Rebirth As a Fatuous and Self-indulgent Ruler

Chapter 14 - Being Sick

Chapter 14: Being Sick

Translator: 安贝-Peggyan

Long Xiaoyuan woke up the next day with a very severe headache.

Besides, he felt dizzy and awful the moment he touched his forehead. Damn it! His forehead was so hot!

Shi Qingzhou woke up at the moment, too. Seeing Long touch his forehead, he hurriedly leaned over and said, “Your Majesty, what’s wrong? Do you have a headache?”

Long Xiaoyuan pursed his lips’ corners and said, “En, it hurts.” His voice was so tender like he was playing coquetry.

Shi Qingzhou paused for a while, felt his heart softened, and immediately said, “It’s a hangover headache. Call up an imperial physician.”

Long Xiaoyuan nodded his head and said, “I seem to have a fever.”

Shi Qingzhou felt shocked with his expression slightly changed. “What? A fever? Let me touch it.”

As he spoke, he already stretched out his hand and shouted with surprise after touching it, “So hot!”

Long Xiaoyuan leaned against him. “No wonder it hurts…Qingzhou, your hand is comfortable.” He held Shi’s hand and placed it on his forehead.

Shi asked Zhou Qing, who had waited outside, to come inside and ordered him to call up an imperial physician.

Hearing that Long Xiaoyuan got a fever, Zhou Qing hurriedly went out to call up an imperial physician. Shi himself quickly got up, put on his clothes, and ordered the palace maids to fetch water.

Shi personally used a handkerchief to wipe Long’s sweat and put it on Long’s forehead.

When he saw Shi getting busy, Long Xiaoyuan’s eyes turned gentle.

The imperial physician arrived soon, and Long Xiaoyuan was diagnosed with a cold. Subsequently, the imperial physician prescribed some herbal medicine and asked his underlings to decoct it.

Hearing that he would take medicine, Long Xiaoyuan couldn’t help feeling uncomfortable. In his previous life, he never stopped eating medicine because of his unhealthy heart. However, what he ate was western medicine, so he found it not difficult to take pills, but he disliked the bitter herbal medicine.

He had no appetite at breakfast, but he forced himself ate a bowl of porridge and two snacks so as to get well.

Shi Qingzhou ate little, which made Long Xiaoyuan instantly wrinkle his eyebrows. “Qingzhou, I’m waiting for you to look after me. Why not eat more? What if you are sick?”

“Your Majesty, please rest assured. I’ll be fine,” said Shi Qingzhou lightly.

Long was still concerned about him and thereby watched him eat one more bowl of porridge. Shi Qingzhou had mixed feelings.

The herbal medicine was served shortly. With his eyebrows tightly furrowed, Long Xiaoyuan drank it in one gulp and almost chocked himself, which scared the eunuchs and palace maids so much that they knelt down on the ground. Even if His Majesty coughed once, they would be killed.

However, it was the original emperor who would do this. Long Xiaoyuan didn’t like killing people…

After that, Long Xiaoyuan ordered the eunuchs and palace maids to back down and said, “Qingzhou, I’m afraid you have to deal with the memorials yourself today, and you can handle them here.”

“…OK,” Shi Qingzhou said yes to him.

After Zhou Qing sent the memorials over, Shi sat on the bed to handle them. Thus, an extra table had been placed on the bed.

Seeing Shi Qingzhou seriously working, Long Xiaoyuan was reminded of one sentence that the people who worked hard were the most beautiful. He had no feelings about it before but now found it quite reasonable!

As he watched Shi, he fell into sleep…

When Shi looked back, he saw Long Xiaoyuan who was soundly sleeping and felt complicated.

After a long time, he looked away…

If Long Xiaoyuan could treat him this way all the time, he would like to swear his allegiance to Long as long as Long Xiaoyuan would let him down.

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