Rebirth As a Fatuous and Self-indulgent Ruler

Chapter 40 - Am I A Failure?

Chapter 40: Am I A Failure?

Zhou Wan hesitated for an instant upon seeing his meaningful expression and asked in the end, “Master, is there a problem?”

A problem? Yes! Of course, there was!

Long Xiaoyuan came to the temple to see his marriage destiny but unexpectedly encountered the marriage partner of his wife. Wasn’t it a big problem?

However, it might take place in the future as the ending described in that novel!

So now? He didn’t believe that this was gonna happen.

He said with a smile, “It’s alright. It’s fine nothing bad happened to you. Since I have things to attend, I’ll leave.”

“Master, may I know your name? My family will appreciate you very much and express our thanks to you in person…”

“No need to do so.” He said waving his hand, “It’s just a piece of cake.”


“No ‘but’, I’m leaving.” Immediately, he turned around and left without caring about if she had something to say…

Zhou Wan moved her mouth but swallowed the words she wanted to say…

After some thoughts when he left there, he decided to go back…

As to the Marriage Temple, he should come here with Shi Qingzhou the next time!

Long Xiaoyuan who had eaten some snacks outside went back to the imperial palace in the afternoon.

Shi Qingzhou just finished eating at the time.

Long Xiaoyuan directly headed for the Qiankun Palace.

“You’re back…” The moment Long Xiaoyuan showed up at the gate of the palace, Shi Qingzhou came to welcome him.

Long Xiaoyuan saw Shi Qingzhou and instantly held him into his arms with a smile. “Yeah, I’m back.”

Shi Qingzhou slightly closed his eyes. “I’m glad you’re back.”

Long Xiaoyuan kissed Shi Qingzhou’s ears. “Sorry…I went out without telling you.”

“Did…you go out?” Shi Qingzhou blinked.

“Yes, I did.” Long Xiaoyuan smiled.

“Oh,” said Shi Qingzhou. “Did you get out of the palace?”

“Yes…we can go out of the palace the next time together,” said Long Xiaoyuan naturally.

“Okay.” Shi Qingzhou nodded and then continued, “Does something in the palace bother you?”

“Yes.” Long Xiaoyuan sighed. “Qingzhou, you may not know…the Barbarians have ganged up with several Wangyehs of our country…”

“The Barbarians….” Shi Qingzhou’s face turned cold. “What scheme! But, why are those Wangyehs so stupid? What good consequences do they think they will get after the Barbarians attack us?”

“You’re right.” Long Xiaoyuan sneered. “What idiots they are if they believe the lip services of the Barbarians!”

“Your Majesty, are you mad at this?”

“Yes, I am…” Long Xiaoyuan sighed again. “In addition to be angry, I doubt myself, too…perhaps, I’m a so bad emperor that my relatives even want to rise in rebellion…Qingzhou…” Long Xiaoyuan stroked Shi Qingzhou’s ears and sighed. “In your eyes, am I a failure as the emperor?”

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