Rebirth As a Fatuous and Self-indulgent Ruler

Chapter 48 - Extremely Handsome

Chapter 48: Extremely Handsome

Given birth by Lady Rou, she was “his” daughter.

“Father…” The little girl blinked and felt frightened. When she realized what happened, she took two steps back and hurriedly knelt on the ground. “Father, may you live long.”

Such a little girl knelt on the ground! Long Xiaoyuan wasn’t that inhumane and thereby helped her up.

“It’s alright! Stand up! How do you come here? You were running. Do you know this is very dangerous? Watch out when you’re running.”

He said those for the best interest of her. After all, there were many stones and pillars here, so it would be a big deal if she got hurt.

However, in the little girl’s eyes, her father was mad at her, which showed that her father loathed her!

She felt aggrieved and scared with her eyes filled with tears, but she didn’t dare to cry, for she knew that her father disliked seeing people cry, especially when he was unhappy!

Seeing this scene, Long Xiaoyuan felt that he was a bad man and got a chill…Okay, he indeed liked kids, but not all kids could “play” with him…

especially when the little girl’s mother was someone else…

Er, he meant that the original emperor was her biological father…

Since he didn’t know to get along with her, he said, “Send the princess back. Watch out! The princess is distinguished. If she gets hurt, I won’t spare you.”

“Yes, Your Majesty!”

“Yes, Your Majesty!” A group of people received the order.

He sighed in his heart and continued walking toward the Qiankun Palace…

Now, at the Qiankun Palace-

“Oh? The first princess?” Shi Qingzhou cocked his brows and said lightly, “Go to investigate if it was an accident or Lady Rou staged this on purpose.”

“Yes.” A young eunuch received the order and left away in a hurry.

A few moments later when Long Xiaoyuan reached there, Shi Qingzhou was practicing a sword in the yard.

Long Xiaoyun rarely saw such a scene, so he turned fascinated.

Shi Qingzhou was handsome. Plus, he was practicing the sword vigorously and powerfully but released a kind of soft and graceful beauty with strong momentum. He also looked ethereal!

In that case, Long Xiaoyuan got infatuated with Shi Qingzhou.

Shi Qingzhou sheathed his sword and smiled with his lips curled while seeing Long Xiaoyuan’s obsessive expression.

“Your Majesty, you’re here.”

Like a chicken pecked rice, Long Xiaoyuan nodded and walked up to Shi Qingzhou before putting his arms around the latter’s waist. “Qingzhou, you were extremely handsome!”

Shi Qingzhou asked with a smile, “Extremely handsome?”

“Yeah.” Long Xiaoyuan was still indulgent in the previous scene. “Extremely handsome and gorgeous.”

Shi Qingzhou had his heart flip and felt softened.

Long Xiaoyuan couldn’t help kissing Shi Qingzhou on his mouth, and the latter closed his eyes. Seeing this, Long Xiaoyuan got excited and used more force to seize Shi’s waist before deepening the kiss…

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