Rebirth As a Fatuous and Self-indulgent Ruler

Chapter 18 - Can’t Leave Without Results

Chapter 18: Can’t Leave Without Results

Translator: 安贝-Peggyan

When Shi Qingzhou was thinking what Long Xiaoyuan would do, Long Xiaoyuan had already learned from the eunuchs and palace maids that where the clothes came from.

It was Empress Shi Qingzhou who gave them to her. As expected, his empress was involved in this!

He incisively felt something wrong when hearing that Lady Shan was poisoned. It turned out that his empress was the target!

However, how stupid these women were! Who was Shi Qingzhou? He was the protagonist! Based on the book, Shi Qingzhou should have killed Long Xiaoyuan and would succeed to the throne! Why did those moronic women want to ruin Long Xiaoyuan’s efforts?

It took Long Xiaoyuan a lot of efforts to make Shi Qingzhou trust him more. Humph! Humph! Those women were a drag on him instead of helping him!

His face got more darkened,

which made those imperial concubines scared with a shiver.

However, two of them were rather bold, no, mindless, to be exact.

Lady Qiu was one of the two.

“Your Majesty,” shouted Lady Qiu in surprise. “It’s His Grace who sent them here…Why did His Grace do this?”

He sneakily twisted his lips. Was she indeed brainless? A lot of people didn’t dare to speak, but why did she take the lead speaking?

…What a pretty woman on the surface but a moron deep down!

He really wanted to neglect such a woman, but he also knew if he couldn’t handle this matter well, Shi Qingzhou would be smeared greatly next time!

Thus, he lightly stared at Lady Qiu. “His Grace sent them here a half year ago. Do you mean the clothes were poisoned at that time?”

The surprise on her face was stiffened. “This…”

He continued, “Physician Zhang, can you see when the clothes were poisoned?”

Zhang Yuan replied immediately upon hearing this, “I’m sure it was less than three days.”

“How can you be so sure?” asked Lady Luo, the other one of the two.

Instead of replying to her, Zhang Yuan carefully glanced at Long Xiaoyuan,

which made Lady Luo change her face slightly and realize that she crossed the line. However, how dare an imperial physician to refute her! She felt rather unhappy!

Then, she looked at Long Xiaoyuan with her bright but grieving eyes.

The latter looked at her meaningfully, which stunned her. She instantly knelt on the ground and said, “Your Majesty, please forgive me. I’ve overstepped the line.” The latter meaningfully said, “You’d better know you’ve overstepped the line. Otherwise, you’ll get yourself punished next time.”

She said with her lips flatted, “Your Majesty, thanks for your mercy.”

Long Xiaoyuan totally neglected her coquettish glances and grievances. In fact, he was pissed off.

Why were they so eagerly walking toward death? Didn’t they know how to curry favor with Shi Qingzhou? Damn it! His teammates were like pigs.

Okay, he admitted that those women weren’t his teammates.

He felt somewhat agitated. Having eaten nothing since morning, he was extremely hungry. But, why did they use such a non-existent matter to bother him?!!!

“Physician Zhang, I don’t want to know how you’re sure she was poisoned within three days. Someone comes inside!”

Zhang Yuan, who had been ready to reply to him, immediately bowed his head upon hearing this.

Zhou Qing shortly showed up. “Your Majesty, I’m here.”

“Eh.” Long Xiaoyuan nodded his head. “Lady Shan is poisoned, which is a big deal. You go and ask Zhou Xianwen, the Minister of Central Judicial Office, and Zhong Ming, the Minister of Ministry of Punishments, to come here. I’ll investigate this matter to the bottom!”

“Yes!” Zhou Qing followed his order and instantly left away with his head lowered.

Many of the imperial concubines slightly changed their face.

The two ministries had been also involved in the incidents relating to the imperial concubines before. However, either of them was only asked to investigate big incidents. Once they got involved, many people would be spotted and get killed in the end…

However, His Majesty unexpectedly asked either of them or both them to investigate this matter?

Those concubines had a bad feeling.

The imperial morning session was just over, so Minister Zhou and Minister Zhong were chased back soon. When they saw they were led to the Imperial Harem, they couldn’t help changing their face and sneakily glanced at each other…

Long Xiaoyuan waited for them to come here.

He said lightly after they greeted him, “I’m very furious that Lady Shan is poisoned, so I ask you two to find out what happened. Your people can be taken here, too. You two can investigate it separately. But I want to know the results in the shortest time! You can’t leave without results!”

“Yes, Your Majesty!” Aged over the forties, Zhong Ming and Zhou Xianwen were wet with cold sweat.

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