Rebirth As a Fatuous and Self-indulgent Ruler

Chapter 16 - How Troublesome the Women of the Imperial Harem

Chapter 16: How Troublesome the Women of the Imperial Harem

Translator: 安贝-Peggyan

Long Xiaoyuan’s voice was indifferent, but he still ordered her to stand up.

Having stood up, Lady Rou directly fixed her eyes on him. However, he lost his interest in women. Additionally, he paid all his attention to Shi Qingzhou, so how could he notice her!

“Your Majesty, I miss you so much that my appetite has been poor these days…” said Lady Rou gently with a sexually lovable face while approaching him…

With a tremble, he instinctively pulled Shi Qingzhou to avoid her. Thus, she missed her footing and fell onto the ground. “Ouch, it hurts…”

He blinked his eyes. Although he didn’t like those women, it would be bad if he didn’t help her up as a gentleman. He hurriedly coughed and said furiously, “Zhou Qing, help Lady Rou up.”

With a shiver, Zhou Qing hastily helped Lady Rou up.

“Your Majesty…what did I wrong…Your Majesty…” asked Lady Rou like she was greatly wronged. Actually, she suffered plenty of grievances! As her lips pouted, her tears streamed down…

He really felt sorry for her. After all, those women of the Imperial Harem were loathsome but pathetic.

However, whether they were loathsome or pathetic, he couldn’t touch them, which he knew for sure. Otherwise, he would become estranged from Shi Qingzhou once more!

He admitted that he was afraid of death, especially for the one who had died once. Besides, he couldn’t do a lot of things in his previous life where he was unhealthy. Now, he was healthy, so he wouldn’t quit this rare chance!

Hence, he slightly looked away and said, “Zhou Qing, Lady Rou must have been hurt, so you send her back. Ask an imperial physician to take care of her.”

“Yes.” Zhou Qing took his order right away.

Subsequently, he turned his head to look at Shi Qingzhou and held Shi’s hand. “Well, Qingzhou, let’s get back.”

With his head bowed down slightly, Shi Qingzhou lowered his eyelids to look at the hands they held together and followed him without saying anything…

Lady Rou was enraged with a pale face and her eyes full of viciousness. With her eyes fixed on Shi, she also lowered her eyelids, fists clenched tightly with a shiver.

She remembered it this time and would wait and see how long His Majesty liked Shi Qingzhou!

What was the point of an infertile man!

Back at the Qiankun Palace, he carefully glanced at Shi Qingzhou and felt relaxed with relief upon seeing that the latter was calm as usual.

“Qingzhou, let’s take a bath.”

Shi Qingzhou nodded. “Okay…”

Long Xiaoyuan pushed his luck. “Let’s do it together. I want you to bathe me.”

Shi almost nodded his head at once. “Okay…”

Then, Long instantly pursed his lips.

He still drank a bowl of Chinese medicine before going to bed and felt all right the next day!

Since he got well, he went to attend the imperial morning session.

However, those ministers were still boring and reported some trivial matters. With his eyes narrowed, he wondered if he should make adjustments about those ministers. Otherwise, they would always bother him with trivial matters.

But he would inquire his empress about the adjustments…Ooh, no, he would see if his empress had some ideas…

Having patiently waited for the session to be over and scolded two ministers, he was about to head for the Qiankun Palace for breakfast. But a eunuch hurriedly rushed over and reported that Lady Shan fainted!

How unfortunate he was! He hadn’t eaten breakfast, so what drama she was playing now!

He then was reminded that Lady Shan was the daughter of Left-Prime Minister and that the two ministers he scolded were on the side of Left-Prime Minster…

…ooh, he knew the strategy of incentives and penalties even if he didn’t care about Left-Prime Minister.

His changes were too sudden for those imperial concubines, pushing Shi Qingzhou into the teeth of the storm, which was bad…

After some thoughts, he decided to see what drama Lady Shan was putting on…

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