Rebirth As a Fatuous and Self-indulgent Ruler

Chapter 19 - His Empress Make His Heart Ache

Chapter 19: His Empress Make His Heart Ache

Translator: 安贝-Peggyan

Long Xiaoyuan left away with a livid face after leaving this matter to Zhong Ming and Zhou Xianwen.

Those concubines didn’t dare to bother him, so they also left here…

Zhong Ming said, “Minister Zhou, a word, please.”

“Of course,” Zhou Xianwen replied to him. “This way, please.”

Getting together, they found a corner and talked to each other quietly.

“Minister Zhou, do you know what His Majesty meant?” asked Zhou Ming in an undertone.

Zhou Xianwen shook his head with concerns and said with his voice down, “I don’t know, but His Majesty looks serious.”

“I think so…but…a small matter will always turn into a big one in the Imperial Harem. Well…”

Zhou Xianwen said with his eyes narrowed, “Actually…we can sound out how far His Majesty wants us to investigate.”

“Eh?” Zhong Ming brightened his eyes. “How?”

Zhou Xianwen lowered his voice. “We can…”

A few moments later, Zhong Ming said, “Good idea!”

When they were busy discussing to each other, Long Xiaoyuan had arrived at the Qiankun Palace.

Shi Qingzhou unexpectedly waited for him outside!

He immediately wrinkled his eyebrows upon seeing this. Shi Qingzhou, who was staring at him, immediately spotted Long’s wrinkled eyebrows.

Shi Qingzhou felt something as if his heart ached. Before Shi had time to think through, Shi saw a pair of angry eyes with his hand grabbed.

Shi said with his lips puckered. “Your Majesty, do you trust me?”

Long was stunned with his eyebrows turning more wrinkled. “What? What do you mean?”

Shi Qingzhou was in a daze this time and pursed his lips. “Your Majesty, you’re unhappy.”

“Of course, I am!” Long Xiaoyuan instantly glared at Shi upon hearing what Shi said. “Haven’t I told you not to wait outside in such cold weather? You don’t take it seriously!”

Shi Qingzhou. “…”

Shi felt rather speechless, for Long Xiaoyuan was mad at this thing.

Long Xiaoyuan held Shi’s palm at that time. “Well, let’s get inside.”

Shi, “…”

After getting inside, Long Xiaoyuan said first, “Serve breakfast.”

The palace maids withdrew to do it. He held Shi Qingzhou and sat on the chair. “Have you eaten?”

The latter said shaking his head. “Not yet.”

Thus, Long Xiaoyuan, who was unhappy originally, glared at Shi again. “Qingzhou, why haven’t you eaten? It’s so late!”

Shi Qingzhou couldn’t reply to it. Could he say that he forgot to eat, for he had waited for how Long Xiaoyuan would handle it?

Long Xiaoyuan flatted his lips and said with a sigh, “I missed breakfast, because I was dragged to handle that incident that Lady Shan was poisoned shortly after the morning session was over. However, you got nothing to do, so how did you forget to eat?”

Shi Qingzhou innocently winked his eyes and said softly, “I usually eat with you. You didn’t show up today, so I temporarily forgot…to eat.”

“How could you forget to eat!” Long Xiaoyuan looked at Shi Qingzhou speechlessly.

The latter changed the subject. “Is Lady Shan poisoned?”

“Yes.” Long Xiaoyuan curled his lips. “It’s about the clothes you gave away half a year ago. Someone wants to use it to smear you.”

Shi Qingzhou paused for an instant and said with a trace of happiness in his eyes. “Your Majesty, do…you think someone wants to wrong me?”

“Yes, that’s for sure.” Long Xiaoyuan wrinkled his eyebrows. “But you don’t need to worry about it. I’ve ordered the Ministry of Punishments and Central Judicial Office to deal with it. Besides, I also want to know who those vicious people are!”

Shi Qingzhou said with a gentle smile, “Do the two ministries work together?”

“Yes.” Long Xiaoyuan nodded his head. “How do you like this idea?”

Shi Qingzhou gave Long Xiaoyuan a meaningful glance. “Your Majesty, do you also want to make some adjustments among the ministers?”

“Hahaha!” Long Xiaoyuan said with a laugh, “You really understand me. Yes, it’s a good chance.”

Shi Qingzhou gently smiled. “As long as you trust me.”

Long Xiaoyuan held Shi Qingzhou into his arms with one stroke and toughly pulled the latter to sit on his leg regardless of the latter’s stiffness. “Qingzhou, you should trust me more. You can’t always deem I don’t believe you when something trivial happens. You waited for me outside…you’re concerned that I’ll blame you on that, aren’t you?”

Shi Qingzhou slightly lowered his head and spoke nothing, but his body became somewhat softened.

Shi Qingzhou kept silent, which unexpectedly made Long Xiaoyuan’s heart ache.

Long Xiaoyuan had always considered his empress extremely powerful. Of course, Shi Qingzhou was mighty as the protagonist, so he almost regarded Shi Qingzhou invincible.

But now, he suddenly realized that his empress…was pitiable just like now…

Thus, he lifted his empress’ chin and gently kissed his empress…

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