Quick Transmigration System: Male God, Come Here

Chapter 980 - The Little Princess’s Married-in Boyfriend (72)

Chapter 980 The Little Princess’s Married-in Boyfriend (72)

Bai Weiwei heard the system’s concern and said softly, “No problem, it’s just a few days at most, and then I’ll leave. And I have you. What am I scared about?”

How could Xu Menggui take revenge on her?

At most, it was just another imprisonment trope.

There were too many old tropes in this plane. Imprisonment tropes weren’t popular.

When the system heard this sentence, it suddenly felt moved.

The host finally knew how hard it worked.

In the past, when those little systems talked about being praised by their host, they had such joyful expressions.

It disdained them.

As a result, when it was its turn, it nearly couldn’t hold back its tears.

Just when the system wanted to say, no problem, I’ve got your back.

Bai Weiwei mumbled to herself, “Compared to living on the street ba, imprisonment trope is better. There’s a place to sleep and the feeling of someone waiting on you.”

The system choked back its tears. “You got in the car to not sleep on the street? Not because of me?”

Bai·Scum·Liar·WeiWei: No, it’s all because of you. Don’t doubt my sincerity. It’s just that it may rain the last few days, and sleeping on the street will be uncomfortable.”

System: “Pei1.”

Liar, the host was a big liar.

Xu Menggui waited extremely calmly, as though if Bai Weiwei didn’t get in the car, he would let her go.

She hesitated for a few minutes before opening the door and getting in.

Xu Menggui’s expression was taut. “Fasten your seat belt.”

Bai Weiwei fastened her seat belt.

Only then did Xu Menggui start the car.

It was quiet the entire way.

The two people said nothing.

After all, they had already torn away all pretenses. What words were there to say?

Bai Weiwei looked outside at the road. The more she looked, the more she felt it was strange.

But Xu Menggui was silent.

She finally couldn’t help asking, “Where are we going?”

Xu Menggui’s dark eyes finally turned to look at her. Those eyes were twisted and terrifyingly ferocious.

Suppressing himself, he said coldly, “I have a villa in the outskirts. You can see the sea there.”

Bai Weiwei frowned. “So what?”

Xu Menggui could no longer maintain his calm expression. His features grew dispirited, and his voice was mocking.

“Isn’t it good? The next few days will be my birthday. I just want to watch the sea with you for my birthday present.”

As he spoke, his fingers clasped the steering wheel, the veins on his hands bursting.

His tone grew more and more peaceful. “I love you, Weiwei. You don’t love me. If you want to cleanly cut off our ties, I’ll help you. But people have a beginning and an end. You celebrate my birthday with me, and I’ll let you go. From then on, you’ll never see me pestering you again.”

Bai Weiwei thought for a moment before looking at him doubtfully.


Xu Menggui forced out a wan smile. “I’m tired, so tired. Loving you is too hard. Even if I want to pester you, I don’t have the strength to move.”

Bai Weiwei recalled the tricks she used to abuse him.

This series of tricks could indeed make one completely doubt life.

Xu Menggui added, “I’ve already separated the Bai company from my own; the documents have all been signed. After your dad took medicine for his illness, he’s started to get better. In the future, you’ll still be the Bai family’s little princess, and the Bai family will return to your hands.”

Bai Weiwei: “Xu Menggui, you’re giving these to me?”

Xu Menggui faced forward. The villa drew closer and closer.

He said faintly, “Yes ah, a merry start and a merry part. From then on, we will be completely clear.”

This sentence was light, but also heavy.

Making those who heard it feel uneasy.

Bai Weiwei, who cared about not sleeping on the street, readily agreed. “Fine ba, I’ll accompany you on your birthday. Do I need to order a birthday cake for you as a gift?”

Xu Menggui shook his head, expressing that he didn’t need it.

1: Sound of spitting.↩

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