My MCV and Doomsday

Chapter 649 - Cliff Tension

Chapter 649: Cliff Tension

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“Xiyu!” screamed Li Yuxin. She was anxious to the point of crying. Not only was Jiang Liushi in a perilous situation, but also Xiang Xuehai and Ran Xiyu had received heavy injuries. They were on a road of no return now. Unfortunately, Li Yuxin was not a fighter. But what she could do was heal Ran Xiyu and Xiang Xuehai as fast as possible.

As the Chancellor was distracted by Ran Xiyu and Xiang Xuehai, Jiang Liushi howled, and the sword in his hand emitted countless rays of blue light. After absorbing the energy from all the level-2 mutant nuclei he possessed, Jiang Liushi could summon the whole cluster of blur light, which was almost the size of a bathtub now. At this moment, Jiang Liushi poured all his energy in the sword, which in turn became as dazzling as the bright sun hanging in the sky.

“What?” The Chancellor was taken aback by the sudden change. He only felt that the sword in Jiang Liushi’s hands became hotter, and its temperature kept increasing. At the same time, the rays of blue light were trying to break through his armor and penetrate his body.

“Go die!” shouted the Chancellor. But in the blink of an eye, Jiang Liushi had pounced at him!

The collision caused the ground under the Chancellor’s feet to cave in and explode. Although Jiang Liushi’s attack was effective, the airflow generated by the collision sent him several meters backward.

“Brother!” shouted Jiang Zhuying while staring at her brother with red eyes. The battle was so intense and high-speed that Jiang Zhuying could not even assist her brother with her power. Fortunately, Jiang Liushi was not grievously wounded.

At that moment, dense blue arcs of electricity enveloped Jiang Zhuying’s body, before she opened her hands and concentrated all her power. In the next instant, she formed a blue bolt of lightning in front of her, and the whole place was lit up by the dancing sparks in the air, while the installed lights’ glass shattered. Currently, Jiang Zhuying was manipulating the electricity of the relic’s power station, enhancing her terrifying bolt of lightning.

Suddenly, Jiang Zhuying grabbed the bolt of lightning and flung it like a spear at the Chancellor! In terms of combat power, Jiang Zhuying was stronger than Ran Xiyu and Xiang Xuehai. As for the speed of the bolt of lightning, it was almost impossible for anyone to surpass it.

Soon, the Chancellor was struck by the bolt of lightning, and his whole body was enshrouded by blue and white lights. The instantaneous temperature generated by lightning could reach tens of thousands of degrees Celsius, which was several times higher than the surface temperature of the sun! Even the Chancellor, who was equipped with Cruel Angel, was unable to move as his muscles turned stiff!

Ying grasped the opportunity to attack at once. Swiftly, she launched the Air Cannon, which had long accumulated energy. What followed were an ear-piercing sound and a black laser-like beam that hit the Chancellor’s sternum!

A series of violent explosions reverberated throughout the underground space. With every explosion, the Chancellor was sent flying at high-speed, before crashing against the wall. A huge hole and countless cracks appeared on the wall, and then humongous rocks came crashing down on the Chancellor’s body.

At that moment, Jiang Liushi, who was hurt, jumped up. Holding the Vulcan in his right hand, he poured all the energy he had in it and started shooting at once.

Once again, the Vulcan spewed long tongues of fire while shooting thick pen-like bullets. In just a second, Jiang Liushi shot about 100 bullets that were enhanced by his blue light – their destructive power was simply unimaginable!

The rocks obstructing the bullets were turned to dust. Jiang Liushi kept pouring his energy in the bullets desperately. Unfortunately, unable to withstand the load, the Vulcan stopped firing bullets! It was no different than scrapped metal now!

Jiang Liushi’s heart was beating very fast. The crazy barrage, which didn’t even last even a minute, had actually consumed 60% of his energy. However, Jiang Liushi was not confident that his barrage was effective at all. Hence, he threw the Vulcan and jumped on his tour bus.

“Go!” shouted Jiang Liushi, and Ying steeped in the gas, driving the tour bus in reverse.

“Brother Jiang!” Li Yuxin was confused. In her mind, they should strike while the iron was hot. Even if they couldn’t kill the Chancellor, they should at least give him grievous injuries. If not, once he recovered, they would lose every chance to leave. Cruel Angel could enable the Chancellor fly, which meant they would have nowhere to hide.

“Exit the site and prepare the Air Cannon! I’ll enhance it with my blue energy to the point we’ll cause the whole mountain to collapse. It’s the only way!” explained Jiang Liushi quickly.

Meeting the enemy, Jiang Liushi didn’t dare to be negligent at all. Starseed could sense the Cruel Angel’s state, and according to the energy readings, Jiang Liushi had already confirmed how powerful it was.

As the tour bus was about to reach the exit, a shadow flew past it at an incredible speed, and blocked their way – it was the Chancellor.

“What a… smart choice!” Under the icy black mask, the Chancellor’s voice sounded awfully low.

Jiang Liushi’s tour bus came to a sudden stop 20 meters away from the Chancellor.

The Chancellor slowly twisted his neck and shoulders. It seemed that he was in pain. “I really underestimated you. Your last attack reminded what pain feels like, and my body was almost smashed…” he said while touching his chest, which was full of bullet holes!

Jiang Liushi ignited 1,000 depleted uranium armor-piercing projectiles, which were stored in the storage space, and guided them with his blue energy. Then, he struck the Chancellor with them in a matter of a few seconds.

A large hole appeared on the Chancellor’s abdomen, however, in front of the insignia-like metal claws on his chest was a ball of black light–it had actually stopped the bullets from penetrating his chest!

Seeing that, Jiang Liushi drew a cold breath. He clearly knew that the ball of black light was the Cruel Angel’s energy core. Unless they destroyed it, all efforts would be futile. Unfortunately, it was indestructible, or it was better to say that with Jiang Liushi’s current level of strength, it was impossible for him to destroy it…

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