Rebirth As a Fatuous and Self-indulgent Ruler

Chapter 15 - My Grace, Please Trust Me This Time

Chapter 15: My Grace, Please Trust Me This Time

Translator: 安贝-Peggyan

It was already evening when Long Xiaoyuan woke up. He had slept for such a long time!

However, his empress was still working. Soon, Shi Qingzhou turned his head around and said, “Your Majesty, you wake up…”

Long Xiaoyuan tried to get up, which Shi Qingzhou helped him in a hurry. The former unexpectedly found that he had no longer a headache and that he felt a little comfortable…

Alas! Was the Chinese Medicine always so useful?

“Your Majesty, you’ve missed lunch. Are you hungry?” asked the latter.

Long Xiaoyuan said with a smile while touching his stomach, “I don’t feel hungry before you ask me, but now I’m so hungry. I want to eat!”

Shi Qingzhou said with a smile, “OK, I’ll ask someone to serve dinner.”

Long Xiaoyuan looked at Shi with an astounding expression like he saw a ghost.

His expression confused Shi Qingzhou who had stood up to ask someone to serve dinner. “Your Majesty? Why do you look at me in this way? What’s wrong with my face?”

Long nodded his head instinctively. “Huh Huh!”

Shi Qingzhou felt more confused. “what’s up? Does my face get dirty?” Speaking of which, he wiped his face and then saw his palm, finding nothing dirty.

Long Xiaoyuan stammered, “You smiled…just now.”

After a pause, Shi Qingzhou said again with a faint smile, “Your Majesty, do you mean smile? I often smile.”

Long Xiaoyuan said shaking his head, “Your smile was from your heart and beautiful just now. Now, your smile is acting.”

Shi Qingzhou almost failed to sustain his smile. “Your Majesty, what do you say?”

Not until now did Long Xiaoyuan regain his consciousness. “Er,” he replied. He blinked his eyes and said slightly, “Come here, Qingzhou.”

When the latter walked over, he said while pointing at the place in front of himself, “Sit down.”

He continued after Shi Qingzhou sat on the bedside, “Qingzhou, I mean it by saying that your smile was very beautiful…I know you don’t have much trust in my sincerity, but you can watch me. If I can fake it, it’ll be also a good thing if I can fake it a lifetime, won’t it?”

The faint smile on Shi’s face was gone totally. Shi stammered while unbelievably looking at Long, “A lifetime…”

Long strongly nodded his head. “Yes, a lifetime! Qingzhou, please trust me this time? Only this time.”

With his lips trembling, Shi finally said while facing Long’s eyes, “Your Majesty, you’re over-worried. I’m yours, so I trust you, of course.”

Long felt frustrated immediately but looked at the bright side upon seeing that Shi said those sincerely with sincere eyes. “Well…I’m hungry. Qingzhou, have you enjoyed your lunch?”

Shi said with a nod, “Yes, Your Majesty. Please rest assured.”

Long nodded seeing this. Shortly, dinner was served. He got a good appetite and ate a lot, so did Shi. In the end, he even became a little full and thereby said, “Qingzhou, let’s have a walk in the Imperial Garden.”

Shi totally agreed with him. “Yes.”

Followed only by Zhou Qing, they directly headed for the Imperial Garden.

The Imperial Garden was ablaze with light at night, so were the candles in the lanterns. The Imperial Garden was rather beautiful.

Long never came here in the evening, so he instantly felt delighted seeing the fine views. As he wanted to say something, he was stopped by a sharp voice.

“Your Majesty, greetings! Long live Your Majesty!”

He looked over and narrowed his eyes. A soft female voice arose at the moment. “Your Majesty, greetings. May you happy and healthy!”

He said slightly, “Oh, Lady Rou…”

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