My Hidden Wife is Sweet

Chapter 1062 - With That Man?

Chapter 1062: With That Man?

“Yes,” Fu Hanzheng answered briefly and left with Fu Shiqin.

When they returned to the old mansion, Fu Shiyi had already arrived.

Fu Shengying stared at the two people who came in with a dark face and pointed at the newspaper on the table before they sat down.

“What is going on?”

Fu Hanzheng glanced at the newspaper and sat down calmly.

Fu Shengying sighed and looked at Fu Shiqin, knowing that he would not be able to get anything out of him.

“Didn’t you go to the banquet with him yesterday? What happened?”

Fu Shiqin shrank his neck under his father’s glare and said honestly as he sat down, “The paparazzi was filming a scandal between a rich second-generation heir and a famous supermodel, and they accidentally filmed our brother. When our brother saw the news this afternoon, he asked someone to silence the newspapers…”

What he meant was that this report was not made by them but by someone else. They had already shut down the newspapers out of anger.

“I didn’t ask you how they got the pictures. I asked you about your brother and that man!” Fu Shengying slapped the newspaper on the table and stressed his point.

Fu Shiqin glanced at his brother discreetly and then at his father as he said cowardly, “Dad, I don’t dare to say it.”

Fu Shengying glanced at Fu Hanzheng and said to Fu Shiqin, “Tell me! What can he do to you?”

Fu Shiqin threw a helpless look at his brother and said, “We were supposed to attend a banquet, but our brother drank too much and…”

“He is hugging a man after drinking too much. Is that something your brother is capable of?” Fu Shengying said furiously.

“Well… that man looks a bit like sister-in-law. Our brother got drunk and mistook him as sister-in-law and kissed him,” Fu Shiqin said as he stole a look at Fu Shengying and the Old Lady. “But our brother did not see her, he just… mistook this man for her…”

Fu Shiyi watched Fu Shiqin’s performance with great interest. He was almost as good as him.

Then he cooperated with him exaggeratedly.

“He did and he even kissed him, right?”

Fu Shiqin sighed helplessly and whispered, “He truly misses my sister-in-law.”

Fu Shengying got so nervous that he turned to Fu Hanzheng who had been silent.

“Is what he said true?”

“It is,” Fu Hanzheng said coldly.

Fu Shengying did not fully believe him. He looked at him and then at Fu Shiqin.

“The media took pictures of you and dared to report it without informing you?”

It was not clear whether it was an accident or a deliberate one.

“What are you talking about? It is just a small news agency. They even sold some pictures and made a fortune.”

Fu Shiqin got so annoyed that he struck the table. The news agency had made the arrangements, so of course he could not let anyone know that his brother had instigated them.

“Look at you, how will people look at you and the Fu Family?” Fu Shengying looked at Fu Hanzheng angrily.

Now the whole Hua Land was saying that he liked men.

“You asked our brother to get a divorce, but you did not allow him to see sister-in-law. Our brother drank too much and when he saw someone who looked like sister-in-law, he could not help but feel helpless. Can’t you at least understand?” Fu Shiqin spoke up for his brother.

Fu Shengying glared at Fu Shiqin and snapped at Fu Hanzheng.

“Were you really with that man last night?”

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