Rebirth As a Fatuous and Self-indulgent Ruler

Chapter 37 - Receiving a Tip-off

Chapter 37: Receiving a Tip-off

Three months were gone…this evening, Long Xiaoyan laid on the bed and thought that life was changeable.

He lived in another world three months ago but lived here three months later and got a wife.

Besides, he was the emperor of this world…

Tianlong Dynasty. Now, he couldn’t know how farther he would go…

“Yuan?” asked Shi Qingzhou beside him. Long Xiaoyuan subconsciously turned around. “Eh? Qingzhou, I thought you fell into sleep. Why do you still awake?”

Shi Qingzhou said with a faint smile, “It should be me asking. Why do you still awake?”

Long Xiaoyuan didn’t reply to him but approached him and violently kissed his cheek.

Shi Qingzhou felt confused. “En?”

Long Xiaoyuan said, “I just feel…everything is fine.”

Shi Qingzhou asked with his eyebrows arched, “Fine?”

“Yes, fine.” Long Xiaoyuan seriously nodded and kissed Shi’s lips.

The following days were rather peaceful, and nothing abnormal happened.

3rd March which was Shi Qingzhou’s birthday was getting closer and closer. Long Xiaoyuan had long prepared for this day. He headed for the Qiankun Palace as usual when the morning session was over.

Under the efforts of him, fewer and fewer ministers talked nonsense, and more and more ministers could give constructive advice about local matters.

He felt relieved about this.

Otherwise, he indeed wanted to beat those ministers.

“Your Majesty, Minister Shi asks to meet you.”

“En?” Hearing this, he felt surprised. “Minister Shi? The morning session was just over, wasn’t it?”

After some thoughts, Long Xiaoyuan said, “Ask him to meet me in the Imperial Study.”

“Yes!” The eunuch hurried to do so./Visit our v website

He flattened his mouth and sneakily stroked his stomach. He hadn’t eaten breakfast. Why did these people like to meet him before he had breakfast!


Although he thought so, he still hurried to the Imperial Study, for he deemed that Shi Qingshan must have something urgent to report to him. When he reached there, Shi Qingshan had already waited there for him and knelt upon seeing him.

Long Xiaoyuan waved his hands. “Stand up…”

Shi Qingshan stood up and said, “Thank you, Your Majesty.”

“What is so urgent that you have to see me when the morning session was just over?”

“Your Majesty…I just received a tip-off…” Speaking of which, Shi Qingshan took out a document from his sleeves…

Long Xiaoyuan took it before reading it. A few moments later, he asked seriously, “Is it true?”

Shi Qingshan lowered his head and said, “There is no definitive evidence. The moment I got it, I sent it to you.”

Long Xiaoyuan pursed his lips and said lightly after a while, “I leave this matter to you, and you must show me the solid evidence.”

“Yes! I obey your order!”

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