Rebirth As a Fatuous and Self-indulgent Ruler

Chapter 47 - Was She His Daughter?

Chapter 47: Was She His Daughter?

Long Xiaoyuan went back to the Qiankun Palace with a little excitement.

The little prince was awake. Although he came into the world for only two days, his eyes were wide open, making him look very smart.

Although he was prematurely born and looked quite thin, Long Xiaoyuan found him smart, for he looked like he had come into the world for more than ten days, not only two days.

Long Xiaoyuan had once visited the newly born baby of a friend in the modern world. He was ill at that time, but he liked kids very much. That baby had been in the world for a dozen days and looked like the same as the little prince.

Additionally, that baby slept almost entire a day and didn’t open his eyes much.

Long Xiaoyuan really liked the little prince and couldn’t help holding him to play with.

The little prince unexpectedly smiled with his lips curled!

“Ho!” Long Xiaoyuan couldn’t be more surprised.

Right on the time, Shi Qingzhou came inside and asked upon seeing this, “What’s happened? Why such an expression?”

“Qingzhou, come here and have a look!” shouted Long Xiaoyuan as if discovering a new continent and beckoned Shi Qingzhou to come closer hurriedly.

Long Xiaoyuan tugged at Shi Qingzhou’s arm with the little prince on the other hand of him when Shi Qingzhou got closer. “Qingzhou, see, the little thing is smiling at me!”

Shi Qingzhou looked at the little prince and said while blinking, “No…”

“Er, just now! He smiled at me just now!” Long Xiaoyuan emphasized the words “just now”.

Seeing this, Shi Qingzhou couldn’t help smiling. “Do you like kids?”

After a pause, Long Xiaoyuan said with a smile, “Yes.”

Shi Qingzhou said lightly, “So you like boys? There are several princesses in the palace, but I haven’t seen you like someone so much.”

Long Xiaoyuan winked and smiled. “It’s not about gender. It’s because he is our kid.”

Shi Qingzhou was in a complete daze, for he hadn’t seen this coming.

It was because…their kid?

This was what Long Xiaoyuan thought?

Long Xiaoyuan gave the little prince to the wet nurse and took Shi Qingzhou out.

“Let’s go have breakfast.”

Looking at the hand held by Long Xiaoyuan, Shi Qingzhou smiled.

The next following days were peaceful. Although those Wangyehs ganged up with the Barbarians, they didn’t dare to rise in rebellion aboveboard and did things on the sly, which Long Xiaoyuan left to Shi Qingshan.

The little prince grew bigger and faster and didn’t look like a prematurely born one at all.

Besides, Shi Qingzhou’s birthday fell on two days later.

It was the birthday of his empress! Long Xiaoyuan had long expected this day and made some arrangements sneakily…

“Little princess, little princess, slow down, slow down…”

When Long Xiaoyuan came over from the Imperial Study, he heard the shouts. As he was about to take a look, his legs were hit. He looked down instinctively, and a little girl looked up at him with terror.

“Ah! Father!” He was shocked at her words and lowered his head to see her appearance.

Four or five years old, she, attired in the pink clothes, looked adorable with the fair skin…Was she his daughter?

He instantly felt quite strange…

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