Rebirth As a Fatuous and Self-indulgent Ruler

Chapter 27 - Qingzhou, Let’s Fly Over the Wall

Chapter 27: Qingzhou, Let’s Fly Over the Wall

Translator: 安贝-Peggyan

Lian Qingyang felt somewhat surprised when he received the imperial edict. After saying thanks to His Majesty and seeing Zhou Qing off, he changed his expression, for he apparently thought too much, too. He never thought His Majesty really meant what His Majesty said.

Shi Qingshan arrived shortly. He was respectful to Shi Qingshan, so he quickly ushered Shi Qingshan in.

Shi Qingshan looked at him with a hint of complexity in his eyes but soon turned calm.

If the aristocratic families were going to be stripped off the military leadership, Shi Qingshan had to enjoin the one who was about to succeed the leadership. At least, Shi Qingshan had to make sure that Qingzhou would be safe and remain the empress.

Thinking of which, Shi Qingshan got his firm eyes…

The next morning, Long Xiaoyuan didn’t attend the imperial morning session and asked Zhou Qing to announce that he would like to take ten days off. Then, he left an imperial edict for Shi Qingshan, but the latter would only know this after they left.

Yes, they left!

Early in the morning, he woke Shi Qingzhou up and changed clothes for the latter.

The latter felt quite puzzled and didn’t understand why Long Xiaoyuan made him wear casual clothes. As he was about to ask, Long Xiaoyuan said, “Be quick! The army is leaving soon.”

After a pause, he got it and felt astounded. “Your Majesty, do you want…”

Long Xiaoyuan kissed Shi Qingzhou’s lips. “Eh, you’re right. We get out of here and leave with Lian Qingyang.”

Shi Qingzhou said after keeping silent for a while, “Your Majesty, though the imperial edict was sent yesterday, and five Wangyehs didn’t say much, they must have some thoughts.”

Shi Qingzhou said it euphemistically, but hearing this, Long Xiaoyuan smiled. “You can directly say that they will send the disabled or weak soldiers.”

Shi Qingzhou coughed. “So there will be 10,000 soldiers, but they must be weak in the fighting capacity. If you want to go with them, your safety won’t be secured. Besides, the imperial palace needs you…”

“Rest assured. I’ve asked Zhou Qing to announce I’ll take ten days off. What’s more, I’ve asked your father to stay in the palace for ten days and take care of government affairs.”

Shi Qingzhou said with his eyes wide open, “Really?”

Long Xiaoyuan said with a nod, “Of course, I take it seriously. I can rest assured that the imperial palace and government affairs are left to your father.”

Shi Qingzhou was able neither to cry or to laugh. Should he be grateful to Long Xiaoyuan? However, his father must be surprised, for the army was leaving soon, but none of the soldiers under the leadership of his father was dispatched.

He indeed wanted to see his father’s face color, for it must be colorful.

Although he was an unethical son, it startled him when his father put forth Lian Qingyang.

There was nothing between him and Lian Qingyang. He knew the latter liked him, but he never accepted it. He did nothing wrong, but he was afraid of His Majesty’s suspicion.

Now that Long Xiaoyuan wasn’t suspicious of him, he had nothing to worry about.

When he thought of those, Long Xiaoyuan got everything prepared and walked away.

“Qingzhou, are your martial arts good?”

“Yes, they are. What’s up.”

Long Xiaoyuan asked with a smile, “How about your flying skills?”

After some thoughts, Shi Qingzhou said, “Not bad.”

“Don’t be humble…Let’s go and fly over the wall of the Cold Palace.”

“Okay.” Shi Qingzhou smiled.

Thus, Long Xiaoyuan smiled and kissed his empress again. “Let’s go!”

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