Ninth In the World

Chapter 925 - Another Lost Person in the Void

Chapter 925: Another Lost Person in the Void

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“Senior Du Zihen wanted me to deliver the message that he fell into Ye Zifeng’s trap. Ye Zifeng is definitely not what…” Gai Lun could not continue speaking, as he disintegrated.

He could only blame his bad luck. When Senior Du Zihen had handed a talisman to him to find Di Jiu, the former had said that there was a 60-percent chance that the latter was outside the Mountain Gaze Forbidden Zone. Di Jiu would definitely save him once he was found and he received the message.

Unfortunately, there was no guarantee that Di Jiu was outside the Mountain Gaze Forbidden Zone. Gai Lun, who had failed to find Di Jiu, could only meet his doom.

Po Xu looked at where Gai Lun was standing helplessly. Regardless of the truth, there was nothing he could do. After all, he was waiting for Di Jiu there as well. No one knew where Di Jiu was currently.

“Are you lost, my friend?” Di Jiu was in the midst of repeatedly ripping apart the Void Realm when he suddenly heard someone speak. His Spiritual Force spotted the owner of the voice.

The man was tall and fair-skinned. When he spoke, he did so in a slow, down-to-earth manner.

What surprised Di Jiu the most was the man’s cultivation level, which was most certainly at the third step. Di Jiu suspected that this man was at least as strong as Ye Zifeng. This was the most powerful person he had encountered other than Cao Xi and Ye Zifeng.

Di Jiu cupped his fists and said respectfully, “Excuse me, I have lost my way in the void. Do you happen to know the right directions?”

The fair-skinned male cultivator took a step closer to Di Jiu and cupped his fists before replying courteously, “I do happen to know. However, even though I do, I’m afraid that you will still be unable to leave this place. I have been wandering here for tens of thousands of years and I barely know some of the locations here…”

Di Jiu sensed a strong, goosebump-inducing feeling of threat. He subconsciously wanted to take a step back, but he hastily banished that thought. Letting out a breath slowly, he said, “I see. Can I purchase a locale ball from you then? If that’s not possible, then I’ll need to seek your help.”

The feeling Di Jiu got from the fair-skinned male cultivator was much stronger than that Ye Zifeng had given him. Without a doubt, this man was more powerful than Ye Zifeng.

Ye Zifeng should have just attained the third step. Based on Di Jiu’s understanding of the third step, Ye Zifeng should be at the early-stage Creation Realm of the third step, while this man’s cultivation realm was higher than that. The latter was either at the Integration Realm or the Creation Realm. Both Cao Xi and Du Zihen had told Di Jiu before that it was extremely difficult, to the point that it was impossible, to attain the Creation Realm in the Five-Element Universe.

In that case, this man should be at the Integration Realm.

Di Jiu had not expected to encounter an Integration Realm expert in the void of the universe. Di Jiu would not have been in the mood to ask for directions if he had not completely comprehended his own Dao. What he wanted to do most now was get as far away from this place as possible.

The fair-skinned man seemed to sense Di Jiu’s wariness, so he smiled amicably and said, “We are in the same boat. I accidentally entered this place because of some matters related to my pride. Over the years, I’ve been cultivating here while trying to find the way out. So many years have passed… Despite gaining some understanding of this place, I’m still unable to find the way out.”

Since the issue of the locale ball was disregarded, Di Jiu did not continue pursuing the matter. The words and actions of the man were very polite, which instead made Di Jiu feel uncomfortable.

This was not the first time he had encountered someone stronger than him, yet this was the first time he felt this way.

Di Jiu wanted to bid him farewell, but the fair-skinned man spoke up. “I’m Ji Fengyu. Have you heard of me before?”

Then, Ji Fengyu looked closely for any changes in Di Jiu’s expression.

Ji Fengyu? Di Jiu had not heard of this name before, so he shook his head and replied with a smile, “I only started cultivating not too long ago, so I have not heard the names of many well-known experts of past generations.”

Di Jiu’s expression confirmed his claim. Ji Fengyu smiled in self-mockery before asking, “May I know your name?”

“I’m Di Jiu. Since you are not very sure of what is going on here, I will take my leave first.” Di Jiu was unwilling to spend more time with Ji Fengyu, for he felt that the latter seemed to be a cunning man.

Jing Xihua, who had escaped to the Mountain Gaze Forbidden Zone, looked cunning as well, but the two men’s cunning nature was different. Jing Xihua was more of a cautious and meticulous man who was seeking profit and avoiding any kind of conflict. On the other hand, Ji Fengyu was like a poisonous snake, friendly-looking but merciless when he took action.

Ji Fengyu shook his head, took out a crystal ball and handed it to Di Jiu. “Daoist Di, you might not be able to find the way out no matter how long you try if you intend to do so in this manner. The plane of this universe cannot be ripped unless your cultivation level has reached the maximum of what this universe can hold. Take a look at this locale ball of mine. It contains the information I’ve gleaned over the years. I’ve also labeled some locations in the locale ball that might be helpful to you.”

Di Jiu had thought that Ji Fengyu did not want to give him the locale ball. Unexpectedly, Ji Fengyu gave it to him just as he was about to leave.

He would not have accepted it if this had happened elsewhere. However, in this place, it was difficult for Di Jiu to reject such a kind offer. It was impossible to spend tens of thousands of years trying to figure out the way out.

As he used his Spiritual Force to check the locale ball, he raised his guard against Ji Fengyu. Di Jiu’s attention was quickly drawn to the locale ball, which contained quite a few markings. Among them were two void whirlpools that were very similar to the one he had used to enter the Heavenly Witch Realm.

Other than the two void whirlpools, there was also a void ocean. Upon looking at the void ocean, Di Jiu recalled the Chaotic Wooden Zither he was carrying. This zither had belonged to Qu Fang, whom he had become acquainted with in the Xian Ocean. Di Jiu did not know if Qu Fang was still alive. The fact that the Chaotic Wooden Zither had been found on Xing Xi meant that Qu Fang was likely dead.

After looking through the locale ball, Di Jiu returned it to Ji Fengyu. “Thank you, Daoist Ji. Did you enter the two void whirlpools to take a look?”

What puzzled Di Jiu was that the dangerous Ji Fengyu had not launched a sneak attack on him.

Perhaps, given the disparity between their cultivation levels, Ji Fengyu did not need to sneak an attack to be able to suppress Di Jiu fully. So why had Ji Fengyu chosen inaction instead? Was Di Jiu overthinking this?

Ji Fengyu did not accept the locale ball. Instead, he grimaced and replied, “You can keep it, Daoist Di. I have seen those two void whirlpools. My strength is not bad, but I feel that they are quite dangerous. As for that void ocean, I have never been there. Perhaps there could be hope if we headed over.”

“Thank you.” Di Jiu put the locale ball away. “I came here because I accidentally entered a void whirlpool. May I know how you came here?” he inquired.

Since Ji Fengyu did not intend to attack him and had even given him a locale ball, Di Jiu did not want to travel alone. Two people were better than one after all.

Ji Fengyu became despondent as he sighed and replied, “Back then, a very well-known expert invited everyone to a banquet. I attended it as well. However, when I got there, there was a fella with the surname Ye who was really hot-tempered. To showcase his strength, he stopped me from approaching the tables and forcefully chased me away. I felt that my pride was wounded as a result, so I left the banquet. In the end, I accidentally stepped into a void whirlpool and arrived at this space.”

Di Jiu looked at Ji Fengyu in surprise, for what the latter claimed was unbelievable. However, based on Ji Fengyu’s tone and Dao runes, Di Jiu sensed that he was speaking the truth. Someone had indeed chased him away and prevented him from claiming his seat. Such a person actually existed?

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