Rebirth As a Fatuous and Self-indulgent Ruler

Chapter 17 - What Would You Do This Time?

Chapter 17: What Would You Do This Time?

Translator: 安贝-Peggyan

When Long Xiaoyuan reached Lady Shan’s palace, some imperial concubines had long waited there.

Those six powerful concubines were all there!

With his eyebrows arched, he wondered if something was wrong with Lady Shan. Since they were here, was she dying?

Having carefully recalled the book written from the perspective of the empress, he knew that though there were some battles of the Imperial Harem, Shi Qingezhou was tolerant. In other words, Shi didn’t pay attention to those imperial concubines at all. Additionally, Shi was treated invisibly, so he wasn’t involved in those battles, for the original emperor loathed him the most.

Therefore, a few words were written in the end about the ending of those concubines: some were dead; some became nuns.

There was nothing more introduction about them.

He said lightly with his eyebrows furrowed after they greeted him, “What’s wrong with Lady Shan?”

“Your Majesty, we don’t know, either. Having heard that she fainted in her palace, we feel worried and come here in a hurry,” said Lady Qing.

“Is an imperial physician inside?” asked he again.

When Lady Qing wanted to reply to him, Lady You interrupted. “Your Majesty, the imperial physician is inside to treat her. However, she is so pale…To stop us from disturbing her, we were asked to come outside first…”

“Oh?” He furrowed his eyebrows, wondering something was really wrong with her. “You wait outside, and I’ll go inside to have a look. Keep quiet and don’t disturb the imperial physician.”

“Yes!” They replied to him in unison without daring to be against his order.

When he went inside, he saw an imperial physician treating Lady Shan. He arched his eyebrows because he was acquainted with the imperial physician. From the memories of the original emperor, he knew that the imperial physician was Zhang Yuan who would treat all imperial concubines and was good at speaking to different people with different languages.

Of course, the above evaluation was from him, not the original emperor who trusted Zhang Yuan very much, actually.

The reason why he thought so was that he read the book, thus, knowing that Zhang Yuan was loyal to Shi Qingzhou.

Zhang Yuan had sworn allegiance to Shi Qingzhou!

Alas…he sighed in his heart and couldn’t help giving a thumb-up for his empress’s IQ and abilities.

After making the diagnosis, Zhang Yuan withdrew from the bedside with his head bowed. “Your Majesty, greetings. Long live Your Majesty.”

“Stand up.” He waved his hand. “What’s wrong with Lady Shan?”

“Lady Shan…” After discreetly looking at him, Zhang Yuan continued, “is poisoned.”

He was stunned. “She is poisoned?”

Zhang Yuan suddenly knelt. “Yes. After the diagnosis, I’m sure she is poisoned.”

“What poison is it?” asked he with his lips puckered.

“Juran incense,” replied Zhang Yuan. “It’s a kind of incense poisons. After careful inspection, I’ve found the poison on the sleeves of Lady Shan. Luckily, she just wore the clothes today, so she was slightly poisoned. I’ve disposed of the poison and asked the palace maids to change her clothes. She’s in a coma but will be fine after drinking two more bowls of Chinese medicine.”

“There is poison on her clothes?” He wrinkled his eyebrows.

“Yes.” Zhang Yuan lowered his head.

Long Xiaoyuan fell into silence instantly.

Zhang Yuan bowed his head down while kneeling and spoke nothing. After a long time, Long Xiaouan said lightly, “You stay here, and I’ll investigate this matter to the bottom.”

“Yes, Your Majesty.” Zhang Yuan nodded his head.

Those imperial concubines were originally kept silent and even turned soundless upon seeing Long Xiaoyuan’s livid face…

He found a chair and sat down.

“Gather all the eunuchs and palace maids up,” said he in a commanding tone.

Shortly, many people knelt in front of him.

At the same time at the Qiankun Palace-

A eunuch was whispering to Shi Qingzhou, which made the latter’s eyes slightly twinkle. “Oh? Were her clothes given by me?”

“Yes, Your Grace. A half year ago, you gave the clothes to her. They were part of the articles of tribute.”

He silenced for an instant and waved his hand. “Okay, I knew this. You can excuse yourself and keep an eye on the Zhaoyang Palace.”

“Yes.” The eunuch left away swiftly.

He put down the writing brush, and his eyes twinkle again. A moment later, he looked at the words he wrote down, and an idea came across his mind.

Long Xiaoyuan, what would he do this time…

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