One Birth Two Treasures: The Billionaire’s Sweet Love

Chapter 2530 - This is my wife!

Chapter 2530: This is my wife!

Did she spot her ‘old friend’ in the car just then?

Behind the woman was a serving cart, which had a candle atop; its flickering flame was romantic and mesmerizing, yet the actress felt somewhat irritated to see it illuminating those two persons in an embrace.

Feeling slightly worried, she softly called out, “Hubby…”

Mu Yazhe’s back stiffened slightly as he came back to his senses and gently pushed the woman away.

His wife noticed the gentleness in his action, though; it was as if he feared startling the new arrival. From that, she could tell that, even though he was caught off guard by her abrupt hug, he was not exactly repulsed by it.

Her heart sank to the bottom of the pits, and the misgivings in her amplified indefinitely.

The man turned around and, upon noticing her, walked right up to her, asking, “Why did you come out in your bathrobe? Don’t you feel cold?”

“I was getting a bit worried since you were gone for so long.”

“Go in and change your clothes first.”

She did not do as he said right away. Instead, she glanced at the woman standing at the doorway in confusion. “This is…”

He looked past his shoulder to see the woman standing at the doorway, looking somewhat flustered.

As the woman smiled at them, he lightly said, “An old friend of mine.”

“An old friend?”

“Yes. Her name is Rong Xuan. She migrated to Italy when I was twelve.” Pausing a little, he put his arm around her and introduced her to the new arrival. “Xuanxuan, let me introduce you to my wife.”

‘Let me introduce you to my wife.’

Rong Xuan noticed the gentle and loving tone and description he used to introduce the unidentified lady next to him. It sounded so intimate that she could not help feeling jealous and envious.


He’s married?!

That’s his wife…

She had never thought that he would get married at such a young age.

When she heard that unfamiliar term, her legs gave way slightly, her smile faltered somewhat, and her eyes, which shone with anticipation at first, dimmed with disappointment!

Right from the start, she had simply assumed the other lady to be his lover!

A lover was not the same as a wife, with the former having endless possibilities that they were together out of anything but love and, latter, meanwhile, holding an altogether different meaning.

Based on her understanding of this man, this signified that he would only spend his life with his wife alone.

Her mind drew a blank when she first saw the man sitting in the back seat of the car earlier in the afternoon. Before she could pull herself out of her daze, her body reacted instantly. She could not help but chase after the car.

Mu Yazhe…

She thought that that name had faded from her life, but unexpectedly, she inadvertently came across his mature yet devastatingly handsome face—the face she could not forget no matter how much time passed.

The love she had buried deep in her heart and deliberately tried to forget suddenly came springing up again, flooding her chest with passion. That encounter awakened her love for him!

Mu Yazhe—it was an unforgettable name among her childhood memories.

He was twelve and she was ten that year when her parents suddenly decided to move to Italy with her. There was not enough time for goodbyes between them before she was ushered to board a plane bound for Italy. Thus, that name had eventually become an indelible mark in her heart.

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