Rebirth As a Fatuous and Self-indulgent Ruler

Chapter 34 - The Unexpected Pregnancy

Chapter 34: The Unexpected Pregnancy

As several days were gone, it was finally three months since Long Xiaoyuan came here…

Three months were gone, but he had a good relationship with his empress…he felt quite proud of himself and thought that he was smart, knowing that he should get well with the protagonist early. Hahaha, see, he now led a happy life!

When the morning session was over, a Shadow Guardian who shouldn’t have shown up in front of him at daytime appeared before him.

“Your Majesty, something happened at the Yushui Palace.”

“Eh? Yushui Palace?” He blinked and couldn’t recall who lived in the Yushui Palace, for he now only cared about government affairs and Shi Qingzhou.

When it came to those imperial concubines in the Imperial Harem, he didn’t know them, okay?

Thus, when the Shadow Guardian mentioned the Yushui Palace, he had no idea who lived there.

He directly asked, “Who lives there?”

The Shadow Guardian kept silent for an instant and said, “Lady Qiu.”

“Oh, what happened?” asked he.

The Shadow Guardian said gently, “Lady Qiu punished a palace maid, but the latter fainted…when the latter was peeled off the clothes, she was found to use a strip of cloth to cover the fact that she was pregnant. Lady Qiu wanted to beat her to death, but she shouted Your Majesty was the father and begged Lady Qiu for her life. The Shadow Guardian in charge of that area was worried that Lady Qiu would hurt the baby, so he stopped Lady Qiu, but Lady Qiu gathered many eunuchs and palace maids and still wanted the palace maid dead…”

“I am the father?” He slightly changed his expression.

“That’s what the palace maid shouted,” said the Shadow Guardian.

He took a deep breath and said, “Let’s go and have a look…”

When Long Xiaoyuan headed for the Yushui Palace, the atmosphere in the Qiankun Palace was somewhat…silent.

After a eunuch kneeling on the ground reported this to Shi Qingzhou, the latter fell into silence for a long time, and the eunuch still bent his knees.

As time went by, Shi Qingzhou said, “You can excuse yourself.”

“Yes, Your Grace.” The eunuch withdrew himself.

Shi Qingzhou slowly walked up to the window. Spring would come after the Spring Festival, but some flowers had blossomed, and there were many such flowers in the Qiankun Palace. Here, he could smell the taste of Spring.

But why did he felt a little cold?

An unborn baby? How old was that baby?

The palace maid was clever by using the strip of cloth to cover her stomach. If she had exposed that she was pregnant, her pregnancy would have early been terminated. Now, if that unborn baby was old enough…

His eyes twinkled but gradually turned dead serene.

However, beneath the tranquil, there seemed to have surging fluctuations in his eyes.

It was Long Xiaoyuan’s baby…how did Long Xiaoyuan deal with it?

Would that woman get upgraded into a higher ranking because of the unborn baby?

How happy Long Xiaoyuan would be after knowing that he had one more kid! How glad Long Xiaoyuan would be?

As time was gone, Shi Qingzhou slightly clenched his fists and walked outside.

He then said lightly, “Go to the Yushui Palace.”

“Your Grace heads for the Yushui Palace,” shouted a eunuch loudly.

Afterward, Shi Qingzhou sat on his imperial carriage and went for the Yushui Palace…

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