Edited by Dava Sobel

When two rivers meet,

they often hesitate to combine.

The murky sediment load carried by one

retains its distance from

the clear blue-green of the opposite.

Every displays the colour

of the panorama it has carved,

typically with warning,

and typically with turbulence.

Steep canyon partitions bear witness

and scars of the regular descent

of water molecules pulled by gravity,

eroding crystals and grains, thirsty clay particles

that tumble and drift within the circulate.

The rivers emerge and meander

away from the rugged mountains

and towards one another,

starting to unburden their masses.

The distinct paths grow to be one,

and the denser stream geese below,

hiding its sedimentary previous

alongside the road of blending,

the place eddies take a look at the waters.

Clouds and readability

complement one another,

and, with time,

dispersion and mixing

shift the present into stability.