Rebirth As a Fatuous and Self-indulgent Ruler

Chapter 9 - Taking a Fancy to His Empress

Chapter 9: Taking a Fancy to His Empress

Translator: 安贝-Peggyan

A great stir, which should have been caused, disappeared temporarily because of the news that Shi Qingzhou got the Phoenix Seal.

Thus, those imperial concubines didn’t stay here longer, drank a cup of tea, and bent their kneels down before walking away.

Long Xiaoyuan was taken aback upon seeing this. Cool and overbearing, his empress unexpectedly used a few words to send all of them away. Furthermore, he didn’t utilize the power to oppress them.

Okay, the Phoenix Seal was one kind of power.

However, was it only considered a trick at most?

In a word, Long Xiao had great admiration for Shi and thereby really wanted to develop a good relationship with Shi.

When those concubines left, the eunuch, who sent the memorials to the throne, arrived. Actually, the eunuch had got here earlier and didn’t get inside upon seeing so many concubines.

Shi’s eyes twinkled with splendor while he saw a pile of memorials to the throne. Long Xiaoyuan had walked outside.

Having asked the eunuch to send those memorials to the study, Long came over and held Shi’s hand.

The latter froze for a while, secretly looked at his hand and then was quietly pulled away.

Long ordered the eunuchs and palace maids to withdraw themselves.

Afterward, Long sat on the chair after personally fetching a chair and placing it beside himself.

As Shi thought of something, Long said, “Come here”. The words stunned Shi.

“Come here,” repeated Long.

Thus, Shi went over without any delay. Long held Shi’s hand to sit down.

He casually unfolded some memorials and also pushed some toward Shi.

“It’s troublesome that there are too many memorials to the throne. Qingzhou, please help me handle them.”

Shi had his pupils shrunk for an instant but then become normal and said lightly, “Your Majesty, this will break the rule.”

He said shaking his hand, “Qingzhou, do you remember Taizu (the founder of the dynasty)?”

Taizu…Taizu also married a male empress who was called General Wenyuan, a household general.

He had a few concubines. Let it put in this way: although there were several concubines, they were only irrelevances.

Taizu had a good relationship with Empress Wenyuan. They even shared the country.

It was Taizu who made it the prevailing wind that men could get married. As time went by, however, few would marry men, because men couldn’t give birth to children.

When Taizu got married to Empress Wenyuan, he already had a prince who was also his only prince in his entire life.

But now, Long Xiaoyuan had only three daughters, so why did he mention Taizu?

As Shi Qingzhou was pondering, Long said with a smile, “I’d like to share the country with you, too. I know you don’t trust me for the time being, but you should give us chances, should you?”

Shi kept silent with his eyes fixed on him.

Long Xiaoyuan had never underestimated the IQ of Shi Qingzhou who would even become the new emperor. He knew that such huge changes of him would make himself arrested earlier if he was an impostor and didn’t have the previous memories.

He also knew that what he did probably made others suspicious of him, doubting that he had schemes.

However, it didn’t matter. The smarter a person was, the more he thought. Thus, even if Shi Qingzhou doubted him, Shi wouldn’t really do anything to him who didn’t “betrayed” Shi.

Furthermore, the more suspicious Shi felt of him, the more Shi wanted to dig up on him, didn’t it? What did he need the most? Of course, he was in urgent need of the time and chances to develop his relationship with Shi!

Three months was short…If based on the depiction of the book, three-fourths of the book was over by then. Thus, Shi Qingzhou must have developed many links in the palace which the original emperor was too stupid to know.

Hence, what was the difference between directly surrendering the power or not?

Anyway, he thought it was no difference. In that case, why not work together with Shi Qingzhou? After all, he wouldn’t be killed.

Besides, he felt like he liked Shi Qingzhou a little. After having sex with Shi, he liked Shi even more.

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