One Birth Two Treasures: The Billionaire’s Sweet Love

Chapter 2846 - Giving Up Custody of Baby Chu

Chapter 2846: Giving Up Custody of Baby Chu

Gu Jinglian slowly got up, walked to Chu He’s side and knelt down on one knee.

Chu He was distracted by the piece of paper he was holding.

Somehow, an agreement had appeared in his hands. He placed the agreement on the ground and slowly pushed it in front of her. He said meaningfully, “Sign this agreement and I’ll let you go.”

“What is this?!”

Chu He was bewildered.

How could this man be so kind as to let her go?

What was this so-called agreement about?!

It was probably not a good deal.

Gu Jinglian saw that she was sizing him up and smiled coldly. He said almost cruelly, “I’ve already drafted this agreement, but I still need you to sign it before it can be validated.”

“What agreement is it!?”

Chu He looked straight into his eyes.

“Sign it. The agreement regarding you giving up the custody of Baby Chu will officially take effect.”

As Gu Jinglian spoke, he gently pushed the little pot of ink paste, which his subordinate had brought over, towards her. “Just signing the document is not enough. We’ll need your thumbprint on it.”

“Gu Jinglian!!”

Chu He clenched her jaw and shouted, “Don’t even think about it! Baby Chu is my son! Don’t even think about taking him away from me!”

“You’re unwilling?” Gu Jinglian’s voice suddenly turned icy. The hint of gentleness that was present in his expression suddenly vanished. A few hard lines appeared below his eyes, making him look threatening!

“I won’t sign this agreement!”

Chu He said firmly, “He is my flesh and blood. You gave me this piece of rubbish paper and try to threaten my freedom from your high horse, so that I will give up Baby Chu’s custody? Don’t you think it’s ridiculous!? Dream on!”


Gu Jinglian was getting impatient from her shouting. He frowned coldly and sized her up a few times before saying with some emotion, “Red Lotus, compared to five years ago, you don’t seem to have changed at all.”

“…What hasn’t changed?”

“You’re still as stubborn.”

Gu Jinglian slowly stood up and looked down at her. Suddenly, he bent over and grabbed her chin ruthlessly, his slender fingers tightly pinching her face.

“What right do you have to go against me now? If you know what’s good for you, sign this agreement obediently! I’ll let bygones be bygones for the sake of the child!”

“Let bygones be bygones?!”

As if she had heard the biggest joke, Chu He sucked in a few breaths of cold air. She wanted to laugh, but the laughter was stuck in her throat. “Gu Jinglian! Isn’t it enough that you ruined my life? I will never allow you to ruin Baby Chu’s life!”

“I ruined your life!?”

Gu Jinglian examined her expressionlessly. “Red Lotus, the one who ruined your life was you, not me!”

“If you want me to give up custody of Baby Chu and hand him over to you…” Chu He’s chest heaved up and down as she said,” I would have rather killed him myself when he was in my womb, than let him fall into your hands! ”

Gu Jinglian’s pupils constricted.

Suddenly, the corners of his lips twitched. Through his half smile, one could see that the man was really angry.

“You have a lot of backbone!”

Pausing for a moment, he looked around, then his gaze fell on the torture equipment at the side. He sneered and said, “I’d like to see, though, how long your bones can hold up!”

With that, he suddenly turned around and ordered, “Don’t show mercy until she signs the agreement!”

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