My Sassy ‘Crown Princess’

Chapter 852 - Anomalies in the Stone Tablet Woods (2)

852. Anomalies in the Stone Tablet Woods (2)

Translator: Guy Gone Bad

Mo Fei stood in front of the stone tablets, totally immersed in it with all his heart and soul.

Soon it was a few days. In those days, Mo Fei kept studying the content on those stone tablets, be it day and night, totally forgetting himself.

Mo Fei had come to the thirty-eighth stone tablet now, many people all cast their eyes on him now.

Tang Jie, the most outstanding talent of the young generation, was only on the fortieth one now.

Lou Yu looked at Mo Fei, frowning slightly.

“Xiao Chen, will Mo Fei be all right?” Lou Yu was worried.

Xiao Chen shook his head, “Don’t worry, he’d be fine. Now he should have entered into the suddenly enlightenment phase. After he gets sober, his potion skills will skyrocket.” In the end, Xiao Chen even showed some kind of jealous feeling.

“Thirty-eighth stone tablet already? Never expected this guy could go this far!”

“Is he putting on an act? I saw that he has spent a very long time on the first one. How is it possible he getting faster and faster?”

“I don’t think so. It’s not like he is pretending.”

“Is it possible he has really comprehended things on those stone tablets?”

“No way! He even had no balls to compete with Feng Ru. How would he have that abilities?”

Mo Fei now was wandering in the starry sky at the moment, with his soul being purified again and again.

“The thirty-ninth one!”

“The fortieth one, he has caught up with Tang Jie now!”

“The forty-first one!”

“This guy must be faking it. Why didn’t he get devoured by the seal?”


Mo Fei’s brain kept working fast, hand gestures keeping changing.

Lou Yu stood aside, carefully guarding him.

“The forty-fifth one!”

“This guy must be faking it! The content on those stone tablets is 10+ times harder every time. Only those heavenly masters could comprehend the forty-fifth one!”

“He is grandstanding!”

People’s sarcasm and disdain were ringing in the air, while Mo Fei was completely immersing in his comprehension of potions, totally ignoring others’ response.

Lou Yu stood by, intently, in case of any sudden attack.

“Pengfei, that guy Mo Fei has moved to the forty-fifth one!” Tang Jin looked horrified.

Wei Pengfei coldly smiled, “Just faking it! If he is really that capable, why he even had no balls to compete with Feng Ru?”

Chu Jun fanned his folding fan, “I got to have a competition with him. Whether he is a horse or a mouse, we’ll only know after we try.”

“The forty-sixth one!” People were exclaiming.

“What is this fellow doing? Only afraid other people don’t know he’s cheating?” A cultivator was full of contempt.

Waves of green light were sparkling in the Stone Tablet Woods, which amazed everyone there.

Except Mo Fei, all the others had been driven out of the Stone Tablet Woods.

“Is this the resonant those stone tablets?” Tang Jin popped out his eyes and looked at the scene before his eyes with disbelief.

Wei Pengfei’s face looked ghastly pale, “Are you mistaken?”

“No, Mo Fei is kept inside, while others all got excluded out, which completely coincides with the resonant anomalies recorded in the ancient books!” Tang Jin said solemnly.

Chu Jun wore a sullen face, “How is it possible?”

The resonance is a special phenomenon caused by the pharmacist’s certain understanding of the contents of those stone tablets.

All through the ages, pharmacists who had caused this phenomenon, without exception, had some extraordinary talent in the field of potions, and such pharmacists, as long as there was no accidental death, had made it to heavenly class.

Since Mo Fei had caused this phenomenon, it meant that he already had set one of his feet in the heavenly class.

At such a young age, Mo Fei had already had such accomplishment. If they did nothing, they’d be far left behind.

Green light was giving off in the stone tablet woods and got into Mo Fei’s sense sea.

Mo Fei felt the rapid growth of his soul force, a surge of understanding rising from the heart, the original barrier on potions seemed to be broken suddenly.

Xiao Chen stood outside the stone tablet woods, surprised, “Mo Fei has reached this step already? What a rare talent!”

Lou Yu asked Xiao Chen while looking in the direction of the woods, “Will Mo Fei be all right?”

Xiao Chen nodded, “Sure, this is a huge lucky chance! Any pharmacist who triggers the resonance would reap huge benefits!”

“Huge benefits?” Asked Lou Yu.

Xiao Chen nodded, “It is possible to get the potion inheritance.”

Lou Yu squinted his eyes, “Really?”

Lou Yu’s eyes were closely staring at Mo Fei. Mo Fei had been too shining today. Now a lot of eyes should be staring at him now!

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