Rebirth As a Fatuous and Self-indulgent Ruler

Chapter 6 - How Striking His Empress Was

Chapter 6: How Striking His Empress Was

Translator: 安贝-Peggyan

The atmosphere of the dinner was quite good.

After dinner, Shi Qingzhou waited for Long Xiaoyuan to leave, which didn’t happen. However, he was shocked at what Long said next.

“I’ll sleep here.”

Shi slightly bowed his head down to cover his face that immediately changed.

Having probably sensed his discomfort, Long didn’t take a shower with him.

Generally speaking, when His Majesty slept with an imperial concubine, he often took a bath together with her.

But, Long couldn’t do such a thing, for he found it hard for himself to have a bath with women or men.

However, Shi Qingzhou seemed to be the exception, probably because he was the protagonist?

Long finished the shower first and then drove all the eunuchs and palace maids out.

Shortly, Shi also finished the bath and went to bed…

As a matter of fact, Long didn’t want to do anything, for he hadn’t had sex with men before! Er…though there were similar memories in his mind, he didn’t want to do that personally for the time being. In his eyes, he probably had countless ties with the previous emperor. Otherwise, how could their similar appearances be explained?

Was it his previous life? But why their personalities were so different from each other?

As he was lost in his thoughts, he felt shocked!

What did he see? He should see Shi Qingzhou…his empress…was undressing!

Yes! Shi was undressing!

Ooh! What was going on?

Subsequently, some pictures popped up in his mind. The original emperor hadn’t cherished Shi and even insulted Shi by saying that Shi acted like the dead fish on the bed.

Although the original emperor hadn’t been here many times, he made Shi so suffer that Shi had to rest on the bed for a couple of days each time. Besides, he made Shi bleed with a look of disgust each time.

After finishing the sex, he even told Shi to act more enthusiastically in order to insult Shi, actually!

After all, Shi Qingzhou was a capable young man from an aristocratic family. How could a young general do such a thing! It was definitely an insult.

The present Long Xiaoyuan wanted to ask Shi to put on clothes, but looking at the snow-white male body before him, he suddenly heard his fierce heartbeat.

Shi Qingzhou clad in the clothes was indescribably charming and striking, but the undressed Shi was extremely tempting, which made him unbearable physically or psychologically!

Therefore, out of his instincts, Long Xiaoyuan held Shi with one action and then violently kissed his mouth…

As far as he was concerned, since he had to kiss Shi’s ass, he would do it in this way! As long as he racked his brain to treat Shi well, Shi wouldn’t kill him, would he?

He didn’t believe he was unable to reverse the ending of the book!

Now that the original emperor hadn’t cherished Shi Qingzhou by hurting Shi severely, Long Xiaoyuan would cherish Shi himself and make Shi feel the warmth Shi hadn’t experience before.

Thus, his actions became gentle…

It was extremely fiery tonight. When he was sexually occupied, Shi Qingzhou’s eyes were full of doubt. How did this person change so much? Why would Long Xiaoyuan like to treat him gently? What on earth did Long Xiaoyuan want to do?

Long Xiaoyuan woke up early the next morning.

He couldn’t help having sex three times with Shi yesterday, which also solved the problem of his body itself. However, after that, he cleaned Shi up himself.

Long Xiaoyuan knew that proud as Shi Qingzhou was, Shi would definitely not ask those eunuchs and palace maids to help him with it.

He must have been cleaned himself up before regardless of the pain, so how could Long Xiaoyuan let the protagonist do such a thing?

Long Xiaoyuan had never anticipated that things between him and Shi Qingzhou went to so fast, but it was fantastic last night!

As expected, men were lechers who thought with their lower half of their bodies! Alas! Alas…

After mocking himself, Long Xiaoyuan became high-spirited. Last night, his empress was resistant to him at the beginning, but his empress felt pleased in the end with his resistance reduced much. If things went on like this, would he expect his empress to be open to him one day?

He felt mind-opened upon thinking of this. If his empress didn’t want to kill him, it would be fine that they lived in comfort!

If his empress loved power, he would definitely give it to his empress! Eh! What he yearned for was that his empress wouldn’t kill him!

He was out of bed and shouted beside the doorway, “Comes inside.”

A group of eunuchs and palace maids came inside soon, making him furrow his eyebrows. “Quietly. Don’t wake Your Grace up.”

“Yes,” said they while acting silently.

“Don’t wake Your Grace up. When he wakes up naturally and asks you to come inside, you then come inside.”

“Yes!” Long Xiaoyuan left…Attending the imperial court session in the morning made him unhappy, but he had to do so!

As soon as Long Xiaoyuan left, Shi Qingzhou opened his eyes with a hint of blankness and complexity in his eyes.

He sat up and subconsciously touched his heel and waist. He sure felt uncomfortable, but he didn’t feel the searing pain…

He hadn’t anticipated Long Xiaoyuan to clean him up gently and carefully.

Why…had Long Xiaoyuan changed so much?

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