MMORPG: Divine Monster Transmuter

Chapter 775 - Why Not Place a Wager

Chapter 775: Why Not Place a Wager

The process of creating a Squadron needed to be done within the Tianji Hall.

The procedure was quite simple. Carve out the team emblem and then have everyone leave their handprints on it.

The logo was quite simple. Jiang Feng had created a logo that could best represent China. A dragon!

The dragon was drawn according to Qingqiu. As it was projected out of his mind, it looked very real.

Once the logo came out, he pressed his hand on it and called his Squadron the Huaxia Squadron.

While the other four team members did not know the meaning behind the Squadron’s name, they did not pay much attention to it. After paying the fee, Huaxia Squadron was born.

Ding. Tianji System Prompt: Congratulations, you have formed the “Huaxia Squadron.” As you have created the Squadron, you are the captain. The squadron is currently at Rank C.

Once the squadron had been formed, Jiang Feng then checked the squadron’s information.

Each Squadron could accept 12 people. That meant he could have two different teams and two backup members. The Squadrons were separated into three ranks, representing the C League, B League, and A League.

The leagues were for different groups of people. The C League was for the casuals, the B League was for semi-professionals while the A League was for the professionals.

If he wanted to increase his ranking, he would need to gain good results in his own league, and the Tianji System would automatically grade them.

Other than rewarding player slots and gold coins in Xingyue Area’s tournaments, he could also obtain the maps for Secret Maps that would reveal the locations of treasures. That was quite enticing.

“Come on, let’s get back that 5 million!” Once his squadron had been formed, Jiang Feng then led all of them toward the arena.

“Jiang Feng, I realized that I like your personality more and more,” Sus said with a smile.

“All of you are quite good too.”

Jiang Feng was someone that was not willing to be at a disadvantage. He would feel the pain of giving the 5 million to others for nothing. Not to mention that he borrowed the money from Sus and Wanke, and he needed to pay them back.

He was quite poor right now and had no money that he could use, so he supposed that he would have to get some from Pawa.

That was why he provoked Pawa earlier too.


Previously, when Jiang Feng was confronting Pawa, there were many people on the streets. The news of a newly formed squadron challenging the Bili Squadron became widespread.

There was a plaza at the heart of Xingyue City. On the plaza were several rings prepared for the Freelancers. It was meant to be a place for the neutrally aligned teams to practice. It was also built for them to solve interpersonal issues between teams in a more aggressive manner.

At this time, many people were gathered around the rings. Pawa and his team members were all standing in the middle ring, waiting for Jiang Feng’s team to show up.

When they were waiting, many of the people began to chat among themselves.

Dala was the roaming assassin in Pawa’s team. When he was fighting in team battles, he loved to carry the entire battle. That was why he was very haughty.

“Captain, why aren’t they here yet? Are they scared?”

“Even if they’re scared, we need to be here. No matter what, I will teach that one called Jiang Feng a lesson. From now on, pay attention when you’re all outside the city. If you meet anyone from his squadron, kill them all!” Pawa’s expression was still that of a very disgruntled man.

He would not allow Jiang Feng to escape him so easily after he had humiliated him in front of so many people.

“Captain, here they come!” At this time, another member of the Bili Squadron pointed to somewhere far away.

Pawa and the group then looked at where he was pointing at, and they then saw Jiang Feng, Sus, Wanke, Kalosi, and Huang Xiaoyu walking toward them with their team emblem on their chests.

All the people surrounding the ring opened up a path for them once they saw that the hosts had arrived despite them feeling that Jiang Feng’s team was quite weak in general. That was because they were still waiting for the Bili Squadron to beat up the newbies.

“And here I thought you’re all going to give up. Looks like you’re quite bold!” Pawa sneered when he saw Jiang Feng and the others climb up into the ring.

“Stop wasting your breath. Speaking of which, I think that it’s quite boring if we’re just going to see who wins or loses. Why not place something as a wager?”

“I concur!” Pawa said in a cold tone. “You can decide on what the wager is and the rules of the fight so that others won’t imply that we are bullying the new people!”

From Pawa’s point of view, he would defeat Jiang Feng no matter what he chose to do. He was not afraid that the new Squadron that Jiang Feng had just built would be able to do much.

The most important thing in a team was rapport. A newly built team would have no rapport at all. That meant that they had already won!

“Alright, the wager is 7 million. The rules are simple. Suppress and equalize our powers. Black Pills and Earth Souls cannot be used!” With that, he then opened the ring’s system and set the wager and rules.

He wanted to wager 10 million, but he was afraid that they could not afford it and give up the bet. That was why he took it down a notch and betted only 7 million.

They were all elites, true, and they were all pretty wealthy. Each of their net worth was probably around dozens of millions. However, the reason that their net worth was so high was because of their Secret Manuals, Weapons, and Rare Treasures. They only had a small amount of gold in comparison to their net worth.

For example, Kalosi was quite popular in the Leisi Area and her assets were worth around several dozen million as well. However, she only had around a million worth of gold coins. She had spent most of her money on equipment and secret manuals. If not, it would not be possible for her to not be able to pay the 5 million penalty.

As for the rules, only he had formed a Black Pill. If everyone in the opposite team had already formed their Black pills, they could surrender now. There was no need for them to even continue.

“Whoa… This newbie team is quite rich, willing to wager 7 million at one go. I suppose they must have used their Secret Manuals and Rare Treasures as collateral.”

“Are all the newbies that came here this time so aggressive? Looks like this is a show worth watching! If the Bili Squadron stumbles here, it would be even better! Haha!”

“The Bili Squadron has fought in many team fights already, and they could be considered as semi-professionals. The rapport between their team members is pretty good. How can they lose to a team of newbies?”

All the spectators were shocked when they heard the amount Jiang Feng had wagered. 7 million was not a small amount. If they were to have 5 million in cash, they were already considered to be very rich among the elites. Those with 10 million in cash floating around were seriously wealthy.

“7 million?” Pawa frowned.

He was no fool. He knew that Jiang Feng wanted to win the money that he had paid him, and earn that extra 2 million.

However, he was not afraid of a newly formed party. He had the confidence in beating them. What he could not understand was what Jiang Feng’s faith was built upon.

Pawa was very confident in himself, but he did consider everything that could happen.

“Captain, we’ll take it. 7 million! All we need to do is to gather some more money and we can then join the Treasure Tradeshow. And then, all we need to do is to go in and buy a treasure, then the team would have an extra ace!” Dala became excited.

The Treasure Tradeshow!

Once Dala said that, everyone in their team became excited, including Pawa.

Dala’s excitement broke off Pawa’s train of thoughts. The word “Treasure” filled his mind. The moment he considered the advantage of him winning 7 million, he then said in confidence, “Fine. 7 million it is. I’ll call it!”

As soon as he said that, a light screen began to surround the ring and seal both teams within it.

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