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Chapter 1407 - A Blessing In Disguise

Chapter 1407: A Blessing In Disguise

The next morning, Wang Yu woke up early to see Li Xue and the two other ladies seated in the living room with swollen eyes. It seemed like the ladies did not take the news well.

This wasn’t hard to comprehend because they were such good friends. Nobody could perk themselves up after the sudden loss of one.

Back then, Uncle Bull cried throughout the night after losing a good friend. Li Xue and the other girls were taking this better than Uncle Bull did back then. Even though they did not know where their friend went, they had a rough idea.


Wang Yu sighed when he saw how depressed the ladies were.

Back in the game, the other players from the Quan Zhen Sect were already waiting for Wang Yu.

One could tell that Raging Flames Monarch was going to be one hell of an incredible BOSS just from the name itself.

Everyone played this game for one goal and that was to become stronger. To become stronger, there were three main factors: equipment, experience and skills. Skills required time to polish but the first two factors would come from a BOSS. With such a massive BOSS waiting for them to kill, everyone was naturally more energetic than ever.

A Level 80 Obsidian BOSS with an elite clone. His actual body had to be at least Ancient level.

A BOSS of this calibre was naturally going to have high drop rates on peak grade equipment. Additionally, this would be the first kill.

If it wasn’t for the fact that only Wang Yu could trigger the BOSS, these fellas from the Quan Zhen Sect would have already gone ahead to test the waters at the mining area.

By now, Wang Yu was also considered a veteran player so he naturally knew how the Quan Zhen Sect was feeling. Seeing how anxious everyone was, Wang Yu waved his hands and said, “Alright, let’s go!”

“No hurry!” Fearless stopped him as he continued, “Did you forget that we need twenty players for this quest. I’ve contacted Sanguine Warflag so their men should be arriving soon.”

After saying that, Fearless intentionally added one more sentence mysteriously, “Oh yes, Sanguine Warflag mentioned that the people following us on the quest this time will be a group of experts and we will definitely not be expecting them.”

“Really?” Vainglory argued, “After being tricked by Void Blade, there are not a lot of experts left in their guild. I can even count them with one hand so who could it be that we will not expect?”


After saying that, the door of the bar opened up and a few players walked in.

This person leading the way was extraordinarily tall and sturdy. Not only was he taller than Wang Yu, but his shoulder was also twice as wide as Wang Yu.

A massive player like that was rarely seen, even in the class of Guardians. However, this player carried a huge and green wooden bow. There were magic runes carved onto the wooden bow and one could tell that it was a God-grade weapon.

The arrows at the back of this Archer were exceedingly thick. In fact, they were even thicker than a Knight’s spear.

“It’s you?!!!”

Everyone cried out once they saw who the Archer was.

The burly Archer was none other than Kingdom of Hell’s leader, God of Death’s Left Hand. Following behind him was evidently the players from Kingdom of Hell.

“Eh? You guys?”

God of Death’s Left Hand was also astonished and in disbelief to see the Quan Zhen Sect.

Before coming to Yamatai City, God of Death’s Left Hand also found out from Sanguine Warflag that the guild which needed help from them was a guild who managed to take down the biggest main city of the Black Dragon Guild’s reign throughout Immortal Island…

God of Death’s Left Hand had no idea how strong the Black Dragon Guild was because he never had any contact with them. However, it was clear that Yamatai City surpassed Saga City in every aspect. A guild capable of keeping Sanguine Alliance satisfied in Saga City had to be a guild of comparable reputation/abilities as Sanguine Alliance. To think that this guild was actually the Quan Zhen Sect…

Of course, it wasn’t a secret that Wang Yu was the City Lord of Twilight City. It wasn’t hard for God of Death’s Left Hand to convince himself after realising that the Quan Zhen Sect was able to become the tyrant in Twilight City even with Sanguine Alliance beside them.

On the other hand, the Quan Zhen Sect was extremely surprised at how Kingdom of Hell and Sanguine Alliance managed to come together.

Kingdom of Hell was an old guild with abilities that no one was ever going to question. In terms of individual strength, God of Death’s Left Hand was stronger than every other player from the Quan Zhen Sect with the exception of Wang Yu. Even Yang Nuo would struggle to deal with an expert like God of Death’s Left Hand.

And didn’t Kingdom of Hell have a sponsor? Since when did they come together with the Sanguine Alliance? This was what the Quan Zhen Sect couldn’t wrap their heads around.

Ming Du was the most straightforward as he asked, “Since when did you guys come together with Sanguine Alliance? Don’t you guys have a sponsor already? Where is that sword guy?”

“Sword of Thunderbolt!” Boson corrected him.

“Yes, Sword of Thunderbolt!” Ming Du continued.

“This…” God of Death’s Left Hand seemed a little embarrassed, “Results have never been the most important to us, Kingdom of Hell. What we value is pride so we terminated our contract right after the professional tournament.”

Even though it was common for professional players to change guild every now and then, it was harder for the fans to accept that. More often than not, the fans would even label them as traitors which was why God of Death’s Left Hand actually felt embarrassed when explaining himself.

However, his explanation was reasonable. After all, a team’s ability to produce results is heavily dependent on their strategist as well as the tacit understanding and rapport with their teammates. Sword of Thunderbolt’s playing style was clearly different from the Kingdom of Hell’s players. Since both parties were unable to change the way they worked, separation was inevitable.

“So you guys joined Sanguine Alliance?” Ming Du asked.

“En!” God of Death’s Left Hand nodded, “Coincidentally, Sanguine Alliance needed men which was why they came to us with a contract. Moreover, Sanguine Warflag is a really nice person.”

This was true because Sanguine Warflag had always been someone who did nothing while getting others to do the work for him. During the first time they cooperated with the Quan Zhen Sect, he listened to everything a scheming person like Fearless said. Therefore, he was naturally not going to interfere with what the Kingdom of Hell’s players wanted to do.

“Heh… Sanguine Warflag is really having a good life.”

The Quan Zhen Sect couldn’t help but exclaim when they heard what God of Death’s Left Hand said.

This bunch of players from Kingdom of Hell were not simple at all. As compared to the players who left the Sanguine Alliance, they were even stronger. In addition to God of Death’s Left Hand, they were a bunch who could even match the Kyushu Squad. It was merely because of their unique playing style that no one wanted to sponsor them.

Everything turned out well after Sanguine Warflag had his top players poached by Void Blade. To think that he actually managed to sign these players from Kingdom of Hell.

Sanguine Alliance lacked experts while Kingdom of Hell lacked a sponsor. Now that both parties complemented each other perfectly, their strength was raised to yet another level. This was a great epitome for a blessing in disguise. It seemed like the closer the Sanguine Alliance was to the Quan Zhen Sect, the more luck and fortune they managed to rub on themselves.

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