Rebirth As a Fatuous and Self-indulgent Ruler

Chapter 11 - Qingzhou, You Can Go Back to Your Home for a Look

Chapter 11: Qingzhou, You Can Go Back to Your Home for a Look

Translator: 安贝-Peggyan

When they got out of the imperial palace, Long Xiaoyuan knew that Shi Qingzhou wanted to go back to his home.

However, he wanted to observe the imperial city and thereby said, “Qingzhou, you haven’t been home for a long time. Now, you can go back to see your father.”

Shi Qingzhou was stunned and stared at him with doubt, “Can…I?”

He said with a smile, “Of course, you can. I originally planned to have a tour outside, but you haven’t come out for a long time, so you can go back to see your father first.”

Shi Qingzhou slightly trembled without saying anything.

He patted Shi’s shoulders and said, “Don’t think too much and just go back.”

“…thanks a lot.” Shi really wanted to meet his parents, so he decided to trust Long this time and walked away.

Long said slightly, “Yingqiu, take two guardians with you to protect Qingzhou, but you don’t need to enter General Shi’s Mansion.”

“Yes!” After that, Yingqiu led two guardians to follow Shi.

Shi’s eyes sank after he walked for a little time. Consequentially, wasn’t there a reason that Long Xiaoyuan let him go back? He could sense that three Shadow Guardians followed him.

However, the three…had sworn allegiance to him!

His eyes flashed, and the disappoint he had just now faded away. He said lightly after reaching a remote place, “Yingqiu.”

Yingqiu knew that Shi Qingzhou had definitely sensed him, so he showed up before Shi.

He slightly bowed his head down, showing his deathly loyalty.

“What has His Majesty asked you to do?” asked Shi more lightly.

He replied, “His Majesty asked me to lead two guardians to protect you but asked us to wait outside of General Shi’s Mansion for fear of disturbing you.”

Hearing this, Shi stood transfixed and didn’t know what to speak.

Yingqiu still bowed his head down in a loyal manner.

Shi regained his composure and said lightly, “Then you follow me.” Afterward, he continued walking.

However, he didn’t find that he became much happier.

Long Xiaoyuan indeed strolled about on the streets of the imperial city.

Although he had memories of this dynasty, he naturally was curious about an ancient dynasty as a modern person. Even if this space was parallel and couldn’t be found in history, it was similar to the dynasties known in history!

He took a fancy to a folding fan, a splendid sword, a piece of emerald, a hairpin, two paintings, and a colorless crystal…

He bought all the items that he liked, so there were a lot of items on Zhou Qing’s hands.

But, he placed the hairpin into his pocket, for he wanted to give it to his empress.

Another side, General Shi (Shi Qingshan) was stunned upon seeing Shi Qingzhou and then asked with his face color changed tremendously, “Qingzhou, what did you do?”

Having known that his father was worried that he came out of the imperial palace privately, he said in a hurry, “Father, don’t be worried. I come out with my husband.”

Shi Qingshan was in a daze. “Did His…him come out?”

Shi Qingzhou said nodding his head, “Yes. He asked me to come back to see you, so I’m here.

Shi Qingshan felt shocked again. At the moment, Shi Qingshan’s wife appeared. “Qingzhou? Qingzhou…are you Qingzhou?”

“Mother,” Shi Qingzhou was also excited upon seeing this woman.

“My son. My son really comes back,” the woman almost staggered over to him and fiercely hugged him.

He slightly closed his eyes and hugged her, too. “Mother…”

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