My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots

Chapter 684 - Working Together As Husband And Wife

Chapter 684: Working Together As Husband And Wife

The old master quickly nodded and followed Chi Yang and his granddaughter-in-law into their private room.

Since it was a private restaurant, they could park their own cars at the entrance of each private room. Furthermore, the location was hidden, so other than summoning the staff through the device provided, the private rooms were quite far from each other.

“Add a seat for Uncle Leng. He wants to come over.”

“Why is he here?”

“I don’t know. He only asked where we’re having dinner and said he’s coming.”

Chi Yang raised his eyebrows. Why did he feel that this person was becoming more and more courageous? Was he no longer afraid of being drowned in dog chow?

“Grandpa, are you hungry?” Zhong Nuannuan asked.

“I’m not hungry. I’ve already eaten so many snacks from Jiang District with you. Let’s wait for Lil Leng to come before we eat together.”

Zhong Nuannuan also felt that the old master should not be hungry yet, so she asked the waiter to serve the tea first and waited for Leng Jinpeng to arrive before everyone started eating.

The three of them were originally sitting inside the private room. Since it was not time to eat yet, the eight guards were patrolling the courtyard. Everything was peaceful and quiet.

Suddenly, both Chi Yang and Nuannuan reacted.

Chi Yang sat on the old master’s left side while Nuannuan was to the old master’s right. Nuannuan suddenly moved first. When she told Chi Yang to be careful, she had already pressed the old master’s body down.

Just as the old master’s body bent down, a high-quality black iron ashtray flew over in front of the old master’s forehead.

A bullet hit the ashtray and let out a sharp screech. As the bullet ricoheted, the ashtray was flung out as well. It smashed through the window behind them and crashed into a masked killer who was trying to rush in through the back window.

The assassin was knocked off his feet by the ashtray before getting shot dead by the guards who came into the private room.

Soon, a large group of masked killers rushed into the private room. The guards outside the door soon started fighting with these killers.

There were so many killers, probably amounting to around a dozen at first glance. Not only were they highly skilled, but they were also huge and tall. They did not look like they were from Camino and looked more like assassins hired from abroad instead.

Several guards tried to approach the old master, but they were all held back by the killers.

Almost all of the weapons used by the killers were machine guns. This put the guards who were only armed with handguns at a disadvantage.

Even though no one was injured so far, they were far more suppressed when it came to fire power.

This group of killers had excellent training. They assigned ten people to deal with eight guards, while the remaining ten focused their firepower on Zhong Nuannuan, Chi Yang, and Old Master.

Using the marble table to shield himself from the fire, CHi Yang fished out a pistol and handed it to Nuannuan.

“Nuannuan, can you?”

Nuannuan nodded. “No problem.”

With Nuannuan’s assurance, Chi Yang rushed out without any hesitation.

Even though he did not have a gun on him when facing the ten killers that surrounded them in a fan shape, the second Chi Yang flipped forward, ten water glasses flew out into different directions and crashed into the heads of the ten assassins that were raining bullets at them.

Even though the water glasses could not kill them, Chi Yang’s strength made the ten assassins dizzy from the impact.

Taking advantage of the moment when the assassins were stunned, Chi Yang threw a punch and an elbow at the heads of the two assassins, blowing up their heads on the spot.

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