Rebirth As a Fatuous and Self-indulgent Ruler

Chapter 2 - Why Was Your Reaction Weird?

Chapter 2: Why Was Your Reaction Weird?

Translator: 安贝-Peggyan

Having finished the imperial court in the early morning, Long Xiaoyuan felt hungry, too.

Logically, he should go to eat breakfast, but since he would be killed in three months, he decided to hurriedly save himself.

Of course, he had thought of killing the empress. However, as the protagonist, the empress wouldn’t be killed easily. What if he was unable to kill the empress?

Moreover, it…it was the original emperor’s fault. Without him, the empress, whose family had been loyal to the loyal family for three generations, wouldn’t have been forced to rise in rebellion…

Thus, what the original emperor did went too far!

After some thoughts, Long Xiaoyuan thereby decided…to appease the protagonist.

He would wait and see if he could avoid death three months later when he made efforts since now!

Therefore, he said, “Set out to the Qiankun Palace and serve breakfast.”

Qiankun Palace was where Empress Shi Qingzhou lived.

Hearing this, all eunuchs and palace maid were stunned! Qiankun Palace? Not Xuanyang Palace or Zhaoyang Palace? Was it really Qiankun Palace?

Chief-eunuch Zhou Yang got sharp eyes and thereby acclaimed, “Your Majesty is ready to leave for the Qiankun Palace…”

When His Majesty was still on his way, the Qiankun Palace received the news.

The Imperial Kitchen had long sent the emperor’s breakfast to the Qiankun Palace. Besides, Empress Shi Qingzhou led all the people waiting for him outside the palace.

As soon as the imperial carriage showed up, Shi Qingzhou and the others knelt down while acclaiming “Long live Your Majesty”.

Long Xiaoyuan almost jumped off the imperial carriage and thought to himself, “Oh, my god! I don’t dare to accept your kowtow. If only you won’t kill me!”

Although he thought of this, he didn’t speak to his mind, which was for sure. He even acted really calmly.

After getting off the carriage calmly, he then said calmly, “Get up.”

Shi Qingzhou took the lead in getting up, followed by the eunuchs and palace maids.

He then walked inside in appropriate paces. Shi Qingzhou kept two steps away from him.

“Have you eaten?” asked he.

Shi Qingzhou took two steps further because of his inquiry, leaving only half of a step behind him. “Your Majesty, I haven’t eaten yet.”

“Eh! Right at the moment. You can eat with me,” said he right away.

“Aye!” Shi answered.

Not until he sat down with the protagonist Empress Shi Qingzhou, the future emperor, did he clearly see Shi’s appearance.

Although Long Xiaoyuan wasn’t gay yet at the moment, his heartbeat was fierce. In the memories, the original emperor detested the empress and paid little attention to the latter’s good-looking appearance. However, everyone except for the original emperor would absolutely gasp in admiration for his graceful demeanor.

Moreover, as a capable young man from an aristocratic family, the empress had fought on the battlefields, thus, adding a murderous breath to himself. However, he didn’t look like a real soldier, so such a demeanor made himself charming.

Such a person would always draw others’ attention wherever he went!

Long Xiaoyuan suddenly realized that the original emperor…was blind!

However, he now became the emperor…, so he had to know who was important! Cool and handsome, the empress was the protagonist of the book, after all!

Though the ancient people preferring eating and sleeping without speaking, Long Xiaoyuan really wanted to make the full use of the time to develop a friendly relationship with the protagonist, so he racked his mind to seek topics. He eventually found one after a while.

“Your Grace, I’ve appointed Sun Youjing to be in charge of the two banquets this morning.” He originally wanted to curry favor with Shi Qingzhou but never anticipated that the latter suddenly changed his face upon hearing this.

Shi put down the chopsticks and knelt down before saying, “Your Majesty, Minister Sun’s ability is inferior, so I’m afraid he won’t be capable to take your great trust. Please revoke your command!”

Long Xiaoyuan lapsed into silence by thinking, “Your Grace, don’t you understand I’m kissing your ass? It’s a lucrative job in the original emperor’s memories, but why is your reaction weird?”

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