Rebirth As a Fatuous and Self-indulgent Ruler

Chapter 41 - Sleeping Alone

Chapter 41: Sleeping Alone

Shi Qingzhou felt pretty surprised at what Long Xiaoyuan said. “How so?”

Long Xiaoyuan sighed the third time. “Am I not? If not so, can you tell me why those Wangyehs want to make a coup? Do they still remember who is the master of Tianlong Dynasty? So am I not a failure as the emperor?”

Shi Qingzhou moved his mouth and eventually said after pondering for a while, “You can’t say in this way. Those Wangyehs are too ambitious.”

“So are they…” Long Xiaoyuan lowered his eyelids.

Shi Qingzhou said, “So, you don’t need to worry about it. Your Majesty, you should know you’re the emperor of Tianlong Dynasty. It’s their fault.”

Long Xiaoyuan felt somewhat comfortable upon hearing this and spoke nothing.

Over dinner, Long Xiaoyuan ate much but still felt depressed.

Shi Qingzhou persuaded him to have eaten more.

After dinner, Long Xiaoyuan didn’t stay with Shi Qingzhou for the first time and went to the Imperial Study to deal with something.

Most importantly, he planned to ask Shi Qingzhou about this matter in detail, including those Wangyehs involved therein.

When Long Xiaoyuan was about to leave, Shi Qingzhou looked at him with hesitations. Long Xiaoyuan said to comfort Shi Qingzhou, “You can sleep first tonight, and I go to the Imperial Study to meet your father. Don’t wait for me. If it’s too late, I’ll sleep at my sleeping chamber.”

Shi Qngzhou nodded in the end and said one word. “OK.”

When the Vice-chief Eunuch Liu Xiangyang went to announce Shi Qingshan, Long Xiaoyuan waited for him at the Imperial Study.

It was all dark when Shi Qingshan came over, which was exactly what Long Xiaoyuan wanted.

“Here comes Minister Shi…” When Shi Qingshan knelt, Long Xiaoyuan stood up and promptly helped him up.

Shi Qingshan was flattered. “Your Majesty, don’t do this.”

Long Xiaoyuan helped Shi Qingshan up and said, “Minister Shi, don’t be so polite. Here only two of us. You’re Shizhou’s father, so I should call you father, too.”

“I’m terrified, Your Majesty!” said Shi Qingshan continuously.

Long Xiaoyuan didn’t stick to this and knew that Shi Qingshan wasn’t that intimate to him. He then said, “Minister Shi, I invited you here because I want to hear a detailed introduction about the borders. ”

“The borders…the army?” Shi Qingshan felt a little surprised.

Long Xiaoyuan said nodding his head seriously, “Yes, I want to know the real force of the Barbarians.”

“Okay. Your Majesty, let me put it in this way…” said Shi Qingshan slowly.

As night befell, Shi Qingshan finally left the Imperial Study when the candles had been lit for three hours.

Long Xiaoyuan tiredly rubbed his neck and sighed. Having walked outside to see the sky, he decided not to disturb Shi Qingzhou so late at night.

He went to his sleeping chamber to sleep.

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