Rebirth As a Fatuous and Self-indulgent Ruler

Chapter 35 - My Grace, I Leave This Matter to You

Chapter 35: My Grace, I Leave This Matter to You

Long Xiaoyuan reached the Yushui Palace where it was very boisterous like a food market.

From afar, he heard a woman’s shouts and curses, and they all were from Lady Qiu.

“Your Majesty is here!” shouted Zhou Qing sharply.

In an instant, silence reigned the palace. No one dared to make noises, and all of them knelt on the ground…

The moment Long Xiaoyuan stepped inside, he saw that two Shadow Guardians protected a palace maid and that a group of eunuchs and palace maids tried to harm the palace maid but failed to do so…

Long Xiaoyuan glanced at that woman’s stomach…her stomach was very large. In the absence of cloth, her pregnant stomach was obvious…

“Your Majesty, help! Help…” As soon as the palace maid saw him, she burst into tears and then ran toward him.

Long Xiaoyuan frowned, and then she almost approached him but was stopped by Zhou Qing.

“Eunuch Zhou, Your Majesty, you’re the father of this unborn baby. I’m telling the truth, Your Majesty…Your Majesty, please trust me…trust me…” shouted she.

Long Xiaoyuan pursed his lips and unhappily glanced at her.

Lady Qiu also shouted, “Your Majesty, don’t trust her. It’s me to blame for not discipline her well so that she hooked up with an imperial guard. Now, she dared to claim that you’re the father. She should be executed!”

Lady Qiu quickly came to Long Xiaoyuan and tried to seize his sleeves. Long Xiaoyuan didn’t pay heed to her behavior, so she got his sleeves.

Seeing this, she snuggled against him.

Just at the moment, he heard the eunuch outside shout, “Your Grace is here!”

His Grace? He instantly got stunned and instinctively looked outside with embarrassment.

Shi Qingzhou had stepped inside and already saw that Lady Qiu was in Long Xiaoyuan’s arms. Since he found the picture of their intimate posture a little unacceptable, so he lowered his eyelids.

Although there was a little distance between Long Xiaoyuan and Shi Qingzhou, the former incisively knew that the latter was unhappy. Thus, Long Xiaoyuan rudely pushed Lady Qiu away.

Lady Qiu staggered and almost fell onto the ground.

“You come right at the time. Since it happens at the Imperial Harem, you should be in charge of it. I still have other matters to attend to, so I’ll leave this matter to you.” Instead of avoiding something, Long Xiaoyuan didn’t realize that he shouldn’t be the first one to come here until he reached here.

He made a mistake after knowing that he would have one more kid.

Shi Qingzhou paused for a while and lowered his eyelids. “I see you off.”

“Your Majesty, we see you off!” The others present watched Long Xiaoyuan leave away.

“Your Majesty…” Lady Qiu hurriedly wanted to run after Long Xiaoyuan but was stopped by a palace maid behind Shi Qingzhou. “Lady Qiu, His Majesty has made an order and left this matter to His Grace. Do you want to disobey him?”

The palace maid said those lightly but accused Lady Qiu of a felony. Lady Qiu instantly changed her expression, felt scared, and stopped chasing His Majesty.

Shi Qingzhou had already walked toward the seat of honor and elegantly sat down. The eunuch following him here served him tea.

Instead of asking what happened, he slowly drank the tea…

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