Rebirth As a Fatuous and Self-indulgent Ruler

Chapter 13 - How Could He Refuse His Father-in-law’s Toasts!

Chapter 13: How Could He Refuse His Father-in-law’s Toasts!

Translator: 安贝-Peggyan

“Your Majesty and Your Grace arrive!”

Long Xiaoyuan and Shi Qingzhou came to the Grand Palace Banquet together, adding a hint of solemnity and…oddity.

Although His Grace also attended the banquet in the previous years, His Majesty never showed up there with him and always attended the banquet with Lady Shan or Lady Rou.

It seemed that His Grace gained His Majesty’s favor this year.

Wasn’t one of the ministers in charge of the two banquets Sui Youjing? He was a disciple of Shi Qingshan.

Who was Shi Qingshan? Haha, he was the father of Empress Shi Qingzhou!

All the ministers present looked at each other on the sly…they didn’t know what His Majesty’s purposes were. Did he really like His Grace or did he have other ulterior motives?

Although they all had their thoughts in their mind, they all enjoyed themselves on the surface at the banquet. What a boisterous scene!

As the emperor, Long Xiaoyuan didn’t drink anymore after proposing a toast to all present. In his previous life, his heart was unhealthy and thereby never drank.

Although the original emperor was a heavy drinker, alcohol was bad in principle, so he didn’t dare to drink much.

He planned to only drink one glass of liquor. His plan went well as the beginning, but when some military ministers became bold after three rounds of drinks, two generals came to propose toasts to him!

He felt like weeping but had no tears. More importantly, one of the generals was his father-in-law, General Shi Qingshan!

Did he dare to refuse the protagonist’s father’s toasts! Of course, he didn’t!

Hence, he drank three glasses in a row with a bitter face. After all, he didn’t forget his disguise, so his bitter face was relative. The original emperor was an alcoholic, so three drinks should be nothing to him!

However, although Long Xiaoyuan succeeded to the original emperor’s memories, he probably didn’t get the original emperor’s drinking capacity. When Shi Qingshan and the others walked away, Long Xiaoyuan felt somewhat dizzy.

Under the circumstance, he didn’t notice the obscure eye contact between Shi Qingshan and Shi Qingzhou.

Shi Qingzhou tightly clenched his right fist, for he knew that his father was testing His Majesty for him, of course!

Otherwise, his father would have never done that…

Long Xiaoyuan…he looked at the man beside him with complicated eyes.

Long Xiaoyuan drank all Shi Qingshan’s toasts…did he know what it stood for?

Many ministers watched Shi Qingshan come to propose toasts and His Majesty drink them all, involuntarily wondering whether His Majesty wanted to reuse the Shi Family!

After drinking the liquor, Long Xiaoyuan felt uncomfortable and immediately looked at Shi Qingzhou. “Your Grace, can we leave first?”

Shi Qingzhou wouldn’t say no to him, so they stand up together…

“Your Majesty is about to leave!” shouted Chief-eunuch Zhou Qing in a sharp voice.

All the ministers knelt down and watched them leave.

The imperial concubines attending the banquet jealously watched them leaving with their eyes full of hatred.

Lady Rou and Lady Shan, who were the highest imperial concubines in the imperial palace, looked at each other, seeing the viciousness in each other’s eyes. They slowly dropped their eyelids and then glanced at each other, showing that they would work together to scheme against Shi Qingzhou.

Regardless of what they were thinking of, Long Xiaoyuan and Shi Qingzhou directly went back to the Qiankun Palace.

The former only drank a little, but he indeed felt uncomfortable with his body full of the dryness-heat.

Thus, he said he wanted to take a bath but refused the eunuch and palace maids to serve him. He asked Shi Qingzhou to help him take a bath. The latter was rather cooperative and held him to walk toward the bathing pool.

Long Xiaoyuan didn’t act well when Shi Qingzhou bathed him. He pulled Shi to enter the bathing pool together, making Shi soaked through.

Afterward, he started undressing Shi. Instead of resisting him, the latter allowed him to take his clothes off.

Long Xiaoyuan did nothing. The reason why he took Shi’s clothes off because he felt uncomfortable. After all, no one liked himself was naked while the other one was clothed.

Having finished the bath, he felt somewhat comfortable. However, he still leaned prone to Shi Qingzhou. Having carelessly wrapped themselves with single clothes, they headed for the sleeping chamber.

Of course, they had sex at night. At the moment when Shi Qingzhou was sexually emotional, he asked, “Your Majesty, why did you drink when my father proposed toasts to you?”

Long Xiaoyuan had become blurred at that time and said, “He’s your father and my father-in-law! How dare I not drink his toasts! I must drink.”

Such a natural reply made Shi Qingzhou feel astounded and complicated at the time.

That was…the reason?

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