ming Yu’s assistant, but she was his acting agent in Zhao Rui’s absence. Therefore, she needed to understand the current situation.

Ming Yu gazed at the man who wasn’t far away and softly replied, “Sister Luo. I helped Xi Ze with a small favour and he felt some gratitude. I didn’t think it was a big deal, but there was some communication between us. This was followed by a second conversation and we… became friends.”

Luo Ru only believed 70% of it and she added, “To explore a work site isn’t Xi Ze’s style…”

Ming Yu didn’t have time to find an excuse as a sweet-looking girl walked over with a tired expression. She yawned and asked, “Who came? Why is everybody here? I wanted to see so I…ahhhh, God Xi!!  Am I still sleeping? Oh my, oh my, oh my, Xi Ze!”

Ming Yu, “…”

Luo Ru, “…”

Miss Lala, are you still asleep…

After spending an afternoon together, Ming Yu discovered that Yang Lala really wasn’t scheming and had the natural temper of an eldest daughter. However, when she met a handsome guy, she would turn from Barbie to Hello Kitty. Shy and yet… like an animal in nature.

For example, when Miss Lala saw Xi Ze, she shouted loudly, attracting the attention of other people.

It didn’t really matter but… Xi Ze turned his attention over here. As if he finally found the person he wanted among thousands of people, Xi Ze raised an eyebrow and stepped forward, finally stopping in front of Ming Yu.

Yang Lala was still standing beside Ming Yu, but Xi Ze didn’t even give her a look (she was too short to see). He just looked indifferently at the youth, before giving a low laugh. “Long time no see, Ming Yu.”

Ming Yu just met this person last night. “Long time no see. ^_^#”

He didn’t seem to see the gloominess in the youth’s smile. Xi Ze raised the small cake in his hand and said, “I didn’t have anything to do tonight and just happened to be near here. I heard that you were filming an advertisement in this studio, so I came to see.”

Ming Yu calmly took the small cake and handed it to Luo Ru. Then he looked up at this handsome and tall man and replied, “I think you should have a reason for finding me today, right Xi Ze?”

Xi Ze raised an eyebrow. “Ah?”

Ming Yu turned to look at the confused Luo Ru and and Yang Lala, saying to them with a smile, “Sister Luo, Yang Lala… I have something to talk about with Xi Ze, I will temporarily leave.”

Luo Ru and Yang Lala couldn’t react as Ming Yu took Xi Ze’s hand and the two of them disappeared from the studio. After a long while, this was heard—

“Eh?!!  Why did Ming Yu take God Xi away!!!  I haven’t asked God Xi for a signature!!!  QAQ”

Ming Yu pulled Xi Ze by the hand to leave the studio, then immediately let go. Ming Xiaoyu wasn’t the hero of an idol drama, who would feel a strange chemical reaction when holding the actress’ hand and falling in love.

But the moment that Ming Yu let go, Xi Ze grabbed his hand again.

Ming Yu looked surprised for a moment. He looked up at the other person and asked, “Xi Ze, what is the matter?”

Xi Ze couldn’t adapt for a moment to his name being called in such a straightforward manner. A smile flashed in his dark eyes and Xi Ze asked, “Don’t you adapt very fast?”

Ming Yu naturally understood his meaning. “Didn’t you say not to use honorifics and to directly call you by name? Or do you think we aren’t friends yet?”

Since the other person didn’t loosen his hand, Ming Yu was too lazy to struggle.

After listening to this, Xi Ze’s lips curved and he directly released the youth’s wrist.

Xi Ze gently nodded and agreed. “Ah, we are friends.”

At this time, the two people were standing in a small greenhouse outside the studio. It was probably a greenhouse specially grown for the studio. There were a wide range of flowers planted in it, from difficult to grow orchids to roses and sunflowers that could be found everywhere. The red, blue and yellow flowers intertwined to create a gorgeous and colourful scenery.

After hearing the other person’s confirmation, Ming Yu got straight to the point. “Since we are already friends, should we be considerate to each other? You coming to visit my job site, it feels… strange. Our relationship doesn’t seem to have reached that point.”

Xi Ze didn’t miss the point of these words and smiled. “That is your definition. In my definition, friends can visit each other. You are welcome to visit my work sites.” Xi Ze paused and added. “You can also come see me at the top of the Muse building, or go to my studio. If you are willing to be my model and work with me, then I will welcome it even more.”

Ming Yu, “…”

It wasn’t narcissistic. Ming Yu thought that the other person was very smart. His communication with others rarely failed, and he often argued in a way that other people couldn’t resist. But he didn’t know why, in front of his man, everything he said landed on soft cotton and nothing happened.

In fact, Ming Yu didn’t know this but Xi Ze chose this response only with him.

Ask Ding Do, ask Shen Xiang!

How many times did Xi Ze smile in a year?

Almost all of Xi Ze’s smiles in the past 25 years were mainly from the past two days. All of them were given to Ming Xiaoyu in a large package!

However, looking at the other person’s not so sincere smile, Ming Yu reluctantly sighed and said, “I understand your meaning, but also understand that you came to me. Xi Ze, I really don’t want to be tied up at the very beginning. I’m really sorry.”

Xi Ze’s smile gradually widened as he heard these words. He just listened as Ming Yu continued, “In fact, you don’t have to force yourself to use such a gentle attitude with me. Since we are friends, shouldn’t we face each other with our true personalities?” Ming paused for a moment. “According to Brother Zhao, you aren’t such a smiling person?”

He didn’t directly answer the youth’s question. Xi Ze’s eyebrows gathered together as he thought for a long while, then he asked, “You want me to be my most true self?”

Ming Yu nodded earnestly, “Yes.”

It was like the word ‘yes’ was a button. Before it was pressed, the handsome and elegant man was smiling. After pressing it, this tenderness turned into bubbles, with only the deep sea-like gaze locked on Ming Yu.

An indescribable feeling of oppression instantly dispersed from him!

Xi Ze looked apathetic, as if they had returned to the bathroom when they first saw each other. He was the indifferent hand-washing man who looked down at the youth and calmly said, “Ming Yu, dew is on your hair.

Xi Ze raised a hand to brush off the dew, which seemed to have come from the flowers.

The change was so sudden that Ming Yu was stunned for a moment. After a while, he revealed a calm smile and said, “This feels much better.”

The two people talked as they headed towards the studio.

Ming Yu naturally didn’t agree to let him watch the work as a ‘friend’, but Xi Ze didn’t accept his request.

As Ming Yu frowned, saying that he didn’t like it, the handsome man looked at him in the last light of the setting sun and asked, “You don’t like it?” Xi Ze looked into the youth’s dull eyes and smiled lightly, “However, I really like it.”

Ming Yu, “…”

You are still pretending to be gentle!!!

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