Peerless Genius System

Chapter 734 - Duck On Cloud Nine.

Chapter 734: Duck On Cloud Nine.

“Hurry up and get lost for Grandpa Duck Emperor, otherwise I will break your arms and legs, and then relegate your souls to the nine depths of hell. This is what will happen if you offend Grandpa Duck Emperor!” The Duck Emperor used the same threat he used with Xiao Luo back in Chaotic Space to scare the Black Blood Mercenary Group. He then pointed to the three corpses that had been dragged to the side.

Is that Black Dog and the others?

As soon as the Black Blood Mercenary Group saw the three corpses of their companions, their faces turned pale.

The leading middle-aged man’s eyes widened and a trace of panic appeared on his face. There was no need to doubt if Black Dog’s group was killed by this Demon Beast in front of them. After all, a Demon Beast was comparable to a human Sect Master powerhouse, compared to it, they were as small as particles in the air.

“Yes, yes, yes. We’ll leave, we’ll leave!”

The Black Blood Mercenary Group nodded their heads repeatedly, then turned around and left in a hurry. They didn’t dare to linger, they did not want to become corpses as well.

The leading middle-aged man did not say anything. Under the threat issued by the Demon Beast, he eventually chose to do the same as his subordinates and withdrew. As he was leaving, he couldn’t help turning around to look at the three corpses on the ground, a frown on his brows.

The six Purple Moon Cave dísciples cheered and breathed a sigh of relief.

The Duck Emperor, who was secretly drenched in cold sweat, also breathed a long sigh of relief. He bluffed them off!

“Your Holiness, thank you!”

A female disciple of the Purple Moon Cave came up and expressed her gratitude to the Duck Emperor. The way she expressed her gratitude was by lowering her body and kissing the Duck Emperor’s cheeks.


The Duck Emperor felt his whole body become lighter, as if he was floating towards the clouds. His heart started to beat faster; and the blood started to surge faster in his veins. He said, “You are welcome, you are welcome, this Duck told you that I will take care of it.”

“Your Holiness, you are very kind. Please come to the Purple Moon Cave Sect, we will serve you with good food and drink!” Another female disciple expressed her gratitude.

At this moment, the Duck Emperor finally knew what it meant to be popular. Being surrounded by three female disciples of the Purple Moon Cave is really heavenly. The other three male disciples also paid him compliments and were quite enthusiastic.

Xiao Luo sat alone by the campfire, leaning against a large tree with his eyes closed. This duck really stupefied him. In any case, at least the Black Blood Mercenary Group got scared away, it saved him from making a move. This was a good thing overall.

Meanwhile, on the other side. The more the leading middle-aged man thought about it, the more he felt something was wrong.

“What’s wrong, Brother Panther?”

Everyone else was secretly glad to have escaped with their lives, and only the middle-aged man was not and stood out like a sore thumb.

“Something’s not right.” The middle-aged man stopped in his tracks, his brows furrowed.

Something is not right?

What’s wrong?

The others stopped and cast a puzzled look at him.

“Black Dog and the others’ fatal wounds are on their neck. Looking at their wounds, it was obviously cut by a sharp blade. Would a Demon Buddha need to use a blade?” The middle-aged man gave voice to the doubts in his mind.

Once the others heard it, they also felt that the matter seemed a bit fishy.

“In addition, we have not once encountered a Demon Beast in this forest and a Demon Beast’s aura is very powerful. Not to mention standing right in front, even a few kilometers away from it, you can feel its might. That duck does not have such aura; that means it’s just an ordinary duck!” The middle-aged man said.

That’s true!

The more the others listened, the more they felt that something seemed off. If that Duck was really a strong Demon Beast, it would certainly have an aura around it. Besides, Demon Beasts generally loathe humans and they are mostly hiding in the depths of the endless forest, so why would one be so close to humans?

“Brother Panther, could it be that we’ve been fooled?” One of the mercenaries asked suspiciously.

“I really am not sure.”

The middle-aged man shook his head. He realized not many facts match up. If the duck was not a Demon Beast, then how was Black Dog and the rest of the group killed? All three of them were at Junior Martial Spirits level. Could it be that they were killed by the youth who sat on the side who didn’t do anything? But that youth’s strength was only at Martial Master, how could he have the ability to kill three Martial Spirits?

Then the six brats of the Purple Moon Cave teamed up and did it? That was even more impossible, the strongest among the six brats was only at intermediate Martial Master level.

What the hell is going on?

The more one thought about it, the more bizarre it became.

“Alright you go and report the situation here to the deputy head, see what he says.” The middle-aged man gave an order.

“Brother Panther, what about you guys?”

“We’re going back and see what’s going on.” The middle-aged man said.

Go back?

When the others heard this, their expressions changed. Black Dog’s death was still fresh in their minds, they dared not go back…

The middle-aged man said, “I can be sure that the duck is not a Demon Beast. But as to why it can speak human language, it must have eaten some elixir or heavenly treasure and accidentally awakened its spiritual intelligence.” he continued, “Black Dog and the others must have fallen into the enemy’s trap and lost their lives. Otherwise, how could a few Martial Masters be able to kill them.”

He was using his speculation to assure his men, and also convince himself.

Sure enough, with his words, determination filled his subordinates’ eyes. They also believed that this was how things stood.

“Go. Let’s go back!”

The middle-aged man bellowed and took the lead to turn back towards Xiao Luo’s location.



“Let me tell you something… this duck can turn the clouds with a wave of my hands and I could poke a hole in the sky at will. By the way, do you know the story of Nuwa Mending The Sky?” The Duck Emperor was bragging to the six disciples of the Purple Moon Cave.

The six dísciples shook their heads as they looked at the Duck Emperor with eyes full of admiration. ‘Mending the sky,’ were words that could make one tremble just by hearing it.

“Figured that you guys don’t know of it. Don’t be sorry for not understanding, it just means that you guys are still too young. Alright, since you don’t know, this duck will tell you. This duck likes to share stories the most.” The Duck Emperor enjoyed this feeling of being worshipped. If he had not come to the Secret Land, he would not have discovered that his previous five hundred years were actually in vain. At this moment, he was on cloud 9. He even threw Xiao Luo to the back of his mind. He really thought of himself as a Demon Beast.

This Duck has officially gone to space!

Xiao Luo scoffed. He really wanted to give this duck a hard kick on his *ss.

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