Rebirth As a Fatuous and Self-indulgent Ruler

Chapter 22 - Getting Furious

Chapter 22: Getting Furious

Translator: 安贝-Peggyan

“Present?” asked Shi Qingzhou with his brows arched.

“Yes.” With a smile on his face, Long Xiaoyuan held Shi Qingyuan’s hand and walked outside. “The new year is around the corner. You can tell me what present you want.”

“Your Majesty…” “Eh? You call me what?” Long Xiaoyuan glared at Shi Qingzhou.

Shi Qingzhou winked his eyes and said with a gentle smile, “Yuan.”

Long Xiaoyuan said with satisfaction, “Eh, that’s right. By the way, now that the new year is approaching, it’ll be auspicious if there is a new year present, won’t it?”

Shi Qingzhou said shaking his head, “Anything is fine…I don’t care about those things.”

Long Xiaoyuan curled his lips and said as if he recalled something, “Wait a moment. I remember I bought something for you.”

Speaking of which, he untied his hand, ran inside, and took out a box.

He bought a lot of things on that day when they got out of the imperial palace but forgot to give the present to Shi Qingzhou since they got back very late that night and handled a series of incidents.

Having placed the not good but beautiful and graceful white hairpin on his palm, Long Xiaoyuan rushed outside. Shi Qingzhou waited outside and smiled at him while seeing him.

“What is it?”

Long Xiaoyuan said with a smile, “Close your eyes.”

After a pause, Shi Qingzhou closed his eyes as Long Xiaoyuan expected and only felt that Long Xiaoyuan inserted something into his hair…

Not until Long Xiaoyuan told him to open his eyes did Shi Qingzhou do so. What he saw were Long Xiaoyuan’s eyes. “It’s beautiful. My empress is in unmatched in the world.”

Shi Qingzhou said with his eyes narrowed, “Really?” He stretched his hand to take the hairpin out and put it on his hand. The hairpin was simple and ancient. If he made a choice, he would buy it, too.

Shi Qingzhou was touched, for Long Xiaoyuan unexpectedly knew that he didn’t like anything flowery.

Shi Qingzhou felt moved, so his heart beat quickly. A moment later, he recalled the promise he made several days ago. Empress Wen Yuan?

Since he had given Long Xiaoyuan a chance, he didn’t need to be affected. Thus, he said with a frank smile, “Thanks, it’s great.”

“Haha, it’s fine if you like it.” Long Xiaoyuan smiled. Apparently, Shi Qingzhou liked it, which made Long Xiaoyuan delighted.

Shi Qingzhou said with a smile, “Aren’t you hungry?”

“Oh.” Long Xiaoyuan touched his stomach and said instantly, “I’m hungry. Let’s go and have breakfast.”

The atmosphere was quite good, but the next day, his good mood was gone.

He just handled the incident that Lady Shan was poisoned. After discussion with Shi Qingzhou, he appointed some capable ministers, who had a close relationship with the Shi Family, to fill the vacancies. Besides, he scolded the Minister of the Ministry of Punishments and the Minister of Central Judicial Office and demoted them. He wanted to take a rest, but now, Wang Chongxiang in charge of suppressing the bandits came back with a piece of bad news that infuriated him.

Over 500 ones of the 2,000 soldiers were killed.

The bandits utilized the geographical advantage to kill so many people and even beheaded the adjutant…If Wang Chongxiang hadn’t come back quickly, he would also have died there!

However, a military minister of the fourth-ranking was defeated in such an embarrassing way, which made Long Xiaoyuan felt extremely furious. Additionally, he felt…the original emperor was a dirtbag and appointed so many good-for-nothings!

No wonder Shi Qingzhou dealt with two-thirds of the ministers after Shi Qingzhou succeeded to the throne. They were all good-for-nothings. Therefore, His Majesty got angry in the imperial morning session.

Although Wang Chongxiang came back, he was laid off because of being incapable…but, he was like in a living hell, for His Majesty ordered him to be beaten.

Long Xiaoyuan went to see Shi Qingshan after the session was over.

Of course, Shi Qingshan knew why His Majesty asked to see him. However, he originally thought that His Majesty would meet him in the Imperial Study. His Majesty was there, but…

“Minister Shi, let’s talk while walking,” said Long Xiaoyuan.

Shi Qingshan felt stunned and didn’t understand where they would go, but he followed His Majesty with respect instead of showing what he thought.

When the Qiankun Palace was ahead of them, His Majesty still led him to walk inside…Shi Qingshan was startled, for he never thought he would be able to see his son in the imperial palace…

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