Peerless Genius System

Chapter 677

Chapter 677: Tasting.

Walking into the room, a smell of lavender was in the air, giving people a refreshing feeling.

“Su Li, you are late!”

A man in a blue shirt stood up from the sofa. He had clean short hair, a white face and delicate facial features, and a respectful temperament exhibiting from within.

“I don’t have to be here in the first place. I can say what I want to say in Court the day after tomorrow.” Su Li replied coldly.

“Sister Su, why are you always self-righteous? My husband took the initiative to invite you, but you still put on airs, who do you think you are? You’re such a player, who gave you the courage?”

The speaker was a woman. She was tall and beautiful. She was wearing a red-bottom strawberry flower bib skirt, and a large amount of her breasts were exposed. Her skirt only came up to her knees, and her waist belt made her chest more plump.

Despite the vitriolic meaning in her words, there was a smile on her lips when she spoke. Her appearance and words contradicted each other greatly.

Xiao Luo frowned slightly. He knew this woman. She often appeared on various variety shows a few years ago, including guest seats, presiding seats, judging seats, and so on. She had retired to behind the scenes in recent years. It was said that she had married a rich man, but he did not expect her to be married to Bai Yuquan of the White House.

“Yu Yasi, aren’t you the someone who’s relying on selling the two pieces of meat on your chest? What qualifications do you have to say that Li is a player. What are you then? A coquettish fox?” Shen Qingyan smiled as she approached them.

When she heard this, the smile on Yu Yasi’s face suddenly turned stiff. Obviously, the words said had a great impact on her; however, she quickly resumed her smile. She retorted, “Miss Shen, you were born with a golden spoon. How can you understand the difficulties of those poor people who want to change their destiny? They have no power and no background. I am a woman, so naturally I can sacrifice my beauty.”

Shen Qingyan chuckled, “So this is the reason why you show 90% of your breasts to others. How impressive!” Her smile and words were full of deep irony. She then turned her head and looked at Bai Yuquan. “It seems that Young Master Bai really loves you. If I were a man, I would definitely not notice a woman like you.”

Yu Yasi was enraged. She worked hard in the entertainment industry and inevitably used her beauty to get a “daddy”. It was not really something glorious, or something to be bragged about hence she took offence.

“Well, well, you women are aggressive. You like to pinch each other right from meeting.”

Bai Yuquan came up and hugged Yu Yasi. “Baby, say less. Miss Shen, please also give me face!”

Yu Yasi nodded like an innocent girl. Towards Bai Yuquan, she was obedient.

“Of course, I will naturally give Young Master Bai face. Just that I got upset for a bit when I heard someone degrading my best friend.”

Shen Qingyan compromised. After all, this city belonged to the White House. Although Bai Yuquan seemed approachable on the surface, once his temper was stirred, he wouldn’t be so gracious.

“Thank you!”

Bai Yuquan gave a thumbs up, then led them towards the main table. “Please sit down, everyone should be hungry. Let’s talk while eating.”

Su Li and Shen Qingyan sat down leisurely, though Xiao Luo was not as comfortable as they are. He nonetheless pulled a chair and sat down beside Su Li.

Bai Yuquan took notice of Xiao Luo at this moment and asked, “Su Li, who is this?”

“My husband!” Su Li replied.

“Your husband?”

Bai Yuquan frowned slightly and said in surprise, “It turns out that you are really married. I thought you were just talking nonsense at the press conference in order to maintain a positive image in the hearts of your fans.”

Su Li didn’t continue the subject since she didn’t feel theneed to explain to Bai Yuquan.

“Su Li’s husband, why don’t you introduce yourself?” Bai Yuquan focused on Xiao Luo.

“Xiao Luo!”

Xiao Luo introduced himself succinctly and clearly. “I am just a follower. Just talk amongst yourselves and don’t mind me.”

“Mr. Xiao Luo is really humorous. How can a man who Su Li married be just a little footman? May I take the liberty of asking, which enterprise Mr. Xiao Luo is in? Maybe we can have the opportunity to cooperate in the future!” Bai Yuquan said.

“It’s just a small business.” Xiao Luo simply replied.

In his heart, he was puzzled. He killed Zhuo Yuze, the son-in-law of the White House, and beat a woman named “Rose”, who was also from the White House. Does it make sense that this Bai Yuquan did’nt know him?

“Sure enough, birds of the same feather flock together. Both husband and wife are the same!” Yu Yasi was dissatisfied with Xiao Luo’s ‘proudness’.

Although she said that very quietly, everyone still heard it clearly. Though Su Li, Xiao Luo and Shen Qingyan didn’t really care, and just treated it as a wind with a bad smell passing by.

“Mr. Xiao is modest.”

Bai Yuquan then clapped his hands to call the waiter.

The waiter at the door immediately began to get busy with a smile while serving western food.

“Bai Yuquan, let’s cut to the chase. Su Bei is like my own daughter. You took her away from me. I will take her back and become her guardian.” Su Li said.

“But I am her father, and you are just her aunt. Not to mention that there is the White House behind me. Even if I don’t have such backing, you still can’t beat me.” Bai Yuquan calmly smiled.

Su Li argued, “You abandoned her. What qualifications do you have to take her back?”

“Because I am her father.”

Bai Yuquan opened the lid of a bottle of wine with a playful smile. “Isn’t this identity enough?” He then looked at Xiao Luo, and directly steered the topic away. “Mr. Xiao Luo, this is our first time meeting. I’ll pour Mr. Xiao Luo some Vieille BonSeours Ale, I hope that Mr. Xiao Luo will give it a taste.”

He was obviously making things difficult for Xiao Luo. In this way, he could make Su Li lower her head by beating on Xiao Luo.

Yu Yasi couldn’t help laughing, waiting for Xiao Luo to make a fool of himself. Oh no, it should be waiting to see Su Li make a fool of herself for actually marrying a bumpkin who didn’t even know the top ten expensive wines.

Xiao Luo didn’t speak. He looked at the wine that the waiter poured in front of him, picked it up, shook it gently, and sniffed it, then sipped gently on the tip of his tongue.

“What does Mr. Xiao feel about the taste of the wine?” Yu Yasi hurriedly asked.

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