Rebirth As a Fatuous and Self-indulgent Ruler

Chapter 455 - This Result Is the Best (II)

455. This Result Is the Best (II)

Translator: Storm in a Teacup

Shi Qingzhou looked at Liu Suifeng strangely. “What else? Do you want to get back at him? I don’t care if you want to take liberties with him, as long as Ouyang Chuan has no objection.”

Liu Suifeng was defeated by the couple.

He was baffled.

Ouyang Chuan came over and said gloomily, “Who do you want to take liberties with?”

“No one,” Liu Suifeng yelled, “Ouyang, I have you already. How can I take liberties with anyone?”

Ouyang Chuan said coldly, “That’s hard to say. I don’t know what’s on your mind.”

Liu Suifeng looked bitter. “Ouyang… Am I such a person?”

Ouyang Chuan snorted and didn’t say anything.

Long Xiaoyuan almost burst out laughing again, and Shi Qingzhou took a light glance at him. “Don’t go too far. Be careful of Liu Suifeng. A cornered dog will leap over a wall.”

Shi Qingzhou’s voice was neither loud nor low.

It was enough for Liu Suifeng to hear it anyway.

‘A cornered dog will leap over a wall. A cornered dog will leap over a wall.’

Liu Suifeng was in a dilemma.

If he flew into a rage, didn’t he prove that Shi Qingzhou was right?

But he said nothing… He was frustrated at the thought.

Long Xiaoyuan nodded solemnly. “Okay, Qingzhou, don’t worry. I won’t say it anymore. I don’t beat a drowning dog.”

‘Drowning dog… Drowning dog…’

Liu Suifeng took a deep breath. “Long Xiaoyuan!”

Long Xiaoyuan looked at him with innocent doubt. “What’s up?”

Liu Suifeng sneered. “Nothing serious. I just want to challenge you.”

“I’m not a hothead,” Long Xiaoyuan indifferent, “if you really want to find someone to challenge, I can send you dozens of Shadow Guardians. They can take turns to accept your challenge.”

Liu Suifeng was lost for words.

Long Xiaoyuan continued slowly, “If you want to challenge me, then I can only say that after you defeat all my Shadow Guardians, I will take your challenge. But you have to think it over. I have a lot of Shadow Guardians, and it will take you ages to defeat all of them. You have to be patient.”

Liu Suifeng was frustrated.

Ouyang Chuan softened at sight of Liu Suifeng’s depression. Liu Suifeng was his man, and he pitied him.

Therefore, he said to him indifferently. “Come over and roast the meat.”

Liu Suifeng’s eyes lit up. He didn’t bother to argue with Long Xiaoyuan and Shi Qingzhou.

Ouyang Chuan was more important than the others.

Therefore, Liu Suifeng hurriedly went to Ouyang Chuan.

“Ouyang, do you forgive me?”

Ouyang Chuan pouted indifferently without saying anything.

Liu Suifeng smiled. “Ouyang, you’re so nice.”

Ouyang Chuan snorted coldly.

Liu Suifeng hastily served Ouyang Chuan the dinner.

Long Xiaoyuan pouted and looked at Liu Suifeng grumpily, muttering, “Ouyang Chuan is too soft-hearted. He should play hard to get and ignore Liu Suifeng.”

Shi Qingzhou looked at Long Xiaoyuan indifferently. “I also think my heart is too soft.”

Long Xiaoyuan said hurriedly, “Come on, Qingzhou, I like you to be soft-hearted. I like you the best when you are soft-hearted.”

Shi Qingzhou sneered.

Long Xiaoyuan quickly leaned over and was about to say some sweet words when a Shadow Guardian came to deliver a message. It was from Ying Feng.

Long Xiaoyuan quickly took the note, and his eyes darkened.

Shi Qingzhou said, “What’s wrong?”

“Zhou Suye made a move and surrounded the palace with joined forces. His timing was good, and he trapped Fang Shuoyang and Emperor Zhou in the palace. The details have not been known yet, as Ying Feng did not enter the palace. He went to hide Xu You first, lest Zhou Suye threaten Fang Shuoyang with Xu You.”

“When did this happen?”

“Let me see. At least seven days ago.”

Shi Qingzhou fell silent.

Long Xiaoyuan smiled bitterly. “There’s nothing we can do. The distance is too far for us to do anything.”

If there was a telephone, it only took a few seconds to get connected, while it took a long time by horses and carrier pigeons.

Long Xiaoyuan said, “Now this letter has been sent here, the results should have come out there. We can’t do anything.”

“Although Zhou Suye tried to force Emperor Zhou to abdicate, his foundation in the Imperial City is not steady after all. Emperor Zhou and Fang Shuoyang may not be trapped by him. You don’t have to worry so much.”

Long Xiaoyuan sighed. “If Zhou Suye fails, we don’t need to worry about Fang Shuoyang. But if something happens to Fang Shuoyang, it is difficult to explain it to Xu You, and the Eastern Darkness will probably become a big trouble to us.”

Shi Qingzhou held Long Xiaoyuan’s hand. “Don’t cross the bridge before we come to it. We’ve done everything we can help Fang Shuoyang there. If he can’t succeed, it’s his fate. Don’t blame yourself.”

Long Xiaoyuan looked at Shi Qingzhou and said softly, “Qingzhou, do you know that I will blame myself?”

Shi Qingzhou replied softly, “You led Fang Shuoyang onto the road to be the emperor. If anything happens to him, you will naturally blame yourself.

However, everyone is responsible for his own life. Others might guide him, but he takes the path on his own. Therefore, you don’t have to burden yourself with other people’s lives.”

Long Xiaoyuan was comforted, and he couldn’t help hugging Shi Qingzhou.

“I got it. I’m sorry. I was thinking too much just now.”

Shi Qingzhou smiled slightly. “It doesn’t matter. Don’t do that so often.”

Long Xiaoyuan smiled. “How can I? You’re right. We are responsible for our own life. Others may guide us, but we make the choices on our own. Fang Shuoyang should be responsible for the path he chose. I could do nothing if Xu You blames me.”

Shi Qingzhou said lightly, “He’s your brother. He won’t blame you.”

Long Xiaoyuan smiled again. “You’re right. He’s my younger brother. No matter what happens, he is my brother.”

After the two of them spoke, the atmosphere was lightened up.

Liu Suifeng and Ouyang Chuan came over.

“What’s wrong?” Liu Suifeng asked.

Long Xiaoyuan told them what happened.

“Even if we rush there now, we will not be able to help much, as things have been settled.” Liu Suifeng said the same thing.

Long Xiaoyuan sighed. “Yeah, you’re right. Even if we go there now, things are settled there. Let’s go back to the Imperial City and wait for the news.”

After he made the decision, Long Xiaoyuan sped up on their journey back.

After all, if Zhou Suye really succeeded, they needed to be prepared immediately.

Zhou Suye might not attack Tianlong after he was enthroned, but he would do something.

After the emperor was enthroned, he would have a different foreign policy towards the neighboring countries.

Long Xiaoyuan and the others needed to return to the Imperial City and prepared for that.

They made haste, and four days later Long Xiaoyuan finally returned to the Imperial City.

Back to the palace that he had left for a long time, he lay down on the familiar big bed. It was late at night, and Long Xiaoyuan let out a long sigh of relief.

It was really tiring during the period when he was out of the palace.

Especially when he was in captivity.

At that time, he wondered if he could return to the imperial palace.

Now, they were back.

Therefore, Long Xiaoyuan let out a long sigh of relief.

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