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Chapter 1314 - An Overwhelming Bloodbath

Chapter 1314: An Overwhelming Bloodbath

At the thought of this, Captain Don’t Open Fire looked at Fearless with eyes of admiration.

This was not merely a question of attack and defence.

One must know that there were fifty thousand pirates in Harbor City. There were fifty times more enemies than players on the outside.

If everyone really charged in like Captain Don’t Open Fire said, it was only a matter of time before they were surrounded by monsters like dumplings. The eventual outcome was definitely obliteration.

With the canyon, everything became different. In such a narrow terrain, only a maximum of around ten players could be positioned there.

If they made the canyon their battlefield and got the pirates to attack them instead, the numerical advantage of the pirates would be severely reduced because of the buffer from the terrain. Once the fight began, only a maximum of 30 players would be in contact with each other.

Furthermore, the pirates proficient in long-distance attacks were already taken care of. A third of the players here were Magicians with high damage output so as long as the front row of Guardians could hold their ground, the victory at the canyon would be more or less secured.

As for whether the Guardian could hold their ground, this was a question without any doubts.

Under normal circumstances, a Priest would be paired with at least three Guardians. Now that Fearless arranged them in this manner, he managed to achieve a luxurious deployment of one Priest to one Guardian.

Moreover, the staggering of players allowed the players behind to take over the front row players anytime they deemed necessary.

Healing for endurance and substitutes were two aspects which the pirates did not have. By fighting in the canyon, the pirates were definitely going to have a hard time dealing with Fearless’ plan.

It was no wonder Fearless dared to make the bet that he could end the fight in 40 minutes.

Everyone knew how fast Magicians could kill monsters and with that many Magicians releasing their AOE skill at the same time, the effects were going to multiply by several folds.

In such a terrain, if the pirates charged towards them fast enough, ending the war thirty minutes wouldn’t be completely impossible too.

The reason why Fearless got Darknorth Fisher and Wang Yu to steal the alarm bell was so that he could buy time for everyone to get in formation. Otherwise, once the alarm bell sounded, the pirates would swarm forward and start attacking them the moment they arrived at the gate.

“Sound the bell!”

Once everyone was in position, Fearless send a message to Darknorth Fisher.

Darknorth Fisher hung the bell on the tree beside him as he held onto his dagger and swung its shaft towards the bell.

“Dang, dang, dang!”

Once the bell sounded, pirates emerged from their hiding spots.

One could say that in such a situation, monsters without AI were the easiest to deal with. If they had some sort of intelligence, they would have realised that something was amiss when they saw players loitering at the gate despite the presence of a broken gate.

But the pirates disregarded that completely. Once they saw that the city gate was broken and there was a crowd of players at the gate, they swarmed forward without hesitation.

Looking at the surge of pirates entering the canyon, Fearless smiled and instructed, “Guardians, get in position! Magicians, get ready all your AOE skills!”

The moment they received Fearless’ command, the Guardians in front raised their shields and smashed them against the ground.


Following the loud sound, dust flew up from the ground.


At the same time, the pirates clashed firmly against the Guardians.

The pirates were Level 50 elite monsters while the players averaged around Level 53. With the supplement of equipment, players were more than capable of dealing with monsters of the same level. Additionally, the pirates were also carrying a weakened DEBUFF because of Spring Halo’s poison. Their current attributes were much lower than their optimal.

Guardians were jobs of the strongest defences and with that many of them, they were naturally not going to be taken down by these weakened pirates.

When the two parties clashed, the players stood firm while the pirates were unable to break through their defences. In an instant, all of them were gathered together.

At this moment, Fearless ordered, “Release!”

The Magicians at the back finished condensing their AOE magic as they released them altogether.

Magic radiances of all types and colour made all kinds of sounds as they gathered concurrently. Chains of lightning, blizzards, flames and tsunamis essentially enveloped all the pirates at the front. The entire canyon was engulfed in magic attacks.

The concurrent release of over ten Magician’s AOE skills was relatively frightening. Even though it couldn’t be described as heaven-destruction worthy, there was indeed a pile of skeletons after an attack of this scale.

Once the magic attacks subsided, white lights glowed as over a hundred pirates were killed just like that. On the other hand, the Guardians holding the line merely had their shield durability reduced by half from this wave of attacks.

As the Priests at the back started healing the Guardians, they welcomed the second wave of pirate attacks.


The two sides clashed and yet another wave of magic attacks landed and yet another wave of pirates were exterminated within seconds.

As this repeated itself over and over again, the pirates were obliterated wave after wave.

The relentless charge of the pirates without any regards to the consequences was placing quite a bit of pressure on the players. If Spring Halo hadn’t added a layer of weakening BUFF via the poison on the pirates, their defences would have been broken through by now.

Even so, after a few more waves of attacks like that, the front row of Guardians was on the verge of exhausting all their Hinder value. The Magicians at the back also had their skills entering CD.


Fearless instructed once he saw what the situation was becoming. Whether it was Guardians, Priests or Magicians, the players at the back row took one step forward and replaced the players in front. The players being replaced started healing each other.

Without any strategy, the pirates could merely rely on their numbers as they continued to charge forward.




Relying on the terrain advantage and the determined defence of the players, the number of pirates dying increased. Looking at the decreasing number of enemies left in the quest tab, Captain Don’t Open Fire couldn’t help but smile.

Ever since the start of the battle, only five minutes had passed and over ten thousand pirates were killed. At this rate, claiming that he could end the war in forty minutes seemed like a safe bet.

Presently, Captain Don’t Open Fire was utterly convinced by Fearless and he held nothing but respect and admiration for him.

In the past where the Quan Zhen Sect managed to oppress both Void Blade and Sanguine Alliance, Captain Don’t Open Fire had his own beliefs.

After all, Void Blade was defeated by Wang Yu alone which explained why Captain Don’t Open Fire wasn’t entirely convinced by the rest of the Quan Zhen Sect. He believed that without Wang Yu, the entire Quan Zhen Sect was nothing more than trash.

Today, Captain Don’t Open Fire finally understood why a guild leader of a mighty guild like Sanguine Warflag would go all out to please a person like Fearless.

Damn it! This fella was basically a strategy genius.

Of course, the happiest person had to be Wang Yu. After all, this was Wang Yu’s quest and Captain Don’t Open Fire and the rest were merely participants of it.

“[Moonlight Walk]!!”

Just when everyone thought that this quest was going to be completed easily, a black figure suddenly descended from the sky as he stomped towards the front row of Guardians.

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