Rebirth As a Fatuous and Self-indulgent Ruler

Chapter 42 - His Empress Disappeared Late at Night

Chapter 42: His Empress Disappeared Late at Night

Long Xiaoyuan used to sleep alone for more than 20 years in his previous 26 years of life.

When he came here, he slept with Shi Qingzhou to save his life.

However, having slept with Shi Qingzhou for only several months, he was unexpectedly not accustomed to sleeping alone.

It was late at night, and he already finished the shower. But, lying on the big bed, he couldn’t fall into sleep!

Rolling over and back, he couldn’t still sleep! It was…

He couldn’t help but twitch his lips. As time was gone, he finally got up and casually put on his clothes.

Liu Xiangyang waited outside and hurriedly knelt on the ground when seeing Long Xiaoyuan.

Long Xiaoyuan said waving his hand, “Stand up.”

“Your Majesty…”

“We go to the Qiankun Palace but don’t disturb others.”

“Yes.” Liu Xiangyang didn’t dare to ask why Long Xiaoyuan wanted to go to the Qiankun Palace late at night, so he dutifully led the way ahead.

When Long Xiaoyuan reached the Qiankun Palace, the eunuchs keeping watching at night knelt on the ground. Neglect of them, he headed for the internal chamber but surprisingly met a young eunuch who guarded there, for the young eunuch used to stay outside.

He knew the name of the young eunuch. “Little East, you keep doing your job, and I’ll go inside by myself.”

For fear that Little East would wake Shi Qingzhou up, he spoke ahead of Little East.

He said those without a second thought, but Little East should kneel on the ground with a pale face after hearing this.

He slightly narrowed his eyes. “En? What’s the matter?”

Little East spoke nothing and kept kowtowing.

He said with his face immediately darkened, “What’s wrong?”

Little East murmured, “Your Majesty, His Grace…he…”

He thought that something happened to Shi Qingzhou and thereby hurried inside, leaving Little East who couldn’t clearly express himself behind.

He thought Shi Qinghzhou was ill, got hurt, or was in trouble.

But, he never expected that the internal room was empty with no one on the bed.

He was stunned.

Outside, Little East desperately kept kowtowing.

Long Xiaoyuan puckered his lips and at least knew the rule that the imperial concubines were forbidden to leave their palaces after nightfall, not to mention that Shi Qingzhou didn’t say he had things to deal with before Long Xiaoyuan went to the Imperial Study.

Long Xiaoyuan frowned and said coldly, “That’s enough. You can excuse yourself.”

Little East suddenly stopped his actions and withdrew himself a few moments later, leaving a pool of blood on the ground caused by his grazed head.

Sitting on the empty bed with his lips puckered, Long Xiaoyuan was thinking of where Shi Qingzhou went and that novel he had read…

After a long time, he sighed…

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