Rebirth As a Fatuous and Self-indulgent Ruler

Chapter 3 - Having Himself Consecutively Misunderstood

Chapter 3: Having Himself Consecutively Misunderstood

Translator: 安贝-Peggyan

Subsequently, Long Xiaoyuan felt that his empress’s attitude was extremely strange, but he timely made a reaction: he should help Shi up first.

Long Xiaoyuan grasped Shi’s wrist to help him up, so he felt the latter was…very emaciated!

Shi’s arm was as thin as his in his previous life when he was sick!

But he didn’t notice it just now!

“Your Grace, please get up first.” He pulled Shi up with force.

Shi Qingzhou then readily got up.

“Minister Sun’s ability is inferior? But how? As the favorite pupil of your father, General Shi, he is definitely capable of this job even if he abandoned joining the army.”

What he said meant to ingratiate with Shi’s family, but Shi instantly turned paler upon hearing this with the idea that Long Xiaoyuan was about to hurt his family.

Shi Qingzhou knelt down again and said, “Your Majesty, my father has devoted his entire life to you, and I hope you can make a fair judgment.”

Long Xiaoyuan wrinkled his eyebrows. Why did he make himself consecutively misunderstood? The original emperor indeed left a cruel impression on Shi!

So much so that whatever he said would make others look at the bad side by deeming that it was a prelude for killing someone!

Long Xiaoyuan sneakily twisted his lips’ corners. Could they have a nice conversation?

“Your Grace,” said he in a muffled voice while holding Shi up. “The empress shouldn’t kneel down to beg for forgiveness from time to time. You’d better change this bad habit!”

Having not understood what he meant, Shi Qingzhou lowered his eyelids with a hint of dark light flashing past his eyes and said gently, “Yes, I understand.”

Long Xiaoyuan really hoped that he could understand!

“Well, you haven’t finished eating. You eat first.” As for himself, he really lost his appetite completely.

His Majesty lost the appetite, so Shi Qingzhou hastily took two more bites and put down his chopsticks, which made Long Xiaoyuan subconsciously wrinkle his eyebrows. No wonder he was so emaciated. He ate less, so it would strange if he was fat!

“Your Grace, won’t you eat more? I saw you eat very little.”

Shi Qingzhou said with his head down, “Your Majesty, I’m full.”

Alas, he was full… “All Right. Take the leftovers away,” Long Xiaoyuan made an order.

Shortly, a group of eunuchs and palace maids took them away and cleared the table up, leaving no residue behind.

“Your Grace, follow me,” said Long Xiaoyuan while walking toward the inner chamber.

Shi Qingzhou, who lowered his eyelids, had a hint of dark light flash past his eyes but soon became calm before following him inside…

Of course, the eunuchs and palace maids were left outside.

Not until he entered the inner chamber did he sadly find that there was only a bed!

Where could he sit down? He had already made himself misunderstood. Did he really need to have sex with Shi at the daytime to deepen the misunderstanding?

But…having sex with his empress at the daytime? He didn’t know why his nose was somewhat hot at the thought of making this exceedingly handsome empress get laid beneath him.

“Your Majesty!” shouted slightly Shi Qingzhou while taking two steps further. He then realized that he had a nosebleed. Damn it! What a poor body the original emperor had!

As Shi wanted to call someone, Long Xiaoyuan immediately stopped him. “Don’t call them…you help me with it.”

Thus, Shi didn’t make a call but instantly took out a handkerchief…he then dealt with it gently, because he was afraid to disgruntle Long Xiaoyuan by hurting him.

With a handkerchief on his forehead, Long Xiaoyuan looked up to see his empress’s face. No matter what directions he saw from, he always saw a delicate face…

Having seemingly sensed his fiery glance, Shi Qingzhou looked back…

Therefore, he saw his empress’s beautiful black eyes that slanted a bit upwardly just like the phoenix’s eyes, which were exceptionally…beautiful.

He was stunned by his empress’s good-looking appearance! He felt shameful and then coughed twice to cover his embarrassment. “Your Grace, I’m fine, and you can remove the handkerchief.”

Having hesitated for a while, Shi did as he was told.

Long Xiaoyuan stood up. He really wanted to jump away, but in order to protect his image, he constrained himself from doing it. “Your Grace, Minister Sun’s job is done discussion. Besides, the Spring Festival is approaching, and the Imperial Harem needs arrangements, so I’ll leave it to you.”

Shi’s face froze for a while, but he said nothing more than a word “Aye!”

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