Rebirth As a Fatuous and Self-indulgent Ruler

Chapter 7 - All Imperial Concubines Came to Visit His Empress

Chapter 7: All Imperial Concubines Came to Visit His Empress

Translator: 安贝-Peggyan

Having finished the imperial court session, Long Xiaoyuan went back to the Qiankun Palace. Shi Qingzhou just got up.

“Your Majesty, greetings.” Shi knelt down.

The latter hastily held him up. “Qingzhou, you don’t need to kneel down in the future.”

After a pause, Shi said nodding, “Yes, I know that.”

“Let’s call each other casually,” added he.

Shi slightly curled his lips’ corners and said, “Okay, I got it.”

He felt delighted upon hearing this and said, “Qingzhou, haven’t you eaten breakfast? Are you hungry?”

“I’m not hungry.” Shi gave him a faint smile.

He held Shi’s hand, walked toward the dining table, and ordered the Chief-eunuch to serve breakfast.

Breakfast was delivered shortly.

Since Shi had sex last night, Shi naturally ate something mild.

Having cozily finished breakfast, he followed Shi to the back study. He had already ordered someone to fetch his memorials to the throne here. It surprised him when he got inside.

There were several landscape paintings hung up in the study, and he fancied them very much.

He couldn’t help but walk up to those paintings and asked, “Qingzhou, those paintings…”

Shi replied, “I painted them.”

His eyes brightened. As expected, it was Shi who painted them! He subconsciously stroked them. “Qingzhou, let’s hang some of them up in our sleeping chamber.”

Their sleeping chamber…After a pause, Shi Qingzhou said nodding with his eyes twinkling with splendor, “It’s my honor that they catch your eyes. I’ll have two paintings hung up.”

“That’s all right.” After some thoughts, Long Xiaoyuan said, “Qingzhou, there aren’t some in my sleeping chamber. How about decorating there with some of your paintings?”

Shi said in a soft voice, “No problem.”

Soon, Chief-eunuch Zhou Qing was ordered inside again.

Having five paintings taken away, Long Xiaoyuan was about to say something with a smile, and then a voice arose outside.

“Your Majesty and Your Grace, Lady Rou of the Xuanyang Palace, Lady Shan of the Zhaoyang Palace, Lady Qing of the Deshui Palace, Lady You of the Sihuan Palace, Lady Lan of the Jiuye Palace, Lady Yuan of the Huoyang Palace, Lady Yu of the Qianhui Palace, Lady Luo of the Baiyuan Palace, Lady Qiu of the Yushui Palace ask to meet Your Grace.” (those imperial concubines were announced one by one based on their rankings)

Hearing so many names of the imperial concubines, Long Xiaoyuan had a buzz in his brain, but he also found a fact that all of them were “active” in the palace.

In other words, all the “powerful” concubines gathered up here!

Shi Qingzhou looked at Long Xiaoyuan who really felt embarrassed. He never wanted to have so many concubines. After all, his life was more important than this. Moreover, he loathed those scheming concubines who only wanted to strive for his love!

After last night, he felt that Shi Qingzhou was enough for him!

Thus, why did those women show up here? He really wanted to live longer!

Having seen Shi Qingzhou look at him, Long Xiaoyuan felt guilty and said immediately, “Your Grace, I didn’t ask them to come here.”

Shi found it funny and gave him a smile. “Your Majesty, you’re kidding me.”

Long coughed to cover his embarrassment. “Qingzhou, I won’t see them. Now that they’re here, you go to see them and then send them away.”

Staring at him, Shi couldn’t help but ask, “Your Majesty, are you serious?”

Long said righteously, “Of course! You’re my empress, the sole owner of the Imperial Harem!”

Shi felt shocked for a while and then said with a smile, “Yes, I know. Please excuse me for a moment.”

“Eh. Go ahead.” Long waved his hand.

After Shi left, Long pondered for a while and decided to eavesdrop on them talking, for, in his memories, those concubines were extremely unrestrained. Thus, he was afraid that his empress would suffer losses.

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