Rebirth As a Fatuous and Self-indulgent Ruler

Chapter 45 - To Save the Mother or the Baby

Chapter 45: To Save the Mother or the Baby

Translator: Peggyan

Then, Long Xiaoyuan and Shi Qingzhou headed for the Xushui Palace.

Although Lady Huo got a promotion lately, she didn’t have her palace and still lived in the Xushui Palace with Lady Qiu.

But, the difference was that Lady Huo lived in the inner palace while Lady Qiu lived in the outer palace.

Besides, Lady Qiu was prevented from walking out, to protect Lady Huo.

Shadow Guardians passed the meals along each day that were prepared by special palace maids in the small kitchen here, not in the Imperial Kitchen.

It could be put in this way, all respects were considered, to protect the unborn baby.

The other people, no matter what status they had, were forbidden to drop by. Even so, Lady Huo was in labor prematurely after a fall? How could this happen?

Long Xiaoyuan really didn’t want to talk about conspiracies, but why did this incident sound so peculiar?

When Long Xiaoyuan and Shi Qingzhou got there, a midwife was already inside while imperial physicians were waiting outside, Zhang Yuan included.

Long Xiaoyuan ordered the imperial physicians to get inside.

Zhang Yuan entered inside, who Long Xiaoyuan knew was loyal to Shi Qingzhou and also believed in.

Shi Qingzhou slightly lifted his head to look at Long Xiaoyuan and set his mind at rest upon seeing nothing unusual.

They then asked the eunuchs and palace maids about what happened in detail and felt pretty speechless after finding that Lady Huo carelessly tripped over her hemlines when nobody was around her.

Lady Huo did fell carelessly!

The woman was too careless! Long Xiaoyuan frowned…

for the baby would be put in danger in premature birth.

He had planned to honor the baby as the crown prince if it was well…It couldn’t die young!

He found it a little creepy when hearing the screams from the room.

Shi Qingzhou said lightly, “Your Majesty, the delivery room will bring back luck. Let’s wait outside.”

Long Xiaoyuan didn’t believe this theory. In the modern world, men would stay in the delivery room with their wives, okay?

However, he didn’t have a relationship with Lady Huo and only cared about the baby, so he said without hesitation, “Okay, let’s go outside…”

Sitting in the outside hall, Long Xiaoyuan and Shi Qingzhou drank tea served by a eunuch and waited for the baby to come into the world.

However, it turned out that the baby wouldn’t be given birth so easily. Four hours later, Zhang Yuan came out and said, “Your Majesty, I’m afraid Lady Huo can’t make it…The little prince has been in her stomach for a long time and needs to come out as soon as possible. But, Lady Huo…”

Wasn’t Long Xiaoyuan asked about saving the baby or his mother in disguise? He hesitated for a while.

Although he didn’t like her and even forgot her, he couldn’t turn a blind eye to a life as a modern man.

He couldn’t make the decision.

Shi Qingzhou said right on the time, “The little prince is more important.”

“Okay, I obey your order.” Zhang Yuan went inside again.

Long Xiaoyuan looked at Shi Qingzhou with complex feelings. The latter paused for an instant and asked, “Your Majesty, do you blame me for making this decision on my own?”

Long Xiaoyuan shook his head with a bitter smile. “How could I do that? Qingzhou, you just said what I wanted to say.”

Shi Qingzhou softened his expression.

Long Xiaoyuan sighed…

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