Peerless Genius System

Chapter 726 - Void.

Chapter 726: Void.

Since much of its feathers were plucked, the duck now had a few bald spots on its body. Blood was also blood seeping out of the wounds, dripping slowly to the ground. Some of its feathers were stained with blood. It looked odd and miserable.

Xiao Luo was a bit apologetic. However, that feeling soon disappeared because the duck was like a genie, and its wound healed rapidly. The missing feathers grew out again, and restored its vigour.

“What do you want to ask me?” The duck looked at Xiao Luo in fear.

Xiao Luo’s first question was: “Where is the Chaotic God? What is your connection with the Chaotic God?”

“He was my Master. He adopted me five hundred years ago, taught me martial arts, and taught me how to speak human language. Speaking of my master, I really want to thank him. If it weren’t for him, this duck might still be wandering in the streets. His kindness will never be forgotten while I’m still alive. In my heart, Master is a light that illuminates my world…”

“Stop. I asked where the Chaotic God is, not about your past.” Xiao Luo cut the duck off with a frown.

“Oh, my Master has gone out travelling. Before leaving, he told me to guard the Temple and not let anyone cross the border.”

The duck said with a serious face, “Before this, no one but you could pass through the traps set up by this duck. During my guarding of the Temple, the two worlds were safe and no one disturbed anyone.”

“Half a month ago, there were two people from the Secret Land who traveled freely between the two worlds. How do you explain that?” Xiao Luo felt that this duck was full of nonsense.

Upon hearing this question, the duck suddenly turned red, but he still refused to admit it. It shook its head and denied, “There are two people who traveled freely between the two worlds? Impossible, absolutely impossible!”

“If there’s none, then just tell me how I can go to the Secret Land?” Xiao Luo recalled the scene when Su Li was being taken away and smiled bitterly.

“Do you want to save that woman?”

The duck asked in reflex, then quickly realized that it had dug its own grave. Just moments ago, it denied the existence of ‘the two people’ who crossed worlds, and now it exposed itself.

“Yes, she is my wife!”

Xiao Luo just ignored its words and answered.

The duck suddenly became righteous and awe-inspiring. It wrapped its duck wings around Xiao Luo’s shoulder. “Boy, this duck can see that you lovers were abruptly separated. How about this duck go to the Secret Land with you and help you get your wife back? What do you think? By the way, my nickname is the King Of Ducks, or Duck Emperor for short. We may not know each other but it seems that this is fate. This duck finds you quite pleasing to the eye.

“Shouldn’t the short form of the King Of Ducks be the Duck King?” Xiao Luo asked.

The Duck Emperor looked a little awkward, he just patted Xiao Luo on the shoulder. “Don’t care about these details, what you need to know is that this duck is called the Duck Emperor. You should still be in your twenties, while this duck is over 500 years old. According to age, this duck is your Senior. It stands to reason that you should call this duck Senior, but this duck won’t take advantage of you. You can just call this duck Grandpa or Duck Emperor.”



When Xiao Luo heard this, he couldn’t stand it anymore and gave the duck another smack on its head.

“You Mortal, what do you do with Grandpa Duck?” The Duck Emperor glowered.

“Mention grandfather again and I’ll really turn you into a featherless duck.” Xiao Luo threatened.

The Duck Emperor dare not speak anymore.

After watching it for a long time, Xiao Luo smiled to himself. It’s strange. I’m wasting my time here with you, a smelly duck.

That was correct. He was just talking with a duck and wasting time.

So he got up and prepared to set off.

“Boy, wait for me, let’s go to the Secret Land together.” The Duck Emperor shouted.


The Dragon Sword’s tip appeared at the duck’s throat. The duck shuddered unconsciously.

Xiao Luo looked at it condescendingly, “Then give me a reason why I should take you to the Secret Land.”

“This duck can help you.” The Duck Emperor said.

“Help me? How? Just ran around some farm or something…” Xiao Luo quipped.

When the Duck Emperor heard this, it flew into rage, “Boy, don’t look down on this duck. This duck is the dísciple of the Chaotic God. Although this duck doesn’t have much fighting ability, when it comes to escaping, if this duck claims to be the second then no one would dare to claim they’re first.”


Xiao Luo didn’t make fun of it anymore. The Secret Land was foreign to him and he didn’t know what kind of powers existed there. In case he had to confront a formidable enemy, he might really need to retreat strategically.

“How would you escape? Is it only enough for you to escape or can you take other people to escape?”

“Of course, it is possible to take people, but it’s only one person, as for how to escape, it’s complicated to explain.” The Duck Emperor said.

“Why is it complicated, tell me how?” Xiao Luo asked curiously.

The Duck Emperor smiled, took out a cigar from nowhere, lit it and puffed a smoke. “This duck will grab you and fly away.”

Xiao Luo’s face immediately darkened. This morherf_cking duck is really full of sh_t.

“F_ck off!”

Xiao Luo then stepped towards the door.

“Boy, wait. Without the guidance of this duck, you can’t leave the Temple and reach the other end.”

Xiao Luo just ignored it and pushed the door, and instantly became stunned; because currently, the outside was no longer cylindrical from before, instead it was darkness and nothingness.

“Don’t move, it’s dangerous outside!”

The Duck Emperor picked up a book and flew over, it then put half of the book into the darkness. When it retracted its wing, only half of the book remained. The book seemed to have been swallowed by the darkness.

“This is the ‘Void’. Everything that steps into it will instantly become ‘void (nothing)’. The Void is the representative of the absolute power of Chaotic Space.”

“Why does the outside become the Void?”

Xiao Luo asked, then added, “Only say the important points.”

“The Chaotic Space has a sense of autonomy, and its consciousness is to prevent people from shuttling between the two worlds. If you didn’t come in here just now and walked through the long passage, you will reach the other end. That’s because the consciousness of Chaotic Space simply cannot react, and everything will not turn into the Void.” The Duck Emperor explained.

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