MMORPG: Divine Monster Transmuter

Chapter 845 - Discovered

Chapter 845: Discovered

“What did you find out?”

Since Lu Xiaofeng had said so herself, she must have gotten ahold of important news.

Her smile slowly faded. “I tailed a few of the higher ranked members of the Demon Palace and listened in on their conversation. Apparently, they are preparing to take control of the checkpoints of Xingyue Region tonight. After that, they will launch an attack there during the finals of the Tianji Competition!”


Jiang Feng started to frown when he heard this.

The players from Xingyue Region did not seem to know about this yet.

Furthermore, when the finals of the Tianji Competition started, the players would all be solely focused on it.

If the Tianmo Region were to attack at such a time, Xingyue Region would certainly suffer heavy losses. Some cities will definitely be lost as a result, and in the worst case scenario, Xingyue Region will end up being annihilated.

Though the Tianmo Region probably won’t be able to wipe them out completely, only a small number of players will survive the attack. In the not so distant future, inhabitants of Xingyue Region will have no choice but to run away with their tails between their legs.

“Let’s follow them. We must not let them conquer the checkpoint. I’ll contact Rosa. Since the Tianmo Region wants to take control of the checkpoint, we’ll play along. Once the war starts, we’ll obtain even more resources!”

Jiang Feng declared to his squadron.

He realized that as the Tianmo and Xingyue Region players clashed, they could use their invisibility cloaks to take advantage of the situation.

Then, he immediately used his communication wristband to send a message to Rosa.

Beep Beep!

After a short while, Rosa replied with a voice message.

When Jiang Feng played it, he could hear Rosa’s familiar voice. “Jiang Feng, where did you get this information? Is it reliable?”

Jiang Feng replied, “I’m in Tianmo Region now, what do you think?”

This seemed to take Rosa by surprise, who asked, “How did you get into Tianmo Region?”

“Don’t worry about that. You just have to follow the plan I showed you just now. Be quick. You only have about half an hour at most.”

“Okay, I’ll go now. Be careful.”


After hanging up the call with Rosa, Jiang Feng and the others chased after Kui Ke and his army.

What they didn’t know was that the army consisted of a total of ten thousand people.

Moreover, they were all elites and had strengths above Rank-7 Heaven Realm. As if that wasn’t enough, all of them had Black Pills as well, while quite a number of them could summon Earth Souls.

Any one of these people could defeat Jiang Feng’s squadron.

However, due to their large numbers, Kui Ke’s army journeyed slowly, which gave Jiang Feng’s squadron plenty of time to catch up to them.

At the moment, they were only fifty miles away from the checkpoint.

After crossing the mountain in front of them, they would arrive at the cliff where the checkpoint was located.

“Rest here and wait for the other four Demon Kings to arrive.”

Kui Ke’s voice resonated, sounding both loud and clear. As their army had finally arrived at the foot of the mountain, he waved his hand and started to give the tens of thousands of soldiers behind him further instructions.

To prepare for the upcoming battle, they needed to preserve as much inner strength as they could.

As such, a large group of Heavenly Demons had chosen to rest on the spot, while some others went to relieve themselves.

When Jiang Feng saw this, his eyes started to light up. “Follow me.”

This was a good opportunity to take out some of the Heavenly Demons.

As there were so many players there, a missing few surely wouldn’t attract much attention.

Having thought of a plan, Jiang Feng led the nine of them into a thicket.

They watched as two Heavenly Demons relieved themselves by the bushes, chatting away as they did their business.

“After we take down the checkpoint in the Xingyue Region this time, you can come with me. I know that there are a lot of beauties there. When the time comes, we’ll… Hehe!”

“Haha, I’m already getting excited by the thought of killing people and stealing their treasures, while also being able to eat both Mystic Pills and Earth Souls!”


Whoosh… Whoosh… Whoosh…

Just as the two Heavenly Demons were indulging in their fantasies, ten Earth Souls rushed out from the ground in an instant and pierced through their bodies. They didn’t even have time to react. As they fell to the ground, blood spewed everywhere.

Huang Xiaoyu willed the Earth Souls to loot the enemy’s possessions while Sus worked on digging a hole to bury the fresh corpses. Jiang Feng ordered, “Continue!”

Immediately after they were done, the squadron targeted another three players who had left the party.

Whoosh Whoosh Whoosh…

Jiang Feng and the other members suddenly appeared and attacked them head on. Ten Earth Souls rushed out as well, which instantly killed the three defenseless Heavenly Demons.

Huang Xiaoyu and Sus proceeded to clean up another battlefield.

In just ten minutes, the ten of them had managed to take out more than forty lone players.

Dong… Dong…

At that moment, the other four Demon Kings had arrived with their own armies.

Their armies were so large that the ground had begun to shake as they made their way over.

“Rest is over. Let’s go!”

Kui Ke gave the order when he saw the other four Demon Kings arriving.

Once the five armies had gathered, they continued to move towards the checkpoint. However, they failed to notice that there were more than forty people missing among their ranks.

Beep! Beep!

At that moment, Jiang Feng’s communication wristband vibrated.

After taking a look at it, he started to whisper in the team voice, “Rosa and the others have set up a trap. Let’s follow them. We can’t attack for the time being because their numbers are too great.”

The 50,000 strong elite team of Heavenly Demons were very powerful indeed. If Jiang Feng’s squadron had attacked again, they would risk attracting the attention of those with special abilities. If that happened, even the ten of them would not be able to escape with their lives.

Thus, they continued to tail them silently.

Meanwhile, Jiang Feng’s gaze was fixated on Voldemort.

Though Voldemort’s strength was now at Three-Star Heavenly Realm, Jiang Feng still could not understand his ability to instantly kill his opponents.

This made him very curious.

‘Hmm… Something’s not right!’

After observing for a while, he noticed that Voldemort’s footsteps were normal. He was neither too fast nor too slow. As his hands were placed in front of his chest, Jiang Feng could not see them at all. On top of that, he also noticed that the Heavenly Demon army had suddenly become quiet, and there was no noise at all…

If this had been a disciplined army, Jiang Feng would not have thought much of it. However, he knew that they were all Heavenly Demons that killed their enemies viciously.

Furthermore, all of them were barbaric and arrogant, so there was no way they could maintain such order.

“Retreat, quickly retreat!”

Suddenly, a strong sense of danger made Jiang Feng’s hair stand on end. He trusted his instincts and quickly fled to the left.

Feng Qingyang and the others weren’t sure of the situation, but since they heard Jiang Feng calling for them to retreat, they reacted immediately and did the same.

“Keke… you want to escape? It’s not that easy!”

Just when they had managed to skirt the Heavenly Demon army and were running toward the mountain peak on the left, a black shadow rushed out from Voldemort’s body and chased after Jiang Feng.

Perhaps it was because it knew that Jiang Feng was the leader and the one who posed the greatest threat, but this black shadow did not attack the others. Instead, it only targeted Jiang Feng.

‘Damn it, how did this guy notice me!’

As he saw the black shadow charging towards him, Jiang Feng’s face turned deathly pale. He shouted to the other nine people, “All of you, run away quickly. Run towards the checkpoint. Don’t come back for me. If you can escape, then do it!”

Since they had already been discovered, the Huaxia Squadron would definitely be attacked by the Heavenly Demon army if they had stayed for even a moment longer.

Jiang Feng knew this, and did not want his squadron to be completely annihilated. As for himself, as long as he could withstand Voldemort’s attack, there was still hope for him to escape!

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