Rebirth As a Fatuous and Self-indulgent Ruler

Chapter 4 - Do You Find It Hard?

Chapter 4: Do You Find It Hard?

Translator: 安贝-Peggyan

After returning the Imperial Study, Long Xiaoyuan finally understood why such a lucrative job in his memories stiffened Sun Youjing and paled Shi Qingzhou who was good at hiding his emotions!

“Your Majesty, Lady Qing asks to meet you.”

He involuntarily pressed his temples. How many people came here to ask to see him within one hour?

Lady Qing? Fuck her…

“I’ll see no one from now on. Whoever breaks in will be executed!” roared him in fury. He finally became a cruel emperor.

The fact proved that a very good-tempered person couldn’t withstand so many women. How irritable he would be!

The Chief-eunuch outside trembled with terror and replied, “Yes!”

Nobody dared to bother him since then.

Therefore, he began to read those memorials to the throne. Thanks to the memories of the original emperor and the instincts of his body, he was able to write the same words with a writing brush.

He dealt with those memorials carefully to comply with the original emperor’s memories. The more memorials he read, the more speechless he felt.

Was it a national affair that a minister’s son got married or was married to a concubine?

Was it a national affair that ministers scolded each other on the street or their son fought against each other on the street?

Was it a national affair that a minister wanted to apply for an imperial mandate? There were so many things like this!

Shit! He felt that he was definitely driven to be mad!

By lunchtime, he felt the pain on his waist and back! Of course, his headache was more severe!

Thinking of him dying in three months…he couldn’t help but think that being the emperor was really exhausting and an inhumane job. If his empress liked this job so much, he would give it to his empress…as long as his empress didn’t kill him!

Thinking of this, he decided to develop the relationship between him and his empress again!

Shi Qingzhou was originally painting at the Qiankun Palace. When a palace maid reported to him that His Majesty was on his way here, he paused his painting brush, making the ink spread over on the Chinese art paper, thus, roughly ruining the painting.

“Got it! You back down and be ready for welcoming His Majesty.”


When the palace maid withdrew herself, he casually put the ruined painting away with a hint of doubt flashing past his eyes. What did on earth Long Xiaoyuan want to do?

If His Majesty planned to be aimed at him, His Majesty had already achieved the goal this morning. Why did he come here again for lunch?

Did he come up with some new ideas?

Shi Qingzhou pursed his lips and planned to respond to everything with a fundamental policy.

When Long Xiaoyuan arrived here, Shi Qingzhou and the others had waited outside. It was already cold in winter, but Shi didn’t wear too much. Looking at him with the eyebrows wrinkled, Long Xiaoyuan said after getting off the carriage, “Your Grace, you don’t need to wait outside in the future. It’s cold in winter. Don’t get a cold.”

After a pause, Shi looked at Long with incredibility like he looked at a monster, but he soon became normal. Plus, Long didn’t pay attention to Shi’s face… Long felt he was very attracted to Shi. Besides, the original emperor would probably be killed by Shi. Thus, Long didn’t dare to see Shi’s face that was indescribably beautiful and striking, though.

“Yes, thanks for your mercy,” said Shi in a gentle voice.

Long Xiaoyuan felt satisfied upon hearing he say yes. Nowadays, he just wanted to spoil Shi extremely. If Shi wanted stars, he would definitely not give Shi the moon as long as Shi wouldn’t kill him!

Shortly after they sat down at the palace was lunch sent over.

Long Xiaoyuan found the food the original emperor ate was very delicate. In his previous life, he couldn’t eat many kinds of food because of his illness, so he had left many regrets.

Now, since he was quite healthy, he could eat what he wanted.

As he didn’t eat much in the morning, he felt really hungry.

Therefore, he started to eat happily. he ate in a gentle manner, but his speed was fast. In the meantime, he also remembered Shi Qingzhou by naturally refilling Shi’s bowl!

Shi Qingzhou blinked, silently glanced at the soy-braised pork, and slowly picked it up…ate it…

He couldn’t refuse to eat the food His Majesty gave to him, though…he found it odd. He couldn’t really figure it out what Long Xiaoyuan was doing!

After lunch, Long Xiaoyuan almost got a full hiccup!

Having noticed that Shi ate less than him, Long Xiaoyuan couldn’t help saying, “Your Grace, you’re too thin! A man should eat much.”

“…Yes, I remember,” replied Shi Qingzhou.

The eunuchs and palace maids quickly took the leftovers away. Long Xiaoyuan asked after drinking a sip of water, “Your Grace, do you find the job I asked you to do hard?”

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