Rebirth As a Fatuous and Self-indulgent Ruler

Chapter 36 - Let Him Be Your Legitimate Son

Chapter 36: Let Him Be Your Legitimate Son

Long Xiaoyuan directly left the Yushui Palace for the Qiankun Palace…

He hadn’t had breakfast, so he was very hungry…

Back at the Qiankun Palace, he asked if Shi Qingzhou had breakfast and got a reply “no”, so he planned to wait for Shi Qingzhou and eat breakfast together with Shi.

After one hour, when he almost lost his patience, Shi Qingzhou came back.

“Qingzhou!” He immediately came over and held Shi’s hands, neglecting that Shi’s hands were colder than before and that Shi Qingzhou paused for a while when he wanted to hold Shi’s hands.

“You back? You must be hungry?”

Shi Qingzhou winked and said, “Your Majesty, haven’t you had breakfast?”

“Of course, I haven’t. I’m waiting for you,” said Long Xiaoyuan naturally and then asked breakfast to be served.

Subsequently, Long Xiaoyuan pulled Shi Qingzhou and sat on the chairs.

“How about the Yushui Palace, Qingzhou?” asked Long Xiaoyuan.

Shi Qingzhou fixed his eyes on Long Xiaoyuan and said, “It remains to be seen whether you’re the father until the baby is born and taken a blood test…I’ve locked the palace maid up, but Your Majesty, you can rest assured that she is caged in the side room of Yushui Palace. She will be treated well before giving birth to the baby.”

Not until now did Long Xiaoyuan find that though Shi Qingzhou didn’t kneel, Shi Qingzhou talked to him in an estranged manner.

“Qingzhou…are you angry?” Long Xiaoyuan was at a loss.

Shi Qingzhou said with a smile, “How is that possible? If it’s your kid, I’ll congratulate you, so why would I get mad…”

Long Xiaoyuan pursed his lips and said while holding Shi’s hands, “Is the unborn baby seven months old?”

“Yes, it is.”

“We’ve been together for three months,” said Long Xiaoyuan firmly.

Shi Qingzhou was frozen for a moment and seemed to understand Long Xiaoyuan.

The latter said with his voice down, “Qingzhou, don’t be mad. It happened before, and I’m reluctant to see this. But, do you know it’ll be a good thing if the baby is a boy?”

Shi Qingzhou was stunned.

Long Xiaoyuan continued, “Qingzhou, I want to be with you my whole life. But, you also know it’ll be troublesome if I don’t have a prince. If she gives birth to a boy who proves to be my son, I’ll let him be your legitimate son. How about this?”

Shi Qingzhou abruptly looked at Long Xiaoyuan with his expression slightly changed. “Your Majesty, do you know what you’re saying?”

“Yes. He’ll be the only kid of us, the crown prince, and the future emperor of this country.”

Shi Qingzhou gasped with terror. “Your Majesty, you should take it seriously.”

Long Xiaoyuan said, “How do you know I haven’t taken it seriously?”

Shi Qingzhou didn’t know what to say.

Long Xiaoyuan added with a smile, “Qingzhou, you’ve said you trust me.”

Looking at him, Shi Qingzhou slowly uttered in the end, “Yes.”

Long Xiaoyuan said with a happy smile, “So I mean what I’ve said…but let’s wait until the baby is born.”

Shi Qingzhou slowly said while looking at his serious eyes, “…okay…”

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