My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots

Chapter 1144 - Being Unscrupulous

Chapter 1144: Being Unscrupulous

“What do you mean by I’m being unscrupulous? How can you say that? Get this straight. The child will come from our Nuannuan’s womb. Why can’t the child follow her surname?”

Chi Zeyao, “…!!!”

Why did it feel like the two old masters could fight about everything?

He could not imagine how these two bad-tempered men could have been friends for decades.

The argument between the two elders got worse that Chi Zeyao was sure that they were about to break out into a fight. Chi Zeyao could have attempted to stop them, but he chose to wheel himself away silently instead.

He went away to make more tea. They could drink the tea later after Nuannuan and Chi Yang came down.

As for the two elders, since they had been arguing for decades and were still so close to each other, perhaps they would stop arguing when Nuannuan finally came down.

As expected, before Nuannuan and Chi Yang came down and Chi Zeyao came out with a pot of tea, the two elders were already playing chess with smiles on their faces.

“What do you think their third child should be called?”

“Think about what we should call the first and the second one first.”

“Oh, ho, ho! You sly old fox. Since when did you set up a trap here?”

“Ahahahaha, I knew you wouldn’t see it. You still want to fight me with your incompetence?”

“Hehe, I’m the incompetent one? Fine, fine, fine. Take these few pieces away. I’ll tell you who’s the incompetent one here.”

Finally, when Chi Yang and Nuannuan came downstairs, it was almost one in the afternoon.

Since Old Master Chi and Second Uncle did not summon them for lunch, the two youngsters came down to see what was going on. In the end, they found out that Old Master Nangong was in the house.

“Grandpa, why are you here?”

When Old Master Nangong saw his granddaughter, he was extremely excited.

“Nuannuan, you’re finally down! I heard from Grandpa Chi that you’ve been helping Chi Yang in Eagle for the past few days?”

“Yes, that’s because the people that Big Brother Chi Yang wants to capture are also the people that I’m looking for. Thus, we joined hands.”

“Oh! That’s great, that’s great! I know that my Nangong family’s daughter is definitely the best! You certainly didn’t rest much yesterday. You’ve come down so early… Does that mean you’re done resting?”

Nuannuan was pleasantly surprised by her grandfather’s pampering the moment she came down. She felt a little flattered.

After all…

She had already acknowledged the Nangong family as her own, so she should return frequently. However, she did not seem to have returned to the Nangong family at all.

Old Master Nangong lived in the same residential compound, but she had never been there before.

That was why when she saw her grandfather today, she realized that she already had a family. It would not be proper if she kept staying out.

However, Old Master Nangong had no intention of blaming her at all as he showered her with questions that asked only of her wellbeing. This made Nuannuan feel guilty.

“Grandpa, I had a good rest last night. It’s just that the facilities aren’t all great in the special forces, so I came back to wash up. I’m sorry, I’ve been a little busy recently and I haven’t been visiting. I’ll find time to come home often after this.”

Tears welled up in Old Master Nangong’s eyes.

That was all he wanted to hear!

His Nuannuan never had any real family since she was young, thus it was understandable that she did not have a strong sense of kinship.

However, when she met Chi Yang and the Chi family, who treated her well, she habitually treated them as her family.

His granddaughter was excellent in everything, except the fact that she was too pitiful.

“Of course! Of course! When you’re coming back, call your grandpa or uncle in advance. You can go anywhere you want. Grandpa has prepared a bedroom for you, okay?”

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