Rebirth As a Fatuous and Self-indulgent Ruler

Chapter 43 - When His Wife “Cheated” On Him

Chapter 43: When His Wife “Cheated” On Him

Translator: Peggyan

Long Xiaoyuan thought a lot while sitting on the bed.

He was unimaginably calm. As time went by, he turned calmer.

In the beginning, he might be angry at Shi Qingzhou who was out.

But given that novel and the end of the original emperor therein, he felt that it was quite normal.

It should be great that Shi Qingzhou didn’t kill him. Furthermore, Shi Qingzhou trusted him more than before.

The only problem laid in that they didn’t spend enough time together, so Shi Qingzhou couldn’t tell him everything, which was reasonable.

Additionally, it was a death penalty if imperial concubines developed private links. Even if he had changed a lot, he couldn’t ask Shi Qingzhou to tell this to him, could he?

More importantly, Shi Qingzhou wasn’t here, but it couldn’t indicate that Shi Qingzhou wanted to hurt him or rise in rebellion…

Wasn’t he over-worried if he thought so?

After all, couples in the modern world had their own private spaces and privacy, which wasn’t a sign of distrust but aimed at the marriage going farther…

Thinking of those, he couldn’t be calmer…

Having received the message, Shi Qingzhou felt nervous with his lips puckered tightly, and his heart beat pretty quickly.

Standing on the door of his sleeping chamber, Shi Qingzhou found himself a little afraid of stepping inside…

After hesitating for a while, Shi Qingzhou walked inside step by step like waiting for his sentence.

Hearing the noise, Long Xiaoyuan looked up.

When Shi Qingzhou looked into Long Xiaoyuan’s eyes, he puckered his lips more tightly and said with difficulty, “Your Majesty…”

Long Xiaoyuan stood up and walked up to Shi Qingzhou.

When Long Xiaoyuan stood in front of Shi Qingzhou, the latter lowered his eyelids, considering that Long Xiaoyuan would be mad at him with enrage in his eyes that used to look at him gently for the past months or other reasons.

Seeing this, Long Xiaoyuan sighed…

Shi Qingzhou instinctively trembled upon hearing the sigh. Was Long Xiaoyuan too disappointed to say anything?

At that moment, Shi Qingzhou felt his jaw was raised and he was forced to look into Long Xiaoyuan’s eyes…

“You…” Shi Qingzhou murmured but didn’t know what to say or explain…

He didn’t know if Long Xiaoyuan would believe his explanations, but what could he explain…

“You…” sighed Long Xiaoyuan while staring at the stubborn man before him. Subsequently, he kissed Shi Qingzhou’s jaw…

As Shi Qingzhou slightly shivered, Long Xiaoyuan abruptly hugged him and kissed him fiercely.

Shi Qingzhou moved his eyelids and put his arms around Long Xiaoyuan’s neck in the end. The next second, he was held by Long Xiaoyuan horizontally.

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