My Crown Prince Consort Is a Firecracker!

Chapter 1232 - : This Is a Dream?

Chapter 1232: This Is a Dream?

The view before him was hazy, as if he was peering through a layer of thin mist.

The second young sir teetered as he parted the gold-beaded curtain. He gazed at a pot of begonia in full bloom, lost in thought.

Beside the large, spotless bed inlaid with walnut wood inside the bedroom, there was also the sight of familiar stationery on the desk.

A pot of unfinished tea was giving off steam.

Why did all of this look so familiar?

Beyond the beaded curtain, there seemed to be someone speaking behind a screen.

The second young sir got closer. When he saw that obscure yet familiar figure underneath the fluttering white sheer curtain, it felt as if something had struck his heart, causing him to just freeze there.

This, this back silhouette… why was it so similar to his?

Afterwards, he heard a tender voice exhorting with a chuckle, “Ah-Xin, you haven’t truly fallen in love with that woman and want to marry her, right. You must not forget your status. Your father will absolutely not permit you to marry a woman without a saving grace.”

“If you are to marry, you should marry a lady from a patrician family, like me, no? That woman cannot assist you at all.”

When the second young sir heard that woman saying this from across the white sheer curtain, he clenched his fists for some reason.

“Tsk.” This was the sound of disdain.

The second young sir abruptly widened his eyes and shot over a glance like a bolt of lightning.

He, where was he right now?

In a dream?

Why did it feel like he had been there as an actor? It was like he was watching himself from his past life talking to someone.

“Ah-Xin, at least take a stance.”

“You’re thinking too much.” He heard his own voice drifting over through the fluttering white sheer curtain.

His present mood fell into turmoil, and he took a step, as if wanting to rush over and stop himself from saying the following words.

However, he discovered that he had been confined in a tiny space. He could only watch them but could not touch or stop them.

Don’t say it! Don’t continue! The second young sir inexplicably felt his own heart squeezing.

It was like if he watched himself from his past life finish those heartless words, then it would induce some irreversible situation.

“If it were you, would you marry a disabled cripple for a wife?” The unfeeling voice continued, “She, is only a little pet of mine.”

“I will naturally play with a pet when I’m happy and neglect her when I’m not. Just watch, she will obediently call me ‘Master’ in the future.”

The woman chuckled, her resounding laughter piercing through his ears like a demonic chant.

As the second young sir watched everything happen before him with a vacant look, he saw someone wheel out a wooden wheelchair from behind a long cabinet.

That rolling wheelchair seemed to be crushing his heart as it came closer, hurting him so much that his eyebrows creased.

He heard that woman giggle as she bantered, “Ah-Xin, your little pet heard you.”

He could clearly see himself from his past life change his expression imperceptibly under the moonlight.

The moment he wanted to rush over and see the person who was hanging her head and huddled on the wheelchair, he stepped on nothingness and plummeted downward.

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