Rebirth As a Fatuous and Self-indulgent Ruler

Chapter 44 - The Premature Birth After A Fall

Chapter 44: The Premature Birth After A Fall

Translator: Peggyan

They hugged each other, probably because they all got touched by what happened today.

Thus, they were both excited when they incorporated into each other, thus, coordinating with each other and believing in each other.

Actually, it was the first time that Shi Qingzhou had taken the initiative…

Long Xiaoyuan felt it and naturally seized this chance…

The sex all night made them closer to each other…

Long Xiaoyuan was being a self-indulgent emperor the next day, for he was too tired to get up in the morning.

Thus, he decided to cancel the morning session, and the Vice-chief Eunuch Liu Xiangyang hurried to make an announcement.

At the Throne Room, all ministers were advised of this and dispersed in order.

Sun Youjing stopped Shi Qingshan, “Minister Shi.”

Shi Qingshan was kind to Sun Youjing and said with a nod, “Eh, Minister Sun.”

Sun Youjing was the one who Long Xiaoyuan ordered to be in charge of the Grand Palace Banquet and the Small Palace Banquet when Long Yuanyuan time-travelled here the first day. Sun Youjing was also a disciple of Shi Qingshan, but since they were colleagues, it would be controversial if Sun Youjing called Shi Qingshan “teacher” in public even if the former was a disciple of the latter. In that case, they called each other by “minister”.

“Minister Shi, a word, please?”

Shi Qingshan nodded lightly and avoided the crowd when they walked outside.

“Minister Shi, is His Grace in good shape?” asked Sun Youjing with concerns.

Shi Qingshan said with a smile, “Yes, he is.”

Sun Youjiang asked with a smile, “Teacher, I’ve heard a palace maid has been promoted to Lady (the same ranking as Lady Qiu)…Is it real?”

Shi Qingshan said with his eyes twinkling, “Yes, it is.”

Sun Youjing asked with a poker face, “Has she been pregnant seven months?”

Shi Qingshan nodded. “Yes.”

Shi Qingshan said with his voice down, “Has His Majesty said anything? He has just got well with His Grace…”

Knowing his concerns, Shi Qingshan said lightly, “The heart of His Majesty is hard to predict.”

Having understood it, Sun Youjing said seriously, “Teacher, if you need me for something, let me know.”

Shi Qingshan felt warm and got a good feeling for this disciple. After some thoughts, he said, “I really got something to let you do.”

“I’m at your orders.”

“You come to my mansion on the sly in the afternoon,” said Shi Qingshan.

“Yes, I got it.” Afterward, they were done speaking and naturally walked outside.

Right-Prime Minister and Minister Shi in charge of the Ministry of War looked at each other. Then, the former said with a smile, “Changes may take place.”

Minister Qin said with his profound eyes, “Yes…”

Subsequently, they walked away without saying more.

Although there were some subtle surging waves among the ministers, the atmosphere between Long Xiaoyuan and Shi Qingzhou was quite good.

Because of the fierce sex last night, Shi Qingzhou didn’t wake up until mid-morning and missed breakfast, of course.

So did Long Xaoyuan….but he got a good rest.

When they got up, meals were ordered to serve.

They ate much, indicating that they were very hungry.

Right on the time when they finished eating and asked the leftovers to be removed, a young eunuch rushed inside in a panic and said while kneeling that Lady Huo had a premature birth after a fall!

Hearing this, they got their expressions changed.

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